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Over one-thousand Union Parish men served in the Confederate army between 1861 and 1865. The most valuable resources for proving Confederate military service remain Booth's Index to Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and the Louisiana Confederate pension applications.  Here is a list of useful links relating to Union Parish Confederate soldiers:

War of 1812
In late 1814, Louisiana residents realized the imminent threat of a British invasion along their southern shore. Louisiana Governor W. C. C. Claiborne issued a general militia order on 17 December 1814, authorizing the drafting of a militia. Unaware that General Andrew Jackson had defeated the British at the Battle of New Orleans on 7 – 8 January 1815, Ouachita Parish resident William Wood pressed many Ouachita Parish residents into service on 10 January 1815 at Fort Miro (later Monroe). Wood became the captain of the unit, which was dispatched to Baton Rouge. There it became a detachment of the Nineteenth Louisiana Infantry commanded by General Philimon Thomas. They were stationed around Baton Rouge for a time and then sent for lake patrol near New Orleans before being mustered out of service in April 1815.

Early Union Parish resident Mills Farmer served as the sergeant of this unit. He was either the son-in-law or brother-in-law of Captain Wood. John Wood served as the 2nd lieutenant of this unit. Another man who later lived in Union Parish, Abraham Pipes, also served in Captain Wood's company, as did John and James Grisham. Although the Grishams lived in the Pine Hills along Bayou D'Arbonne, their home was in northern Ouachita Parish rather than Union.

Many other War of 1812 veterans moved into Union Parish in later years. If you have relatives who fought in the War of 1812 and lived in Union Parish, please send an email to T. D. Hudson to have them included on this list. Be sure to include the veteran's name, year he moved into Union Parish, state in which he served, and unit, if known.

Union Parish Veterans of the War of 1812
Year Arrived in
Union Parish
War of 1812 Unit
William Beaird 1846 Gen. Floyd's Georgia Militia
James Barron c1842 3rd Infantry Regt. Georgia Militia
Powhatan Boatright 1835 5th Regt. Virginia Militia
Mills Farmer 1810 – 1812 19th Louisiana Regt.
Richard Fowler 1850 – 1851 Maj. Lillington's Detachment NC Militia
Abraham Pipes 1810 – 1814 19th Louisiana Regt.
Joseph Regan 1836 Captain Allen Tooke's Company, Georgia Militia
Joshua Seale c1848 Mississippi Militia
Thomas Tucker early 1850s ?
The standard reference for the activities of the various American armies in the South during the War of 1812, is "Struggle for the Gulf Borderlands: The Creek War and the Battle of New Orleans, 1812 – 1815 by Frank Lawrence Owsley, Jr., The University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, 1981.

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