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Caperton, Carpenter, Jackson Families

of Carroll County Mississippi

March 16, 2010
submitted by Leo "Buddy"  Pergson


 John Carpenter 1822 Mississippi.


Sarah (Jackson) Carpenter 1825 Mississippi.


Tribe: Choctaw Nation Carroll County Mississippi Indian Territory..

Tribal Ref: MCR 1412 Martha Carpenter Allen b. 1855 Carroll County MS.

Dawes Commission Muskogee Okla.


Dawes Commission:


Identified as Mississippi Choctaw

Allen J W, P (Parent) M

Carpenter John P (Parent) M

Carpenter Sarah P (Parent) F/ Full Blood CHOCTAW "Sarah Jackson 1825 MS,, MCR Dawes Commission Transcript".  

Allen Martha MCR (Minor) F 48 1/2 Blood CHOCTAW

Allen James MCR (Minor) M 20 1/4 Blood CHOCTAW

Allen John W MCR (Minor) M 18 1/4 Blood CHOCTAW**

Allen Staley MCR (Minor) M 12 1/4 Blood CHOCTAW

Allen Myrtle MCR (Minor) F 8 1/4 Blood CHOCTAW


Ref: Choctaw Nation 1900 Federal Census 1 NR 20E Choctaw Meridian

Pushmataha Indian Territory.. Died 1926 Pushmataha Kiamitia Okla.

Martha Carpenter Allen Choctaw Ref: 1902, Dawes Commission

Mississippi Choctaw Application.


Patriarch: Owen Carpenter 1795 GA.

Matriarch: Elisabeth 1795 NC.


Descendants of Owen CARPENTER 1795 Georgia.


Owen CARPENTER was born 1795 in Franklin County, Georgia.

Owen married Elizabeth Abt.1815.

Elizabeth was born 1795 in North Carolina


They had the following children:


1. Dennis CARPENTER M born 1816 Miss.

2 John CARPENTER M born 1822 Miss.

3. Mary CARPENTER F born 1824 Miss

4. Henry CARPENTER M born 1827 Miss.

5. Owen CARPENTER M born 1834 Miss.

6. William CARPENTER M born 1836 in Miss.

7. Staley CARPENTER M born 1840 Miss.


Tax, Court, and Wills
of Carroll County, Mississippi

State and County Census and Tax Rolls:


State Tax Rolls, September 29, 1834.

John Oldham, Keeper of Tax Records, certified these

residents taxed for the year 1834.


This tax list of 1834 enumerates the Original Old Settlers of Carroll County, Mississippi.


Caperton, Thomas,

John Carpenter,

Sarah Carpenter,

William Carpenter,



1835 Personal Tax Roll

Carroll County, Mississippi

September 1, 1835


I, John Oldham, keeper of tax records,

certify the following residents of Carroll County

paid tax in the year 1835.

Original Old Settlers of Carroll County, Mississippi.

Signed: John Oldham

Caparne, Nathan

Caperton, Thomas

David Carpenter,

Abraham Carpenter,

Henry Carpenter,

John Carpenter,

Nathan Carpenter,

Owen Carpenter,

Sarah Carpenter,

Thomas Carpenter,

William Carpenter,

William Carpenter


!ORIGINAL LAND PLAT BOOK Carroll County, Mississippi.


#1. Owen CARPENTER Cash Entry Abstracts of the Columbus Miss Land Office

(MGE Fall '71) Nov 13, 1833 Holmes County Ms #535-E/2NW, Section 36, 16N 2E.

Owen Carpenter Township 19 Range 4E 40.78 acres 1834. Accession # MS0980__009.


Owen Carpenter Township 18 N Range 4 E 40.22 acres 1847, 1840 Carroll Co Ms


1850 Carroll Co Ms P469 D554 So. Div. Accession #MS1480__332

Owen Carpenter 55 m Ga.

Elizabeth 55 f NC

Mary 26 f Miss

Owen 16 m Miss

William 14 m Miss

Staley 10 m Miss


#2. Dennis CARPENTER 1850 Carroll Co Ms P 469 d 553 p 608 So.

Division (4) Township 19 N R 4 E Acres 41.39 Acc # MS1330__310


Carpenter, Dennis 34 m Miss

Jane 24 f Tenn.

Staley 5 f Miss

Elizabeth 2 f Miss


1860 Carroll Co Ms P22 d 160 f 160 Carrollton


Dennis Carpenter 41 m Farmer Miss

Jane 35 f Tenn.

Stella 15 f Miss

Elizabeth 12 f Miss

Owen 10 m Miss.


ORIGINAL LAND PLAT BOOK Carroll County Mississippi

Dennis Carpenter, Jr. Township 18 Range 4E 40.22 acres 1848.

#3. John CARPENTER 1850 Carroll Co Ms p 469 d 557 So. Div (4) .


ORIGINAL LAND PLAT BOOK Carroll County Mississippi

Township 19 N 4 E Section 33, Acres 79.14 , p 469 d. 557.,So. Div (4)

Accession # MS2590__104 Choctaw Scrip (5 Stat 513).


John Carpenter 28 m Miss

Sarah 25 f Miss

Samuel 7 m Miss

Amy 5 f Miss

Gilbert 3 m Miss

William 1 m Miss


1860 Carroll Co Ms p 25 D 182 F 182 So. Dist 4 Carrollton.

1860 ORIGINAL LAND PLAT BOOK Carroll County Mississippi


Township 19 N 4 E Section 33, Acres 79, p 469 d. 557.,So. Div (4) Choctaw Scrip (5 Stat L 513)


Accession # MS2590__104

John Carpenter 38 m Miss

E. 15 f Miss A. 13 f Miss

Gilbert 12 m Miss

William 11 m Miss

Mary 10 f Miss

Dennis 9 m Miss

Elizabeth 8 f Miss

S. 7 f Miss


Townships: 17, 18, 19, 20 Carroll County Mississippi,, Caperton, Carpenter .


CAPERTON, JOHN 12/10/1840 Chocchuma 5876 MS1750__.390 T20N-R4E-S25

CAPERTON, JOHN 12/10/1840 Chocchuma 5998 MS1750__.496 T20N-R4E-S36

CAPERTON, MARIA C 2/27/1841 Columbus 14707 MS1120__.475 T18N-R5E-S5

CARPENTER, ABNER A 5/25/1885 Jackson 690 MS2370__.130 T18N-R4E-S11

CARPENTER, ADAM 10/1/1860 Columbus 40896 MS1640__.493 T18N-R4E-S4

CARPENTER, DENNIS 2/27/1841 Columbus 25907 MS1330__.310 T19N-R4E-S29

CARPENTER, DENNIS 12/1/1849 Columbus 33306 MS1500__.112 T18N-R4E-S9

CARPENTER, DENNIS 3/15/1854 Columbus 35170 MS1530__.273 T18N-R4E-S9

CARPENTER, DENNIS 5/1/1860 Columbus 40197 MS1630__.277 T18N-R4E-S9

CARPENTER, DENNIS 2/27/1841 Columbus 28384 MS1380__.078 T18N-R4E-S27

CARPENTER, DENNIS 2/27/1841 Columbus 31088 MS1430__.116 T18N-R4E-S28

CARPENTER, GREEN 2/1/1841 Columbus 5585 MS0970__.224 T18N-R3E-S12

CARPENTER, HENRY 2/27/1841 Columbus 29848 MS1400__.454 T18N-R4E-S9

CARPENTER, HENRY 2/1/1841 Columbus 5873 MS0980__.010 T18N-R4E-S28

CARPENTER, HORACE 1/10/1832 Mt. Salus 5241 MS0190__.084 T18N-R4E-S36

CARPENTER, JOHN M 11/24/1899 Jackson 14508 MS2630__.387 T18N-R4E-S9

CARPENTER, JOHN M 11/24/1899 Jackson 14508 MS2630__.387 T18N-R4E-S10

CARPENTER, JOHN 2/27/1841 Columbus 26576 MS1340__.426 T19N-R4E-S32

CARPENTER, JOHN 10/1/1859 Columbus 38418 MS1590__.229 T19N-R4E-S33

CARPENTER, JOHN 10/1/1859 Columbus 39285 MS1610__.032 T19N-R4E-S33

CARPENTER, JOHN 5/1/1860 Columbus 40763 MS1640__.310 T18N-R4E-S4

CARPENTER, JOHN 2/1/1841 Columbus 821 MS0920__.447 T17N-R3E-S19

CARPENTER, JOHN 2/27/1841 Columbus 23569 MS1290__.221 T17N-R3E-S30

CARPENTER, JOHN 2/27/1841 Columbus 27040 MS1350__.350 T17N-R3E-S30

CARPENTER, MARTIN V 5/20/1882 Jackson 1697 MS2350__.230 T18N-R4E-S9

CARPENTER, MARTIN V 5/20/1882 Jackson 1697 MS2350__.230 T18N-R4E-S10

CARPENTER, NATHAN 2/27/1841 Columbus 19601 MS1210__.483 T18N-R3E-S1

CARPENTER, OWEN 2/1/1841 Columbus 5872 MS0980__.009 T19N-R4E-S32

CARPENTER, OWEN 2/27/1841 Columbus 15964 MS1150__.119 T19N-R4E-S33

CARPENTER, OWEN 2/1/1843 Columbus 15963 MS1440__.075 T18N-R3E-S12

CARPENTER, OWEN 3/15/1854 Columbus 34944 MS1530__.070 T18N-R4E-S8

CARPENTER, OWEN 9/1/1848 Columbus 32501 MS1480__.322 T18N-R4E-S9

CARPENTER, OWEN 10/1/1859 Columbus 39816 MS1620__.039 T18N-R4E-S9

CARPENTER, OWEN 10/1/1860 Columbus 41044 MS1650__.136 T18N-R4E-S9

CARPENTER, SARAH 2/27/1841 Columbus 15965 MS1150__.120 T18N-R3E-S12

CARPENTER, THOMAS 12/10/1840 Chocchuma 3600 MS1720__.019 T20N-R4E-S1

CARPENTER, WILLIAM 2/27/1841 Columbus 4983 MS0960__.144 T18N-R3E-S12

CARPENTER, WILLIAM 2/1/1841 Columbus 5787 MS0970__.422 T18N-R3E-S12

Carroll County


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