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Revolutionary War Pension Files

1835 Mississippi Federal Pension Report

A Roster of Federal Pensioners residing in Mississippi with service in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812

Pensions Enacted by Congress for American Revolutionary War Veterans

For more than a century before the beginning of the Revolutionary War, British colonies in North America provided pensions for disabled soldiers and sailors. During and after the Revolutionary War, three principal types of pensions were provided by the U. S. Government for servicemen and their dependents: Disability or invalid pensions were awarded to servicemen for physical disabilities incurred in the line of duty; service pensions, to veterans who served for specified periods of time; and widows pensions, to women whose husbands had been killed in the war or were veterans who had served for specified periods of time.

Revolutionary War service pension applications were created chiefly under acts of Congress dating between 1818 and 1853. The earliest act, approved March 18, 1818 (3 Stat. 410), applied to veterans of the continental establishment and the naval service who had served a minimum of 9 months. Its effectiveness was greatly curtailed by an act of Congress approved May 1, 1820 (3 Stat. 569), which provided that the pensioners submit property schedules proving that they were needy. The most liberal act was an act approved June 7, 1832 (4 Stat. 529), which provided that veterans with 6 months service, irrespective of the type of service and irrespective of need, were entitled to apply for pensions. Beginning with an act approved July 4, 1836 (5 Stat. 127), widows of veterans with the requisite minimum service were entitled to pensions provided that they had married the veterans before the expiration of the last period of the veteran's service. Other acts provided pensions for widows who married veterans at later dates; finally an act approved February 3, 1853 (10 Stat. 154), allowed pensions to widows irrespective of the dates of marriage. Because of the absence of many of the official records of the Revolutionary War, it was often necessary for an applicant to submit evidence of service and identity such as a certificate of discharge or a commission, an affidavit of a comrade in arms, or a leaf from a family Bible with family data.


The Mexican War: 1846-1848


When the United States declared War against Mexico because of disputes over the Texas-Mexican border, Mississippi was asked to raise one Regiment of Army Volunteers.   As a part of that request, Carroll County organized Company D of the 1st Mississippi Regiment, known as the "Carroll County Volunteers".  Company D was primarily raised from the Carrollton area and was commanded by Captain Bainbridge D. Howard.  A second company known as the "Carroll Guards" a Cavalry Company, was commanded by Captain William H. Curtis and was formed at Middleton.  Two other companies, one at Greenwood and one at Black Hawk, was also raised.


The Civil War: 1861-1865

The War for Southern Independence:

During the War for Southern Independence between 1861 and 1865, there were 45 known Regiments and Units that Carroll County individuals participated in.  Some of these units are now on-line.  If you know of any additional units, or would like to add to this list, please contact the County Coordinator


World War I: 1914-1918

Civilian Draft Registrants

In 1917 and 1918, approximately 24 million men, (98% of men present in America), born between 1873 and 1900 completed draft registration cards. During these two years, three registration days were held in each district where the registrant completed the registration card. Information found on these cards generally included, among other information, birth date, birth location, father's birthplace, and the address of next of kin. This civilian registration is often confused with induction into the military; however, only a small percentage of these men were actually called up for military service.


World War II: 1941-1945

Draft Registrants (coming soon)

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