Obituary of Elizabeth W. Davis


Evaline B. (Morgand, Moreland) Taylor kept a scrapbook of newspaper clippings that appear to range in age from the mid 1870’s until the early 1900’s.  The following is a transcript of obituaries and marriage notices.


Obituary of Elizabeth W. (Davis) Taylor, known as “Lizzie.”  She was the daughter of John Taylor and Lucy Taylor.  The Taylor family lived near Gerenton, Carroll Co. MS.  from about 1848 until about 1856, near Black Hawk, Carroll Co. MS from about 1859 until 1860 and in Attala Co. MS after 1860.  Elizabeth W. Taylor married M(aranda) G(eren) Davis in Carroll County on March 8, 1855. (Carroll Co. MS marriage records, Book B, page 449)   M. G. Davis was a physician, and the son of John H. Davis and Hettie E. Geren, who also lived near Gerenton, Carroll Co. MS.  The Gerenton Cemetery website has a photograph of what appears to be a grave footstone marked “LWD.”  The text on the website attributes the footstone to Lizzie Davis, born 21 March 1837, died 23 March 1884, wife of M. G. Davis.

The sad intelligence of the death of Mrs. Davis on Sunday morning was whispered from ear to ear in low and mournful tones of deep regret.  Never before has it fallen to our painful lot to record the death of anyone whose decease was lamented with more sincere sorrow than of this noble Christian lady.  Beloved of this entire community, and disliked by none, she enjoyed till the last the undivided love and regard of all who knew her.  Unassuming and kind and gentle in her manners to everyone; and with the tenderest sympathies for the misfortunes of others, she was well-fitted to endear herself to her large circle of friends and to receive the adoration which they evidenced on every hand.  No better example could have been given of her heroic and unselfish nature than by the quiet and uncomplaining manner which she endured the pain and anguish of her long suffering.  For months it was her hard lot to be confined to her bed a confirmed invalid, but during that time never did she utter murmur against this sore affliction.  To her husband she was a devoted wife, to her mother she was a devoted daughter and to her friends, the soul of love and sympathy.  Her remains were taken on Monday to the cemetery in Geranton, Carroll county, for interment.  We offer our sincerest condolences to the bereaved family.



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