Obituary of Francis L. "Fannie Buck" Stephens Hambrick

The Winona Times
Winona, MS
Oct 26, 1951

Hebron News

Mrs. Fannie Hambrick

After a long illness, Mrs. Hambrick passed away last Sunday night. She had reached the age of 79 years. The major portion of her life was spent in service to others. She was for sometime mother to nine grandchildren whose mother had passed on. She was nurse and companion to a large number of sick and aged friends who will grieve of her death.

Only a brother survived of a large family of brothers and sisters. He is L.W. Stephens of Arcola.

Serving as her pallbearers were her nephews, Caloway, Robert Lee and Otto Palmertree; Wilson Bingham, Oglin Hambrick and a good friend of hers, Jesse Burns of Winona.

Rev. C. E. Burden paid a fitting tribute to her memory. A beautiful massive floral offering covered her resting place in Old Plank Cemetery.


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