Church and Cemeteries...

Church's and Cemeteries of Carroll County, Mississippi

Evergreen Cemetery

Location: North Carrollton, Miss

Listed from 1972 to Dec. 31, 1979 by Louise Marshall, Hallie Eggleston, Joy Bryan & Ethel Bibus.
Note: This cemetery comes with a map in the Carroll County Cemetery Book.

This is an index of this cemetery printed with permission from the Carroll County Cemetery book by Ethel Bibus. If you are interested in further information about the people buried in this cemetery, you can purchase the Carroll County Cemetery book through Pioneer Publishing Co., P.O. Box 408, Carrollton, Mississippi 38917. Be sure and tell them you heard about the book through the Carroll County, MSGenWeb site!

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Additional Information by Aimee Brown Mather, Jan. 31, 2004.  Added names as follows:  Pearl S. Brown, J.B.Brown, Mather Corley, Daisy Bennett and Annie Willoughby

Abel, Carl E.
Abel, Edith May
Abel, John K.
Abel, Maud Holmes
Abel, William H.
Abel, Willie Holmes
Acy, David "Nick"
November 2, 1923
September 14, 1947
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Addison, Monroe
Aldridge, Agnes Timms
Aldridge, Bettie
Aldridge, Francis Minter
Aldridge, George Cothran
Aldridge, George Cothran
Aldridge, Infant son
Aldridge, Katie George
Aldridge, Lewis P.
Aldridge, May L.
Allen, John Tom
Allen, Maurine Perry
Allen, Wesley
Alston, Alexander Armstrong
Alston, Freda Merck
Alston, Henry Alexander
Alston, Nellie Bryan
Alston, Reuben James
Alston, Sarah Elizabeth
Anderson, John Terney
Anderson, John T.
Anderson, Ann E.
Anderson, Eunice Minyard
Anderson, Charles G.
Arata, Juno McKay
Arnold, Maie S.
Arnold, Irvin H.
Arrington, Frank Edwin
Arrington, James Burton
Askew, Felix L.
Askew, Imogene
Askew, James Emmet
Askew, Jane Herring
Askew, Joseph Jackson
Askew, Julia
Askew, Marcus
Askew, Martha Lowe
Askew, Sargen
Askew, Thomas
Askew, William Henry
Atkinson, E.
Atkinson, E.A.
Atkinson, Jerome B.
Atkinson, Martha
Bailey, Armsted Cicero
Bailey, Bessie Lott
Ball, Albert Franklin
Ball, Louie Albert
Ball, Michael H.
Ball, Samuel Leflore
Ball, Thomas Halsey
Bankston, Annie Laurie
Bankston, Arthur Waymon
Bankston, Louisa Allen
Bankston, Philip M.
Barnes, Rev. James Loton
Barnes, Margaret Ella Bryan
Barrentine, Charles E.
Barrentine, Daniel Herbert
Barrentine, Helen
Barrentine, Ida
Barrentine, infant
Barrentine, Mary Catherine
Barrentine, Mary E.
Barrentine, Sam
Barrow, Clemmie S.
Barrow, David H.
Barrow, Essie M.
Barrow, William W.
Barrow, W.M.
Baugh, Henrietta Perkins
Baugh, Col. R.D.
Beck, Bessie Price
Beck, Joseph B.
Beck, Sr., Winford Earl
Beckwith, Sr., Alex B.
Beckwith, Angie W.
Beckwith, Berry B.
Beckwith, Charlie Eugene
Beckwith, Clifford B.
Beckwith, Homer Lee
Beckwith, Ida S.
Beckwith, Marie Gatton
Beckwith, Ricky Dale
Beckwith, W.B.
Bennett, Addie C.
Bennett, Cassie Locke
Bennett, Daisy
Bennett, Frank Marion McMillan
Bennett, Fred Willard
Bennett, Ottie
Bennett, Sam Jones
Bennett, Jr., Sam Jones
Bennett, Tandy Locke
Bennett, W.S.
Bibus, Laurence Harb
April 30, 1906
November 21, 1990
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Billingsley, Anna S.
Billingsley, Thomas M.
Billups, Lillie McKenzie
Billups, Rowell A.
Billups, William Augustus
Bingham, Ella Foote
Bingham, Elsie Allen
Bingham, Evelyn Turner
Bingham, George Foote
Bingham, Robert Henry
Bingham, Robert Le Roy
Bingham, Joseph Reid
Bingham, W. Oakley
Black, Harriet Adair
Bloodworth, Genevieve Hanson
Bloodworth, Julia Meade
Bloodworth, Thomas Noel
Boddie, Clark
Bole, Betty Joan
Bole, Elizabeth
Bole, J.F.
Bole, Minnie L.
Bowen, D. Langston
Brewer, Carl Dorris
Brewer, Claude
Brewer, Margie O'Keefe
Bridewell, Harry Edwin
Bridgeforth, Georgia Moore
Bridgeforth, Louis Osborn
Brown, Hardy T.
Brown, infant
Brown, Jasper B.
Brown, J.B., son of Jasper B.
Brown, John J.
Brown, Mary O'Keefe
Brown, Pearl S. (married to Jasper B.
Brown, Roxie M.
Browne, Belle B.
Browne, Wm. Page
Browning, Ben B.
Browning, Christine T.
Browning, Dorothy Jean
Browning, Edith Price
Browning, Edwin A.
Browning, Edwin Taylor
Browning, Irby Redditt
Browning, Janie
Browning, Lowe Williford
Browning, Minnie Reaves
Brownlow, James Kelley
Brownlow, Stella Wood
Bruner, Elizabeth Oakes
Bruner, infant
Bruner, James W.
Brunson, Frances Mullen Felts
Brunson, Sam
Bryan, Albert Crow
Bryan, Anna L.
Bryan, Billie Taylor
Bryan, Dan Russell
Bryan, Edith
Bryan, Elfriede Wick
Bryan, Ella Russell
Bryan, Emma Redditt
Bryan, Emily
Bryan, Henry M.
Bryan, H.M.
Bryan, Sr., Henry Percy
Bryan, Jr., Henry Percy
Bryan, Infant
Bryan, John Thomas
Bryan, Katie Sikes
Bryan, Lucie
Bryan, Lucy Ann
Bryan, M.A.
Bryan, Mabel Gillespie
Bryan, Sallie Bird
Bryan, Samuel
Bryan, Samuel W.
Bryan, Sue Taylor
Bryan, Vernon
Bryan, Vernon
Bryan, William E.
Bryan, William G.
Bryan, Jr., William G.
Bryan, Walter W.
Bryan, W.R.
Buchanan, Emma McMillan
Buchanan, George Alexander
Burden, Nancy A.
Burden, J. Vardaman
Burden, Vallie M.
Burkett, Mr.
Burkett, Mrs. Jarman
Bush, Hilda Lindsay
Bush, infant
Bush, Isaac Walton
Bush, Mary
Bush, Maud Lindsay
Bush, Sarah Anita
Bush, Sarah Live
Bush, Walton
Butterworth, Albert E.
Boone, Milton W.
Box, Gayle
Box, W.P.
Box, Patrick Lott
Caldwell, Rev. John McC.
Caldwell, Mary R.
Campbell, Cary
Campbell, Corinne
Campbell, Elizabeth T.
Campbell, Vardaman P.
Cardinell, Terrance H.
Carithers, Alonzo Frank
Carithers, (father of Alonzo)
Carithers, (half brother of Alonzo)
Carithers, Percy Lee
Carithers, T.C.
Carithers, Walter Lee
Carithers, W.F.
Carlisle, Robert Harold
Carpenter, Katie M.
Carpenter, LaVerne Atkinson
Carpenter, Tandy B.
Carpenter, Vernon A.
Carter, Julia McCain Carter
Caviness, Mary Frances
Chambley, Alyne Oakes
Chambley, Annie May
Chambley, Betty W.
Chambley, B.F.
Chambley, Cornelia
Chambley, Frances
Chambley, infant
Chambley, John Philip
Chambley, Jerry Carl
Chambley, John T.
Chambley, Milton Lee
Chambley, Sidney Allen
Chambley, W.B.
Charles, Johnnie McDade
Charles, Mose
Chatham, Emily Louise
Clark, Josephine Downs
Clements, Mary H.
October 4, 1902
January 8, 1992
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Clements, Willie C.
March 3, 1892
October 25, 1952
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Coleburn, James C./G.
Coleburn, Maria L.
Coleburn, Sarah C./G.
Colvin, Annie Chambley
Colvin, Annis Mohead
Colvin, F.P.
Colvin, Harvey C.
Colvin, W.H. "Speck"
Cook, Bettie E.
Cook, J.H.
Cooper, Arthur Lee
Cooper, Tony L.
Corder, Atwell (AD)
Corder, Fannie B.
Corder, Myrtle Parham
Corder, Pearl T.
Corder, Miss Sarah Era
Corder, S.K.
Corder, Vassar Lemuel
Corder, Winfred P.
Corley, Della Alice
Corley, Col. Hal
Corley, Ida Tollison
Corley, John Melvin
Corley, Mather "Buddy", son of T.F. and Tessie Corley
Corley, Randall
Corley, Cpl. Robert Mitch
Corley, Tessie Slocum
Corley, T.F. (Dick)
Cothran, Judge William
Cotton, Annie Inez
b 14 Dec 1885
d 17 July 1974
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

David Bruce Cotton
b Nov 04, 1880
d Dec 22 194?
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

Dora Cotton
b Sept 16, 1863
d 1927
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

Cotton, H.C. (Hernander Campbell Cotton)
b Aug 04, 1865
d 1924
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

Epanandus (Nan) Cotton
b Jan 17, 1882
d ?
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

James Birdette Cotton
b Oct 05, 1873
d July 20, 1951
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

Cotton, James Rutledge
is not buried in Evergreen Cemetery. No one knows where he was buried.
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

Jim Cotton
b Oct 05, 1873
d Dec 11, 1949
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

Coward, David B.
Coward, Ida V.
Cowen, Dora Kirby
Crowder, Delia Linnville
Cunningham, William
Daves, Aunt Caroline
Daves, Eliza Jane
Daves, James Marion
Daves, J.N. Dewey
Daves, Minnie Lou
Daves, William T.
Davis, Herbert Roy
Dean, Carolina Rogers
Dean, Edward Humphrey
Dean, Dr. J.F.
Dean, Mary Catherine
Dean, Mary Eleanor
Decker, Daniel D.
Decker, Mary B.
DeLap, Ada M.
DeLap, Byron N.
DeLap, Fannie Colvin
DeLap, Norman A.
DeLoach, Bessie Lawear
DeLoach, Ida Mann
DeLoach, Ida Wiles
DeLoach, Minnie E.
DeLoach, Walter
DeLoach, Jr., Walter L.
DeLoach, Will W.
Denton, Nancy Wilson
Dickson, Barbara Jean
Dickson, Elsie Marie
Dickson, Larry J.
Dickson, L.J.
Dickson, Mattie T.
Dickson, William
Dickson, William Ward
Drake, John B.
Dribben, Inez T.
Dribben, Samuel F.
Donnelly, Dorothy
Doyle, W.T.
Dubard, Jr., Walter
Duke, Beulah B.
Duke, Charles F.
Duke, Ernest L.
Duke, Eugenia C.
Duke, Fannie Gordon Hemphill
Duke, Irvin Powell
Duncan, James A.
Duncan, Louise Bingham
Duncan, Frances Hughes
Duncan, Oma John
Dunn, Sallie W.
Dunn, Tandy Y.
Echols, Mary Ione
Edwards, Francis Allen
Edwards, Frank H.
Edwards, George R.
Edwards, infant
Edwards, Pocahontas P.
Edwards, William Leonard
Eggleston, Delia
Eggleston, Delia Sessions
Eggleston, Frances Poindexter
Eggleston, Hallie
Eggleston, Hallie Perkins Sims
Eggleston, Herbert Poindexter
Eggleston, infant son
Eggleston, John Randolph
Eggleston, Norah
Eggleston, Robert Bolling
Eggleston, Stephen
Eggleston, Stephen Archer
Eggleston, William
Eggleston, Wm.
Emmons, Annie
Emmons, Wilmo
Erskine, Edith
Estes, D.N.
Estes, Mollie
Eubank, Lorenzo Dow
Evans, Obie Lee
Evans, Thelma M.
Fair, Christine Kirby
Farrish, Carmen T.
Farrish, Elijah Frank
Farrish, George F.
Farrish, John D.
Farrish, Pauline W.
Felts, Ara Durham
Felts, Carrie Durham
Felts, Charles Conrad
Felts, Lucille Scruggs
Felts, Lucy Durham
Felts, Jr., Marion Luther
Felts, Sr., Marion Luther
Felts, Walter Hill
Felts, William David
Ferriss, Emma Huff
Flemmons, D.M.
Flemmons, Lillian Branum
Flowers, Isabella Catherine
March 25, 1856
November 29, 1938
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Floyd, Annie L.
Floyd, George O.
Floyd, James Lynn
Floyd, Myrtis G.
Floyd, Sam W.
Foster, Curtis L.
Foster, Edgeworth Stevens
Foster, E.M.
Foster, infant dau
Foster, O.D.
Foster, Paul " Buddy "
Foy, John T.
Fox, Hellen T.
Fox, Margaret Turner
Fox, Tom B.
Fox, Thomas Jackson
Francis, Shelby O.
Franklin, James
Gard, Frank
Garrard, Nora
Garrett, Jessie
Garrett, Liddell
Garrett, Mary Franklin
Gay, Virginia Graham
Gay, W.R.
Gee, Charles Joseph
Gee, Jr., Charles Joseph
Gee, Clinton Lanier
Gee, C.L.
Gee, Leonora Blanding Haman
Gee, Martha
Gee, Martha Brown
Gee, M.B.
Gee, Orman Kimbrough
Gee, Riesie Gillespie
Gillespie, Christopher
Gillespie, Lucy Ann
Gillespie, Lela Armstrong
Gillespie, Minnie Armstrong Hart
Gillespie, Jr., Sid
Gillespie, Sidney
George, Allen DeBerry
George, Alfred H.
George, Jr., Alfred H.
George, III, Alfred Hudson
George, Elizabeth B.
George, Fannie George
George, Frank A.
George, Jr., James Z.
George, James Z.
George, Myrtle
George, Samuel Tarver
George, William Cothran
Goss, Everett
Gowdey, Eunice D.
Gowdey, Frank
Gowdey, Hodges C.
Gowdey, Janice W.
Graham, Alexander M.
Graham, Alice Martin
Grantham, Beatrice James
Grantham, James H.
Grantham, John Harper
Grantham, John T.
Grantham, Mary Ray
Gray, Frank M.
Gray, Harris
Gray, Lucy A.
Gray, Lula
Gray, Marion Lafayette
Gray, Mary Merrill
Gray, Melvina McIntyre
Gray, M.K.
Gray, P.T.
Gray, Pattie Telfair
Gray, R.Newton
Gray, Robert U.
Gray, William Wallace
Green, Lester L.
Green, Mamie Miller
Green, Sally Morgan
Gregory, Herbert Marshall
Griffin, A.G.
Griffin, Thomas W.
Grounds, Davie Eubank
Grounds, Victor Paul
Hall, Coranel
Hall, Nettie Lynn
Hall, Rev. W.A.
Halsey, John Beach
Halstead, dau
Halstead, Eloise
Hamilton, Cornelia
Hamilton, Katie Hunley
Hamilton, T. Hunley
Hamilton, Corp. William F.
Hansbrough, Bessie C.
January 3, 1893
November 26, 1975
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Hansbrough, Jesse C.
January 24, 1891
January 28, 1949
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Hansbrough, Hazel
Hansbrough, Jarvis O.
Hansbrough, Louise Wilson
Hanson, Mahala Catherine Whitney
Hanson, Robert
Hardin, James Akin
Hardin, William Lee
Harmon, Cooper Taylor
Harmon, Jessie Patrick
Harris, Abraham Halsey
Harris, Catherine Bingham
Hart, Amanda
Hart, Hattie M.
Hart, Harry
Hart, Henrietta Gray
Hart, Samuel
Hart, Samuel
Hart, Washington
Hart, William Wesley
Harvey, Lois
Harvey, Sallie Clements
Harvey, Thomas James
Helm, Sally Meade Eggleston
Helm, William Brooke
Hemingway, Dimple Nelson
Hemingway, Emma George
Hemingway, James George
Hemingway, William Samuel
Hemphill, A.E.
Hemphill, Donna M.
Hemphill, Dora M.
Hemphill, Elizabeth
Hemphill, E.M.
Hemphill, E.M.
Hemphill, Everett Mabry
Hemphill, Everett Martin
Hemphill, Georgia
Hemphill, Ida Martin
Hemphill, Jas. S.
Hemphill, Lewis Simpson
Hemphill, L.S.
Hemphill, Mattie Bole
Hemphill, Myrtis Wall
Hemphill, Phillip W.
Hemphill, Vassar Dewey
Hemphill, Winnie Gray
Henderson, Dolly Kirby
Henderson, Lindzy Jefferson
Henderson, William Kirby
Henry, Alexander Wesley
March 15, 1857
December 21, 1928
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Henry, Charles Linder
May 25, 1894
November 8, 1977
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Henry, Eva Colvin
March 4, 1893
March 12, 1941
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Henry, Martha Rebecca McDowell
February 3, 1864
December 27, 1942
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Henry, Roma Roshto
Herbert, Chase. A.
Herbert, Durwood Dale
Herbert, John W.
Herbert, Nellie B.
Hicks, Ann Maria
Hicks, J.C.
Hicks, Dr. M.B.
Higdon, Bud H.
Higdon, Mabel Redditt
Hodges, Herman Lee
Hoffman, Mary Helen Money
September 24, 1898
June 3, 1961
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Holliday, Daisy M.
Holliday, infant
Holliman, William E.
Holman, Annie Lee Willis
December 3, 1924
April 3, 1983
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Holman, Beulah Posey
Holman, Charles H.
October 7, 1880
March 1, 1958
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Holman, Charles L.
Holman, Edna H.
Holman, Edward Young
Holman, James Judson
July 16, 1920
October 13, 1994
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Holman, Melissa Augusta Williams
January 6, 1885
December 21, 1976
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Holman, Thelma Wood
Holman, Vassar C.
Holt, Laura Askew
Horne, Claude
Horne, infant
Horne, Nellie Gard
Horne, III, William A.
Horne, II, William A.
Hood, Infant
Hooks, Clyde Henry
Hooks, Henry B.
Hooks, Lula Elizabeth
Hooks, John William
Hooks, Velma L.
Hopper, Virgil
Hopper, William O'Keefe
Huff, Edna Roach
Huff, William Prince
Hurst, Ida Lee
Hughes, Roberta Triphena
Hughes, Sarah F.
Hughes, William Pinckney
Hughes, W.P.
Humphreys, David S.
Humphreys, Ella A.
Humphreys, Ella S. Hoskins
Humphreys, Ella Sutton
Humphreys, J.B.
Humphreys, John Barnes
Humphreys, Lillie H.
Humphreys, Mary Stamps
Hundley, Ada Dean
Hunt, Hugh Royal
Hurst, James C.
Hurst, Ora Ray
Inman, Emma Odom
Inman, James Henry
Irving, Lake Weir
Irving, Willie M.
Irwin, Mary E. Holmes 1980
Contributed by: 

Jackson, Alma Turner
Jackson, Charlie Nelson
Jackson, Ella C.
Jackson, infant
Jackson, infant
Jackson, James
Jackson, John G.
Jackson, John Carroll
Jackson, John R. (former U.S. Senator)
Jackson, Lester H.
Jackson, Mattie Bryant
Jackson, Morgan
Jackson, Palmer
Jackson, Sally Kaye
Jackson, Vera Helen
Johl, Mrs. Bessie Smith
Johnson, A.D.
Johnson, Alberta S.
Johnson, A.S. (Albert Sidney)
Johnson, Charlie
Johnson, Ernest E.
Johnson, Eunice Estelle
Johnson, Falba L.
Johnson, James A.
Johnson, James S.
Johnson, James S.
Johnson, John T.
Johnson, Josephine
Johnson, Lerline S.
Johnson, Margaret
Johnson, Mary Jones
Johnson, Pearl Neal
Johnson, Robertus
Johnson, Sarah Annette
Johnson, Sue Ella
Johnson, Thomas Lloyd
Johnson, Winfred Earl
Johnston, Eloise t.
Johnston, Falba Eubank
Johnston, Hannibal L.
Johnston, James A.
Jones, Betty Jean
b 5 Aug 1937
d 23 Mar 1998
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

Jones, Claude Melvin
Jones, John Russell
Jones, Mable Robertson
Jones, Minnie Claudine
Jones, Rosalyn McBride
Jumper, Mrs. Annie T.
Jumper, Katie Matthews
Jumper, Millard Fillmore
Jumper, O.M.
Junior, Clifton Dunnaway
Keown, Margaret M.
Kerr, Lawrence James
Kerr, L.J.
King, Ada S.
King, Clifton L.
King, Joe S.
King, Vashti Wilson
King, Willie G.
Kirby, Albert Henry
Kirby, Albert M.
Kirby, Ben F.
Kirby, Lelia Holmes
Kirby, Louisa Evelyn
Kirby, Malcolm McEwen
Kirby, Robert Holmes
Kirby, Robert LeRoy
Kirby, Sue B.
Kimbrough, infant dau
Kimbrough, Marmaduke
Kimbrough, Mamie Askew
Kimbrough, W.D.
Kitchen, Hernando Money
Kitchen, Mabel Clark Money
Kitchen, William Whitney
Knight, Annie May Hemphill
Kuykendall, Mary P.
Kuykendall, Robert L.
Langford, Clifton
Langford, infant
Langford, infant
Langford, Lacy Neill
Layne, Lola L.
Layne, William E.
Leavell, James George
Leavell, Mary George
Leavell, William Hayne
Lee, Jack Wayne
Lee, Sr., J.W.
Lee, Sr., Oscie O.
Lee, Samuel Walton
Lee, William Homer
Lee, Willie Paul
Leflore, Alma M.
Leflore, Charles S.
Leflore, John Louis
Lemley, Annie Mae Dunn
Lemley, Clifford Earl
Lemley, John S.
Lemley, Julia A.
Leslie, Mrs. Annie H.
Lewis, Henry C.
Lewis, Rosalie P.
Liddell, Dr. A.J.
Liddell, Anna S.
Liddell, Charles Jefferson
Liddell, Jr., Charles Jefferson
Liddell, E.C.
Liddell, Elizabeth
Liddell, Mrs. Elizabeth A.
Liddell, Frieda Elwang
Liddell, Dr. F.P.
Liddell, infant son
Liddell, infant dau
Liddell, James
Liddell, James Monroe
Liddell, James Monroe
Liddell, James M.
Liddell, J. Monroe
Liddell, Mary Jane
Liddell, M.M.
Liddell, Nancy
Liddell, Sallie
Liddell, Sallie C.
Liddell, Sarah E.
Liddell, Sarah Isabella
Liddell, Co. P.F.
Liddell, P.F.
Liddell, Dr. William W.
Liddell, Dr. William W.
Liddell, William Walker
Little, John
Littleton, J.T.
Littleton, Pearlie G.
Logan, Pearl Lemley
Logan, Stephen Walter
Long, Hinds Leflore
Long, James Malcolm
Long, Miss Lillian Olga
Long, Sims Hamilton
Lott, Aaron
Lott, Aaron G.
Lott, Ben Moorman
Lott, Cecil Bryan
Lott, Emma D.
Lott, Harry Ansel
Lott, James Gordon
Lott, Margaret
Lott, Thomas Y.
Lott, Velma
Lott, Wade H.
Lott, Willie Carpenter
Love, Josephus
Love, Margaret E.
Loving, Christopher B.
Lyell, Arthur M.
Lyell, Innes Thornton
Mallett, Carolyn T.
Mandley, Carole W.
Mann, F.E.
Mann, Juanita Andrews
Mann, Kenneth Dudley
Mann, Martha A.
Marshall, Annie
October 29, 1875
August 9, 1962
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Alice Coward Acy Moore
April 12, 1908
April 29, 1988
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Belle Catherine
Marshall, Benjamin Franklin
February 10, 1852
February 12, 1919
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Bessie Swan
January 12, 1879
August 29, 1970
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Catherine Rebecca
April 22, 1910
December 27, 1914
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Effie Flowers
December 26, 1882
January 15, 1968
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Ethel Keesler
October 2, 1905
November 12, 1994
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Eulalie "Dee" Margaret
June 9, 1893
May 18, 1940
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Frank Lamar
January 14, 1886
March 23, 1974
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Jr., Frank Lamar
February 15, 1916
January 26, 1992
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Josephus M.
November 15, 1849
February 15, 1924
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Mrs. Josie Holland
August 31, 1856
May 10, 1944
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Martha Abigail
January 21, 1859
May 26, 1937
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Mary Elizabeth Chatham
November 21, 1873
October 16, 1964
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Mary Louise
November 15, 1906
August 30, 1996
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Sallie Maie Henry
January 28, 1890
February 26, 1942
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Samuel Hart
February 2, 1870
January 1, 1955
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Stella Maie
November 19, 1912
March 17, 1989
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, Thomas Eubanks
April 13, 1876
February 20, 1941
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Massey, Nora Johnson
Martin, Florence
Martin, John Alexander
Martin, Robert Clower
Martin, Samuel Hilliard
Mathews, Alice Askew
Mathews, James Allen
Mathews, Robert Sharkey
Mathews, R.S.
Mathews, William Theodore
Mayes, Basil
McBride, Amanda
McBride, Cora M.
McBride, Elba Jarman
McBride, Henry Wadsworth
McBride, Irene Johnson
McBride, James Belton
McBride, Jennie Nelson
McBride, J. Belton
McBride, Dr. John Alexander
McBride, John Hamilton
McBride, Louise Rozelle
McBride, Minnie Hamilton
McBride, S.L.
McBride, William S.
McCain, Addie Liddell
McCain, Elizabeth Young
McCain, Ester May
McCain, John Sidney
McCain, Joseph P.
McCain, Katie Lou
McCain, John Topp
McCain, John V.
McCain, Nathaniel H.
McCain, William H.
McCaskill, Annie E.
McCaskill, John D.
McCaskill, Peter
McCaskill, R.B.
McCluskey, Adron
McCluskey, Eddie W.
McCluskey, Mary D.
McCluskey, Virgie Stephens
McCluskey, William N.
McClain, Belle
McClain, B.J.
McClain, Emma Wealthy
McClain, Ida Belle
McClain, Jennie R.
McClain, J.K.
McClain, J.M.
McClain, Percy R.
McClain, Silas E.
McClain, Winnie R.
McCorkle, Sam Kimbrough
McCorkle, Sara Craig
McCrary, infant
McDonald, A.P.
McDougal, Helen B. Brewer
McDougal, Infant
McDougal, Infant
McDougal, John Smith
McDougal, W.C.
McEachern, Annie O.
McEachern, Danile Andrews
McEachern, Emily Hansbrough
McEachern, Lillie Nelson
McEachern, M.A.
McEachern, Riley
McGaugh, O.E.
McGaugh, George Wesley
McGregor, Katie J.
McGregor, Robert K.
McIntyre, Flora Caldwell
McIntyre, Gordon M.
McIntyre, Gordon Stuart
McIntyre, infant dau
McIntyre, I.T.
McIntyre, John Malcolm
McIntyre, Malcolm
McIntyre, Mary C.
McIntyre, Willie
McKay, Beulah Benton
McKay, Jasper T.
McKay, Susan Littleton
McMillan, George
McMillan, Maggie S.
McMillan, Rosalie Swayze
McNeer, Bessie M.
McNeer, Henry Lee
McPherson, Elizabeth Virginia Goza
McPherson, Percy Allen
June 5, 1906
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

McPherson, T.D.
Merrill, Abbie Marshall
Merrill, Henry Edgar
October 7, 1855
January 10, 1937
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Merrill, Miss Nannie
Metcalf, Alice Askew
Metcalf, Sarah Ann Moore
Metcalf, Whitfield Roger
Metcalf, Whitfield Roger
Metcalf, Winfield Scott
Milam, Bessie G.
Miller, Della Wilson
Miller, Joe E.
Minyard, F.C.
Minyard, J.C.
Minyard, Jim Cain
Minyard, James Kk.
Minyard, Lillie Sue
Minyard, Thomas Owen
Misskelley, Grady
Misskelley, Mrs. Gladys Waters
Misskelley, Grady Sanders
Miskelley, Jennings Bryan
Miskelley, Mary Mabry
Mitchell, Mrs. E.A.
Mohead, Eloise
Money, Annie Marshall
Money, Claudia Boddie
Money, Coutrier
Money, Corinne
Money, Hernando DeSoto
Money, Hernon Deveaux
Money, infant
Money, James Deveaux
Money, J.D.
Money, John
Money, John Clarke
February 1, 1876
January 24, 1961
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Money, Kate Louise
Money, Lucretia Eggleston
Money, Meade
Money, Malcolm
Money, Marion
Money, Mary Jane Clarke
Money, Minnie L.
Money, Mortimer
Money, Percy Hill
July 16, 1911
March 25, 1982
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Money, Pierson
Money, Ruby T.
Money, Triphena
Money, William Marion
Money, William Vardaman
Moore, Belva M.
Moore, Chas.
Moore, Claudia Mae
Moore, Claude Wallace
Moore, Ella Saline
Moore, Frank A.
Moore, James Vasser
Moore, Jennie
Moore, Jennie Cunningham
Moore, John F.
Moore, Lewis
Moore, Margaret M.
Moore, Olga Bates
Moore, Ruby James
Moore, Sallie T.
Moore, Samuel Edwin
Moore, Sarah ellen
Moore, Wiley W.
Moore, Willie Warren
Moore, Wm. Russell
Morehead, Howard S.
Morehead, Sallie Morgan Yerger
Morgan, Eugenia Cunningham
Morgan, George Redditt
Morgan, Gladys Redditt
Morgan, M.C.
Morgan, Shelton H.
Morgan, Maj. W.H.
Morgan, Mrs. W.H.
Morgan, William Henry
Mosley, David Edwin
Moss, Sallie Sanders
Mullen, Harry P.
Mullen, Ina May
Mullen, James H.
Mullen, James William
Mullen, Norine S.
Mullins, Connie
Mulvihill, Hattie May Booth
Mulvihill, John Henry
Murphy, Lucille Neill
Murphy, Willie Edison
Nabors, Carrie
Nabors, Jarvis
Nabors, sister of Jarvis
Nabors, Rev. James Luther
Nabors, Jarvis M.
Nabors, Marie Riales
Nabors, Mary Lucille
Nabors, Mary T.
Nabors, Will
Nabors, William Curtis
Nabors, William H.
Neal, Bessie R.
Neal, Charles Albert
August 6, 1873
July 12, 1949
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Neal, Charles Aubrey
April 17, 1919
June 10, 1985
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Neal, Effie Marshall
Neal, William Dell
Neill, Caroline J.
Neill, child
Neill, child
Neill, Dewitt McGill
Neill, Eugene Cothran
Neill, Eugene Henry
Neill, Eva McEachern
Neill, G.F.
Neill, Helen Adele
Neill, James Crawford
Neill, John E.
Neill, Lucille Alston
Neill, Margaret Humphries
Neill, Mary Helen
Neill, Rosemary Moss
Neill, Susie
Neill, William Humphries
Neill, Little Willie
Nelson, C.J.
Nelson, Flora M.
Nelson, Jennie Harper
Noah, Carolyn P.
Noah, Henry M.
Noah, Mrs. Mary Johnson
Noel, Mattie Moore
Noel, S.W.
Noland, Archie d.
Noland, Charles H.
Noland, Clifton B.
Noland, Ernie M.
Noland, Velma C.
Noland, William H.
Nolen, Harry
Nolen, Jennie Atkinson
Nolen, R.T.
Norquist, Andrew
Norquist, Lela Rivers
Norwood, Ruth S.
Norwood, Stokes
Nunley, Michael Henry
Nye, Lillian Donnelly
Nye, Melza Donnelly
Nye, Melzar James
Oakley, May Denton
Oakley, Thomas, Henry
Oakley, William Earl
Odom, Bluford T.
Odom, Eleanor, M.
O'Keefe, Marjorie Ross
O'Keefe, Rayford R.
Oliver, Wm. D.
Olson, Lawrence A.
Olson, infant
Olson, W.L.
Oury, Guy Lennox
July 19, 1879
September 14, 1964
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Oury, Irene McBride
April 12, 1880
December 9, 1967
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Owens, Ollie Sue
Parham, Alfred Knoxie
Parham, Alfred Lee
Parham, Dorothy Elaine
Parham, Iva Hazel
Parker, Havan Stepp
Parker, John William
Parker, Max H.
Patton, Harvey J.
Patton, Lillie R.
Pentecost, Augusta Heggie
Pentecost, B.F.
Pentecost, Sr., Frank Heggie
Pentecost, Hattie Lee
Pentecost, Jeff D.
Pentecost, Loula Ophelia
Peacock, Mary Virginia
Pentecost, Miss Mary Etta
Perkins, Dorothy
Phillips, Ruth Westerford
Pike, J.F.
Pipkin, Evelyn Campbell
Pollan, Lillie Mae
Powell, John C.
Powell, Louella Kimbrough
Presson, Minnie McDowell
March 21, 1872
January 9, 1962
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Presson, Wesley Henry
February 22, 1875
July 23, 1961
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Price, Annie B.
Price, C. Tillman
Prince, Eliza Kerr
Price, Hattie I.
Price, Richard C.
Prince, Robert
Price, Virginia Redditt
Prince, W.B.
Price, William H.
Purnell, John G.
Pyron, Marvin A.
Rany, Carrie McEachern
Rany, Hazel L.
Rany, Mary Evelyn
Ray, Annie May Alston
Ray, Arthur
Ray, Carrie Hull
Ray, C.G.
Ray, Charles G.
Ray, Claudia
Ray, Cornelia Terry
Ray, E.S.
Ray, Eva B.
Ray, G. Latham
Ray, James M.
Ray, John S.
Ray, Johnnie McGregor
Ray, Latham K.
Ray, Laura
Ray, Mary Boon
Ray, Mary Gee
Ray, Mary Gee
Ray, Sam J.
Ray, Thadeous Hearn
Ray, William
Rayburn, Lucille
Rayburn, Newt Roy
June 17, 1905
April 1, 1974
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Rayner, Dr. Milton F.
Rayner, Blanche Turner
Reagan, Charles H.
Reagan, Herman Donald
Redditt, A.R.
Redditt, Caroline Nye
Redditt, Charles Hardison
Redditt, Charles Atkinson
Redditt, George Irby
Redditt, Helen Tillman
Redditt, Maybell A.
Redditt, Thomas Henry
Redditt, Rebecca Harris
Redditt, Rosa Halsey
Redditt, William Joseph
Redditt, William Whitehead
Reeves, Willie Mae
Renfro, Selma Oliver
Rhyne, Forrest L.
Rhyne, Richard D.
Riales, Garnette Ray
Riales, James Rayburn
Riales, J.A.
Riales, John Curtis
Riales, Joseph M.
Riales, Zuelia Cook
Richardson, Andrew Lafayette
Richardson, Edd
Richardson, Falbe Johnson
Richardson, Harry E.
Richardson, Lettie P.
Richardson, Mamie
Richardson, Retus
Richardson, William (Andy)
Richmond, Jefferson Lafayette
Ricketts, Alma Matthews
Ricketts, William Herring
Ricks, James Vernon
Roach, Mary Huff
Roberts, Ray
Roberts, Richard Eugene
Robbins, Verla G.
Robbins, William Monroe
Robinson, Bessie Hemphill
Roland, Anise B.
Roland, Frank A.
Rogers, Grady G.
Rogers, Minnie S.
Rosamond, Betty C.
Rosamond, Mrs. W.R.
Rosamond, William R.
Ross, Georgia Sullivan
Ross, Orman Franklin
Ruscoe, Jenkins B.
Ruscoe, John H.
Ruscoe, Lottie Prewitt
Ruscoe, Walter June
Ruscoe, Willie Wall
Russell, Col. Dan R.
Sanford, Susan McKay
Sanders, Amanda J.
Sanders, Benj. Bernard
Sanders, Cot George
Sanders, Dan Russell
Sanders, Della D.
Sanders, Juanita Leflore
Sanders, Harman U.
Sanders, Harold Fisher
Sanders, Harry
Sanders, James R.
Sanders, Ida Smith
Sanders, J. Harold
Sanders, Dr. J.O.
Sanders, Dr. J.W.
Sanders, Kate
Sanders, Katie
Sanders, Leta B.
Sanders, Paul Grady
Sanders, Sallie J.
Sanders, Sarah
Sanders, Robert
Sanders, Robert Bruce
Sanders, Wilton T.
Scruggs, Charles H.
Scruggs, Dot M.
Scruggs, J.T.
Scruggs, John P.
Scruggs, Lavada Richards
Scruggs, Mary Elizabeth Smith
b Oct. 17 1909
d Dec. 5 1935
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

Scruggs, Mary Taylor
Shackelford, Charles Gee
Shackelford, Ella
Shackelford, John
Shackelford, John W.
Shackelford, Thomas Luther
Shackelford, Virginia M.
Shaw, Adline H.
Shaw, Charles H.
Shaw, Elizabeth
Shaw, Hobart D.
Shaw, James Walter
Shaw, Jim Daniel
Shaw, Joanna M.
Shaw, Myrtie Laws Scruggs
Shaw, Philip W.
Shelton, Clydie G.
Shelton, Walter C.
Shute, Mary Sanders
Shute, John Allie
Sisson, Corinne Woodell
Sisson, James Arnold
Slawson, J.H.
Slawson, Monie F.
Sloan, William G.
Slocum, Lelia May
Smith, (?)
Smith, Mrs. Annie Rising
b 10 Sept 1910
d 10 Mar 1979
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

Smith, Charles J.
Smith, Cordelia M.
Smith, Gladys Bankston
Smith, Harry
Smith, Inez C.
Smith, Louise B.
Smith, Sr., Martin V.
Smith, Percy W.
Smith, Percy F.
Smith, Richard Jasper
b 28 March 1885
d 8 July 1963
(father of Mary Elizabeth Smith Scruggs and Robert Spencer Smith)
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

Smith, Robert Spencer
b May 10,1927
d Jan.1,1978
Contributed by:
Louise Jones

Somerville, Alfred Hudson
Somerville, Clement Wallace
Somerville, Emily Stansbury
Somerville, Infant
Somerville, James
Somerville, Marion Mosella
Somerville, Mary Belle
Somerville, Percy Russell
Southworth, L.M.
Spencer, James Luther
Spencer, Jimmie McCain
Spencer, Louie Clyde
Spencer, Mary James
Spencer, Ruby McPherson
Spruill, Linnie Carpenter
Spruill, Thomas Jeptha
Stanford, Benjamin Holmes
Stanford, Emmie Hamilton
Stanford, James H.
Stanford, John T.
Stanford, John Thomas
Stanford, Katie Hamilton
Stanford, Lucy Holmes
Stanford, Maggie Louise
Stanford, Martha
Stanford, Nora Stevens
Stanford, Sam
Stanford, William Curtis
Stansbury, E.A.
Stansbury, Ellie Norris
Stansbury, Little Mary
Stansbury, Tommy
Stansbury, Willie
Stansbury, W.M.
Stansbury, Dr. W.M.
Stansbury, Washy
Stephenson, Esther L.
Stephenson, Henry L.
Stephenson, Mary Nell
Stephenson, Richard Lynn
Stepp, Tandy Martin
July 20, 1889
May 23, 1935
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Stepp, Jr., Tandy Martin
September 14, 1925
June 12, 1994
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Stevens, Laurie McLaurin
Stevens, Sr., Joseph Robert
Stevens, Jr., Joseph Robert
Stevens, Oma Logan
Stilson, Mrs. Virginia Key
Stone, Billy Joe
Stone, Joseph Linwood
Stone, Judson A.
Stone, Nita
Stone, Willie K.
Strachan, Carroll P.
Strachan, Claude Columbus
Strachan, James W.
Strachan, Laura M.
Strachan, Louis McCluskey
Strathearn, Donald Monroe
Sturdivant, B.W.
Sturdivant, E.R.
Sturdivant, William W.
Sudduth, Augusta N.
Sudduth, Akin Gill
Sudduth, Akin Linder
Sudduth, Ben F.
Sudduth, Charles Edward
Sudduth, Charlie Lee
Sudduth, Edward G.
Sudduth, Frank
Sudduth, Grace M.
Sudduth, James t.
Sudduth, Mary Y.
Sudduth, Sallie M.
Sudduth, Sidney J.
Sudduth, Veron Hemingway
Sudduth, Walter A.
Sullivan, E.B.
Sullivan, Ella
Sullivan, Jack
Sullivan, L.D.
Sullivan, Maud Mullen
Tackett, Doyle
Talbert, Jerry E.
Talbert, Mary Alline
Talbert, Martha McLaurin
Tardy, Ruth Johnson
Tardy, Thomas Walter
Tate, Sudie Kirby
Taylor, Benjamin Oscar
Taylor, Bessie T.
Taylor, Charlie
Taylor, Edgar Curtis
Taylor, infant
Taylor, James K.
Taylor, Jennie
Taylor, Mrs. J.K.
Taylor, J.W.
Taylor, Leora Odean
Taylor, Lela Pearl
Taylor, George W.
Taylor, George W.
Taylor, Amy W.
Taylor, Jimmie D.
Taylor, Katie M.
Taylor, Ralph McDowell
March 25, 1909
October 7, 1980
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Tayor, Sarah B. Ray
August 24, 1912
May 13, 1974
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Taylor, Thomas J.
Teasley, William B.
Teasley, Melissa B.
Telfair, Felix
Telfair, infant
Telfair, infant
Terney, Bessie T.
Terney, Champ Taylor
Terney, Fannie Taylor Caffey
Terney, Frances Ray
Terney, Frank F.
Terney, infant
Terney, James H.
Terney, Mary Frances Ray
Terney, Susan O'Reilly
Terney, Thomas Upton
Terney, William Thomas
Terney, William Thomas
Thompson, Heanon B.
Thompson, Henry M.
Thompson, H.M.
Thompson, Irene B.
Thompson, Maude W.
Thompson, Roberta G.
Thompson, William G.
Thorne, Della McKinley Ruffin
Thornton, Linnie R.
Thornton, Gus A.
Thornton, Sarah Bryan
Tidwell, A.J.
Tidwell, Fannie
Tillman, B.C.
Tillman, J.D.
Tillman, Mary
Tillman, Narcissa B.
Tillman, Samuel H.
Tindall, Marion Ennis
Tindall, Vallie C.
Tollison, Berry A.
Tollison, Lela W.
Tollison, Phillip S.
Tollison, Prudy
Tollison, King
Tollison, W.M.
Townsend, Benjamin M.
Townsend, Emma Gertie Keasler
Townsend, Katie M.
Townsend, Katie Marie
Townsend, Louise Henry
Tribble, Annette
Tribble, C.B.
Tribble, S.M.
Triplett, Neill
Triplett, Eva Irvin Neill
Triplett, Gene
Trotter, Jimmie E.
Trotter, M. Geneva
Trotter, W. Marion
Turner, Aaron L.
Turner, A.L.
Turner, Alice Talbert
Turner, Annie Laurie Gray
Turner, Annie Mae
Turner, Annie Word
Turner, David Benjamin
Turner, David Gray
Turner, Doris Oakley
Turner, Elizabeth Ann
Turner, Estelle McGaugh Ross
Turner, Ethel Hughes
Turner, Eulalie S. (Sudduth)
Turner, Gertrude Johnson
Turner, Helen Redditt
Turner, Pvt. Irby C.
Turner, Julia A.
Turner, Joe Sim
Turner, Josie Lee
Turner, Levi Ellison
Turner, James B.
Turner, Sgt. Levi E.
Turner, Lila Mortimer
Turner, Lou Howell
Turner, Margaret Lott
Turner, Marmaduke
Turner, Martha L.
Turner, Martha Rebecca Wear
Turner, Richard Boyette
Turner, Samuel David
Turner, Sarah Grace Mullen
Turner, Simon C.
Turner, Simon E.
Turner, S. Johnson
Turner, Stella Redditt
Turner, Thomas Ellison
Turner, Wales
Turner, Walter K.
Turner, Watt Hampton
Turner, William Hall
Turner, William F.
Turner, William S.
Ulmer, Charles D.
Van Hess, Mrs. Latha
Van Meter, Norma
Van Meter, Wallace
Vance, Beulah Louise
Vance, Edd
Vance, Emma Duke
Vance, Nancy H.
Vance, Noble H.
Vance, William B.
Vickers, Charlie Mae
Vickers, Robert Lee
June 17, 1897
January 12, 1976
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Vosburgh, Frederic L., M.D.
Wallace, Asa Thomas
Wallace, Helen Beck
Walls, Bessie Euline
Walls, Dwight M.
Walls, Esard O'Neal
Walls, infant
Walls, Elbert
Walls, Lillie Mae
Walls, Nancy
Walls, Raymond R.
Walker, Bessie Cable Hodges
Watson, Helen Gore Johnson
Watson, J.M.
Welch, David P.
Welch, Emma C.
Welch, Henrietta Perkins
Welch, L.N.
Welch, Richard G.
Whatley, James Simon
Whatley, Mollie Buchanan
Wheless, Emmie Stansbury
Wheless, J.C.
Wheless, Matilda E.
White, Dora
White, Eli
White, Lillian Presson
White, Warren
Wigley, Marvin Hall
Williams, Benjamin Flowers
August 8, 1905
June 23, 1981
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Williams, James Hughes
January 1, 1901
November 15, 1966
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Williams, James Barney
Williams, May Loretta Smith Stepp
May 30, 1890
September 22, 1962
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Williford, Louvella F.
Williford, Richard Oscar
Williford, Tessie Anderson
Willoughby, Lena S.
Willoughby, Annie Frances (Doc)
Wilson, Allie Reed
Wilson, Carl Hicks
Wilson, Celowee B.
Wilson, Elizabeth B.
Wilson, Ethel Cooley
Wilson, James Ray
Wilson, J. Herman
Wilson, Mary Richards
Wilson, Mike E.
Wiltshire, Eli Eugene
Wiltshire, Gertrude Cotton
Wiltshire, Katherine B.
Wiltshire, Nora Kay
Wood, Evelyn Riales
Wood, Fannie Mae
Wood, Henry Marvin
Wood, James K.
Wood, Mattie McClain
Wood, Minnie C.
Wood, Richard
Wood, Willie M.
Wood, Willie W.
Woodell, Alma Coles
Woodell, baby
Woodell, Bettie H.
Woodell, Beulah G. Harper
Woodell, Felix
Woodell, Harriett B.
Woodell, J.C.
Woodell, Mary Roberta
Woodell, Susan
Woodell, Thomas Lewis
Woodell, W.D.
Woodell, William Turley
Woodell, W.J.
Yates, infant
Young, Dr. J.W.
Young, M.L.
Young, Nannie
Young, Sally (Tennessee)


Carroll County


I am John Hansen, volunteer County Coordinator for Carroll County, Mississippi.  I have family lines from here and hence my interest in establishing as much information as possible on early Carroll County History.

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