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Church's and Cemeteries of Carroll County, Mississippi

Harlan Family Cemetery

Location: South of Carrollton on old John Harlin place now owned by William Teague, either Sec. 29 or 30, Tnsp. 18, R 3E, north of soil conservation lake, reached by private road.

Copied by: Edna Williams (Mrs. B.F.) Johnston & Eleanor Williams (Mrs. T.S.) Shuler on July 12, 1976.

This is an index of this cemetery printed with permission from the Carroll County Cemetery book by Ethel Bibus. If you are interested in further information about the people buried in this cemetery, you can purchase the Carroll County Cemetery book through Pioneer Publishing Co., P.O. Box 408, Carrollton, Mississippi 38917. Be sure and tell them you heard about the book through the Carroll County, MSGenWeb site!

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Broadway, C.C.

Broadway, Charles Parker

Broadway, Evander L.

Broadway, E.W.

Finley, Clarah Blanche Harlin

Flowers, child
November 24, 1858
November 24, 1858
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Flowers, Faithy Hanna Flake
February 27, 1822
October 2, 1886
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Flowers, James Madison
May 29, 1822
March 22, 1901
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Fields, Frankie

Fields, James H.

Fields, M.E.
May 19, 1868
September 15, 1887
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Fields, P.

Fields, Pearson
October 10, 1886
October 5, 1889
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Flowers, James

Flowers, James M.

Flowers, Tabitha

Harlin, Elizabeth S.

Harlin, infant

Harlin, James Thomas

Harlin, John

Harlin, John David

Harlin, T.J.

Harlin, Washington Shirley

Holman, Mrs. B.A.

Hughes, James V.
November 2, 1872
August 17, 1910
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Hughes, Velma E.
October 28, 1888
January 28, 1905
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Hutchinson, Evander E.

Hutchinson, Luellia B.

Hutchinson, Sarah C.

Jenkins, Fannie Maude

Jenkins, J.B.

Jenkins, John B.

Jenkins, Mary C.

Jenkins, Walter Synett

Jones, M.F.

Jowers, Little Irvin

Linder, John L.

Lowry, Ebellne N.

Lowry, Ebbie

Lowery, John A.

Lowry, Lizzie

Marsh, Ella Mae
May 11, 1920
October 15, 1988
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marsh, Dr. James Davis
May 11, 1923
July 5, 1974
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Marshall, M.A.

Marshall, S.

Pentecost, Dona Estella

Pentecost, George

Pentecost, Harmon

Pentecost, Mary C.

Pentecost, Mary G.

Pentecost, Robert Lowry

Pentecost, R.T.

Pentecost, William Walter

Perry, G.A.

Perry, Willie H.

Urtoska, Gertrude Harlin

Stallings, N.A.

Stallings, R.E.

Stallings, Z.T.

Smith, Fannie Jones

Williams, B.F.

Williams, Callie Fields

Williams, Charles Pearson

Williams, Eleanor Jenkins
September 27, 1890
April 23, 1967
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

Williams, Mary Ella

Williams, Robert John
May 19, 1889
December 7, 1967
Contributed by:
Frank Marshall

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