Church and Cemeteries...

Church's and Cemeteries of Carroll County, Mississippi


Location: About 7 miles north of Carrollton on Hwy 35

Copied by: Louise Marshall & Ethel Bibus on Aug. 30, 1981.

This is an index of this cemetery printed with permission from the Carroll County Cemetery book by Ethel Bibus. If you are interested in further information about the people buried in this cemetery, you can purchase the Carroll County Cemetery book through Pioneer Publishing Co., P.O. Box 408, Carrollton, Mississippi 38917. Be sure and tell them you heard about the book through the Carroll County, MSGenWeb site!

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Ashmore, Harold Jennings

Ashmore, infant x7

Ashmore, James "Jim" Bradford

Ashmore, James Lennie

Ashmore, Marguree Vance

Ashmore, Ruby Riddle

Baker, Charlie E.

Baker, M.B.

Baker, R.C.

Barry, T.G.

Beaty, Sam

Beckwith, Annie Belle

Beckwith, George Robert

Beckwith, Idella E.

Beckwith, Jessie W.

Beckwith, Robert R.

Beckwith, Willie V.

Bennett, Gary D.

Bennett, Gary R.

Bennett, Lelia L.

Bennett, Lela T.

Bennett, Lucille Knight

Bennett, Richard C.

Bennett, William E.

Bishop, Enoch

Bishop, Martha S.

Bledsoe, Florah

Bowers, Amous

Bowers, George

Bowers, Leona B.

Bowers, Lonnie

Bowers, Lonnie Edward

Bowers, Melton

Bowers, Ramar

Browning, Neal

Browning, Nita Thompson

Campbell, A.B.

Campbell, Annie A.

Campbell, Mrs. Ann Merriman

Campbell, Eva Ruth Long

Campbell, Cuba W.

Campbell, D. Albert

Campbell, Earl L.

Campbell, Effie R.

Campbell, Eula P.

Campbell, Henry Grady

Campbell, Laura

Campbell, Linnie Haley

Campbell, Lydia V.

Campbell, Marvin Douglas

Campbell, Mattie V.

Campbell, Pinkie G.

Campbell, Richard C.

Campbell, Roy R.

Campbell, Thelma

Campbell, Thomas Clyde

Campbell, Tillman C.

Campbell, W.C.

Campbell, William Ernest

Campbell, William L.

Campbell, Yvonne

Carpenter, C.E.

Carpenter, Eugenia (Clemie)

Colvin, Herber Amelia

Colvin, Robert Leon

Crowder, Lucy M.

Gardner, Annie S.

German, Charles J.

Hatley, Maud Clark

Hightower, J.A.

Hood, Elizabeth Mae Long

Hughes, W.P.

Ingram, B.M.

Ingram, Nancy J.

Johnson, Curtis W.

Johnson, Jedidigh L.

Johnston, William Stephen

Joiner, Judson
The marker that  says Mother on the right side of Judson Joiner is his wife, Emma Adkinson Joiner. And Claudia on his left is Claudia Pettigrew, daughter of Emma Joiner and  Edward Franklin Pettigrew. Judson and Emma were my Grandparents. Diane Joiner Cole Route 1, Box 132,  Cascilla, Ms. 38920

Kent, Lucretia I.

Kent, Stephen H.

Knight, Annie Malone

Knight, Bloomer
The Patty Fay, near the knight family, is Patty Fay Knight, niece of my aunt Flonnie Joiner and Lon Knight. She was killed in the tornado that hit the school bus coming from Valley School years ago. Diane Joiner Cole Route 1, Box 132,  Cascilla, Ms. 38920

Knight, Ella R.

Knight, Ellie M.

Lemley, Adron D.

Lemley, Candace Inez

Loden, Nora L.

Loden, Samuel S.

Long, Amnesty

Long, Charles H.

Long, Ella D.

Long, Ellis A.

Long, Eva German

Long, Eva Scruggs

Long, E.W. (Jim)

Long, James Thomas

Long, Jefferson Davis

Long, John Louise

Long, Lemon L.

Long, Marie

Long, Mary Louise

Long, Mattie Louvice

Long, Missouri A.

Long, M.J.

Long, Rena Bennett

Long, Rube Dudley

Long, Tinny

Long, Warren F.

Long, W.C.

Long, William M.

Long, William W.

Long, William W.

Long, Willis S.

Long, ___

Mabray, Alma

Mabray, Brewer

Mabray, Brewer

Mabray, Emma F.

Mabray, Felix Ray

Mabray, May Belle

Mabry, James W.

Mabry, W.F.

Malone, Glenda Diane

McDaniel, Armen Glen

McDaniel, Bea M.

McDaniel, E.H.

McDaniel, Mrs. Estelle

McDaniel, Hattie B.

McDaniel, James Chester

McDaniel, James Gay

McDaniel, James L.

McDaniel, J.K.

McDaniel, Mary Leone

McDaniel, Nora

McDaniel, Susan

McDaniel, Terissa L.

McDonald, D.G.

McDonald, Etta Bowers

McDonald, Martha

McDonald, Walter S.

McDonald, Willie W.

McNeer, Annie Mae

McNeer, Jennie

McNeer, J.H.

McNeer, J.K.

McNeer, John William

Minyard, Fannie L.

Morgan, Mary B.

Morgan, William A.

Mullen, May Thompson

Mullen, Pascal Everett

Parker, Arthur

Parker, Edgar

Parker, Elizabeth

Parker, infant

Parker, Jessie

Parker, Jim

Parker, Lela

Parker, Lillian Beckwith

Parker, R.C. (Monk)

Parker, Tular Agnes

Parker, W.W.

Pearce, Frances Annette

Ratliff, Martha Ann

Reves, Emma

Reves, J.A.

Riddle, Bessie Mae

Riddle, Jessie Everett

Roberson, Luella

Ross, Joanna M.

Slawson, Walter H.

Stephenson, Alice P.

Stone, Eula Mae

Stone, Infant

Stone, Jerry A.

Stone, Jimmie B.

Thompson, Elma

Thompson, infant

Thompson, Lillie L.

Thompson, William (Roe)

Turner, Addie Lee

Turner, S.J.

Warsheen, Tom

Wigley, Henry Z.

Wigley, Thaddeus

Wilson, Audrey J.

Wilson, Elma Dorris

Wilson, Georgiana Outz

Wilson, James A.

Wood, James E.

Wood, Viola

Woodell, Julia Ann

Woods, J.E.

Woods, M.A.

Woods, M.R.

____, Patty Mae

____, Claudia

_____, Anthony

_____, Alice

_____, George

_____, Rowena

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