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Church's and Cemeteries of Carroll County, Mississippi

Merrill Cemetery

Photo by Frank Marshall

Contributed by Dudley Rinicker.

b. Jan 30, 1901
d. July 18, 1985

KEALHOFER, Birdie Frances Quarles
b. 1884
d. 1971

b. 1882
d. 1949

KEALHOFER, John Edgar, Jr.
b. & d. 1907

MERRILL, James William Simpson
b. 1814
d. 1896

MERRILL, Sophia H. Hieronymus
b. 1817
d. 1890

b. 1851
d. May 24, 1853
Dau of W.S. & S.H. Merrill

MERRILL, Mary Bell
b. 1856
d. ?

MERRILL, J. W. S., Jr.
b. 1858
died an infant

MERRILL, John Dabney
b. 1853
d. 1898

MERRILL, Maggie Bell
b. 1856
d. 1881
Wife of J. D. Merrill

MERRILL, Virginia Caroline Jones
d. 1895
Second wife of J. D. Merrill

MERRILL, Grace Dabney
b. 1883
d. 1895

MERRILL, Jennie Fisher
b. 1886
d. 1887

MERRILL, Mary Sharp
no dates

QUARLES, Lucy Frances Merrill
b. 1845
d. 1899

QUARLES, Oliver Preston
b. 1880
d. 1909

QUARLES, Sophia A.
b 1871
died a child

REDDITT, Mary A. Merrill
b. 1836
d. 1855

died 1853
Husband of Mary A.

REDDITT, Mary Merrill
died Jul 6, 1855
aged 18 yrs., 8 mos., 7 days

SCRUGGS, Raynor Wood
b. Oct 16, 1904
d. Nov 17, 1982

SCRUGGS, John Walter
b. June 24, 1869
d. Mar 15, 1920

SCRUGGS, Annie Merrill Quarles
b. Feb 9, 1875
d. Oct 23, 1973

SCRUGGS, John Merrill
b. Sept 18, 1900
d. July 24, 1901
Son of J.W. & A.Q. Scruggs

"Our Little Sophy"
Aged 6 days
Marker with no dates or further info

"Cute Little Minnie"
In Heaven in her 3rd year
Marker with no dates or further info



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