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Church's and Cemeteries of Carroll County, Mississippi


Location: Originally in Carroll County, now in Montgomery County. Leave Carrollton on Hwy. 82, go east 9 miles. Turn north on paved road just before reaching Interstate 55. Go north 3.4 miles. Cemetery & Church on the left.

Copied by: Louise Marshall & Ethel Bibus on Aug. 28, 1985.

This is an index of this cemetery printed with permission from the Carroll County Cemetery book by Ethel Bibus. If you are interested in further information about the people buried in this cemetery, you can purchase the Carroll County Cemetery book through Pioneer Publishing Co., P.O. Box 408, Carrollton, Mississippi 38917. Be sure and tell them you heard about the book through the Carroll County, MSGenWeb site!

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Bailey, Lucy

Bamberg, Callie Ruth Bennett

Bamberg, Dora Mortimer

Bamberg, Eugene M.

Bamberg, Eugene Blewett

Bamberg, Mortimer

Bamberg, Robert E.

Bamberg, Sarah Ellen

Bamberg, Thomas Wilson

Beckwith, Catherine

Beckwith, child

Beckwith, Dempsey

Beckwith, N.A.

Bennett, Bertha Estelle

Bennett, Elma Vance

Bennett, Hellie
June 13, 1852
July 7, 1914 Carroll Co
Husband of Lula Virginia Thompson
Teresa Bransby

Bennett, Lettie B.

Bennett, Lula Thompson

Lula Virginia Thompson 
Nov 25, 1871 Carroll Co
Feb 5, 1959
dtr of John Prince Thompson & Susan Virginia Matthews
Teresa Bransby

Bennett, Pearl

Bennett, Pearl C. or G.

Bennett, T. Ford

Bibb, Carrie S.

Bibb, James G.

Bibb, J. Fletcher

Bibb, Joseph F.

Bibb, Julia Carpenter

Bibb, Mary F.

Blaylock, B.

Blaylock, Ben F.

Blaylock, Bertha Mae

Blaylock, Cheslie Albert

Blaylock, Clemmie

Blaylock, Cora

Blaylock, Cora Lee

Blaylock, Dorothy Eudine

Blaylock, Guy Lee

Blaylock, Jim

Blaylock, John S.

Blaylock, L.E.

Blaylock, Lizzie Carter

Blaylock, Mary

Blaylock, Mary E.

Blaylock, Mary Ella

Blaylock, Matilda Jane

Blaylock, Maude J.

Blaylock, Nancy

Blaylock, P.A.

Blaylock, Pearlina

Blaylock, Perlina E.

Blaylock, Richard R.

Blaylock, Taylor

Blaylock, T.M.

Blaylock, W.A.

Blaylock, W.H.

Blaylock, Will

Boyette, Ann R.

Boyette, James L.

Byrd, Augustus A.

Byrd, Augustus B.

Byrd, Edward W.

Byrd, James W.

Byrd, John Henry

Byrd, Margaret

Byrd, Mary Ella

Byrd, Sidney

Byrd, William G.

Caddess, Marvin

Campbell, Albert

Campbell, Allene Osborn

Campbell, Archie Eugene

Campbell, Carrie

Campbell, Cordelia Joiner

Campbell, Fleitchie

Campbell, Jessie Archie

Campbell, Jesse Archibald

Campbell, Katie

Campbell,  L.

Campbell, Martha Gene

Campbell, Mary Collins

Campbell, Nettie

Campbell, Percy

Campbell, Willie Ervin

Carpenter, Adam

Carpenter, Eugenia M.

Carpenter, Green

Carpenter, H.E. Talbert

Carpenter, J.G.

Carpenter, Joseph L.

Carpenter, Lena C.

Carpenter, Louise

Carpenter, Malissa

Carpenter, Mary

Carpenter, Ran D.

Carpenter, Rufus

Carson, Charlie A.

Carson, Charles William

Carson, daughter

Carson, daughter

Carson, Jerry C.

Carson, Josie Pullen

Carson, Lamar T.

Carson, Talmadge

Carson, Thomas W.

Carson, Tommie E. Vance

Chambley, Edd Ledell

Chambley, Effie

Chambley, Jr., E.L.

Chambley, Fannie Bell

Chambley, infant

Chambley, John

Chambley, Ruby Collins

Collins, A.C.

Collins, Eugene C.

Collins, Fannie Johnston

Collins, Jack B.

Collins, Kate Bennett

Collins, J.P.

Collins, Lallie O.

Collins, Lula Estell Laster

Collins, Luther Bennett

Collins, Maggie

Collins, Major R.

Collins, Margarett

Collins, Marie J.

Collins, Martin Elbert

Collins, Rose Paralee

Collins, Virginia

Collins, Ward Jackson

Collins, Wanda McNair

Collins, W.J.

Donahoo, Bonnilee

Donahoo, Sallie Armender

Donahoo, William Demps

Donahoo, William E.

Doty, J. David

Galey, Cora Blaylock

Galey, Sr., David Ola

Gibson, Ben B.

Gibson, Jr., Ben B.

Gibson, James E.

Gibson, Pearl

Gibson, Sarah B.

Gibson, Thomas Armstrong

Harris, Arch B.

Harris, Rebecca J.

Harris, Robert N.

Harris, Ruby

Harris, Sarah E.

Howard, Charlie C.

Howard, Charlie Leslie

Howard, Eddie M.

Howard, Frances Jeanette

Howard, G.

Howard, James Cassie

Howard, Luna Rodgers

Howard, M.S.L.

Howard, Nannie Lavada

Howard, Sarah Ann

Howell, Ellen Joiner

Howell, Joe

Howell, John

Hudson, Benjamin D.

Hudson, Charlie Allen

Hudson, Laura Carpenter

Jackson, Mary B.

Joiner, Joseph

Jones, Marguerite

Kendrick, Johnnie Thompson


Latham, Jim L.

Latham, Lecky

Locke, Abbie Lillian

Locke, James Mabry

Locke, J.L.

Locke, Johnie M.

Lott, Ellie C. Collins

Martin, Dr. Basil Philip

Martin, Enid Milbry

Martin, Grace Guest

McCants, Verner Morgan

McCarley, Catherine E.

McCarley, Leonora A.

McCarley, Walter B.

McCrary, Betty Jean

McCrary, Diana R.

McCrary, Forrest E.

McCrary, Gertrude H.

McCrary, James E.

McCrary, Joe Donald

McCrary, Marlin William

McCrary, Ruby Donahoo

McCrary, Simon S.

Morgan, Annie C.

Morgan, Edward L.

Morgan, Emma L.

Morgan, Joe H.

Morgan, John A.

Morgan, Lillian

Morgan, ____

Mortimer, Anna Belle

Mortimer, Arthur

Mortimer, Billy

Mortimer, Bessie Elese

Mortimer, Chesterfield

Mortimer, Edward E.

Mortimer, Hillman V.

Mortimer, James George

Mortimer, Joseph Alvin

Mortimer, Laurel L.

Mortimer, Lucile Gibson

Mortimer, Maggie A.

Mortimer, Margaret Elizabeth

Mortimer, Timmie C.

Mortimer, Tommie M.

Mortimer, Veasey

Mortimer, Warner W.

Murphy, Lamar

Murphy, W.L.

Neal, Laura Ann

Parker, Elizabeth

Parr, Lizzie Howell

Peters, Alma Rodgers

Peters, Joseph A.

Peters, Joseph Lattie

Peters, Susan Brandon

Roberson, Mose Ellen

Robinson, Archie

Robinson, Arthur R.

Robinson, Bessie C.

Robinson, Beula C.

Robinson, Kimberly Kay

Robinson, Lauretta Bain

Robinson, William Houston

Rodgers, Annie Etta

Rodgers, Ellen D.

Rodgers, Estell

Rodgers, Jeffie Norton

Rodgers, Irby Jackson

Rodgers, James Allen

Rodgers, James H.

Rodgers, Luna B.

Rodgers, W.F.

Rodgers, Wilburn Holmes

Rodgers, W. Leslie

Rowland, James Riley

Rowland, Neelia Blaylock

Sanders, B.F.

Scrivner, Corp. Joseph M.

Scruggs, John T.

Scruggs, Joseph Walter

Scruggs, Maggie S. Swain

Shields, Ollie Carpenter

Swaim, Annie C.

Swaim, Charlie E.

Swaim, Mrs. Elizabeth J.

Swaim, Joe

Swaim, Joseph B.

Swaim, Mary Bettie

Swindoll, Ellen Vance

Swindoll, X.L.

Taylor, Elizabeth Lavina

Thomas, Jennie M.

Thompson, A.D.G.

Thompson, Charlie

Thompson, Cilicle or Giligle M.

Cilicia M. Matthews 
1835 Carroll Co
 - ?
Teresa Bransby

Thompson, Elenor G.
Aka: Helen
wife of John Prince Thompson, Sr.
Teresa Bransby

Thompson, Johnie

Thompson, John P.

John Prince Thompson 
Feb 2,1839 KY
Jun 1,1925 Carroll Co
Teresa Bransby

Thompson, Sr., J.P.

John Prince Thompson
1800 KY
October 1875 Carroll Co
Teresa Bransby

Thompson, L. Ford
b 1844 
d Carroll Co.
Teresa Bransby

Thompson, Marvel Prince
b Jun 1, 1878 Carroll Co
d Mar 22, 1972 Carroll Co
son of John Prince Thompson & Susan V. Matthews
Teresa Bransby

Thompson, M.T.

Thompson, Susan V.
b Aug 15, 1841 Carroll Co, 
d Feb 4, 1898 Carroll Co 
wife of John Prince Thompson, Jr.

Susan Virginia Matthews
dtr of James Matthews
Teresa Bransby

Thompson, Willie DeLouis

Vance, Alma Ruth

Vance, Annie

Vance, George M.

Vance, Jr., George Trotter

Vance, James A.

Vance, Julia

Vance, Jeff

Vance, Lillie Collins

Vance, Sadie Lee

Vance, Thomas J.

Vance, Thurman

Wadlington, A.B.

Wadlington, Ella

Wadlington, Julia Ray

Wadlington, Sarah Ann

Williams, Clarence C.

Williams, Elva J.

Williams, Katie Lee

Williams, Minnie May

Williams, R.E.L.

Carroll County


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