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Church's and Cemeteries of Carroll County, Mississippi


Location: About 6 miles SW of CarrolIton on the J. R. Shackleford property.
Copied by: Mrs. J. E. Caruthers, Mrs. R. G. Miller, Mrs. W. C. Rabb & Mrs. Ethel Marshall Bibus on Oct. 2, 1976

This is an index of this cemetery printed with permission from the Carroll County Cemetery book by Ethel Bibus. If you are interested in further information about the people buried in this cemetery, you can purchase the Carroll County Cemetery book through Pioneer Publishing Co., P.O. Box 408, Carrollton, Mississippi 38917. Be sure and tell them you heard about the book through the Carroll County, MSGenWeb site!

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Arnold, B.L.

Arnold, Clifton Marshall

Arnold, Durant H.

Arnold, Durant L.

Arnold, Eliza

Arnold, George W.

Arnold, Irvin D.

Arnold, Jesse Shaw

Arnold, Jessimay

Arnold, Mary M.

Arnold, Rosa L.

Arnold, Stephen B.

Barker, Col. Frederick

Barker, Virginia Mattox

Beckham, J.A.

Bole, James E.

Buchanan, Florence Bole

Buchanan, Hal (or Henry)

Buchanan, Frank Liddell

Buchanan, J.J.

Buchanan, J.T.T.

Buchanan, Penelope Waters

Buchanan, Thomas E.

Eckles, Alta Grantham

Eckles, Phillip J.

Eckles, Jr., Phillip J.

Frasier, Albert Morell

Frasier, Alma

Frasier, A.M.

Frasier, Wilma

Hemphill, E.M.

Hoge, Annie R. "Riales"

Hoge, Clyde E.

Hughes, Joseph P.

Hughes, J.P.
November 25, 1842
December 7, 1926
Frank Marshall

Hughes, Katie B.
July 3, 1880
October 23, 1911
Frank Marshall

Hughes, Mary Jane Buchanan
August 14, 1848
November 24, 1910
Frank Marshall

Hemphill, Mattie B.

Hughes, Loten

Jones, Mrs. Augusta Ann

Jones, James

Locke, A.J.

Marshall, Dolly A.

Marshall, James H.

Marshall, Mary

Marshall, William B.

Marshall, Willie

McCarty, B.H.
October 6, 1861
February 17, 1902
Frank Marshall

McCarty, Lela Williams
September 16, 1878
January 3, 1964
Frank Marshall

McLain, Infant dau

McLain, Penelope W. Hughes

McLain, W.S.

McMillan, Louise

McMillan, M. Belle

Noland, Martha

Noland, R.P

Peery, Henderson

Peery, J.F.

Peery, W.D.

Ray, Joseph

Ray, S.G. Stanford

Ray, Samuel J.

Ray, Samuel M.

Scruggs, Charlie H.
September 10, 1850
April 25, 1891
Frank Marshall

Scruggs, Isham P.
April 20, 1822
February 4, 1885
Frank Marshall

Scruggs, S.A.
February 26, 1929
July 29, 1904
Frank Marshall

Scruggs, Mrs. S.A.

Shackleford, Dr. J.A.

Shackleford, John W.

Shackleford, Mason Arabelia S.

Stanford, J.T.

Stanford, Mildred Tallaferro

Stanford, Samuel

Stanford, Sara Maxwell

Whatley, George Washington

Whatley, Maggie

Whatley, S.B.

Williams, Benjamin C.
January 27, 1815
October 27, 1883
Frank Marshall

Williams, Edy
November 14, 1880
January 12, 1884
Frank Marshall

Williams, Infant. dau.

Williams, J.J.
February 20, 1846
January 7, 1918
Frank Marshall

Williams, James Benjamin
December 11, 1876
January 28, 1923
Frank Marshall

Williams, Joseph L.
March 4, 1902
October 28, 1957
Frank Marshall

Williams, Josie H.
December 7, 1877
November 30, 1955
Frank Marshall

Williams, Lela Baines
October 13, 1903
May 1, 1907
Frank Marshall

Williams, Keziah Scruggs
October 3, 1820
January 21, 1884
Frank Marshall

Williams, Malisse
March 18, 1854
July 13, 1922
Frank Marshall

Williams, William Walter
January 22, 1883
January 10, 1884
Frank Marshall

Sarah (Virginia X), known as Sally


Carroll County


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