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Church's and Cemeteries of Carroll County, Mississippi


You can find additional photos of the cemetery here 

Location: Lot #199 of Shaw's map of Carrollton. Gravel road to cemetery begins at comer of Stonewell & Jackson streets.

Copied by: Berris Johnson, Mae Marshall, Louise Marshall, Ethel & Laurence Bibus during the years 1974,1976 & 1978.

This is an index of this cemetery printed with permission from the Carroll County Cemetery book by Ethel Bibus. If you are interested in further information about the people buried in this cemetery, you can purchase the Carroll County Cemetery book through Pioneer Publishing Co., P.O. Box 408, Carrollton, Mississippi 38917. Be sure and tell them you heard about the book through the Carroll County, MSGenWeb site!

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Beall, Martha S.

Bingham, Catherine C.

Bingham, Mrs. M.L.

Bingham, Mary Margaret

Bingham, R.L.

Bingham, T.H.

Campbell, Capt. Jno. N.

Cothran, Frances Elizabeth

Cothran, Frances M.

Cothran, Wm.

Crutcher, Thomas

Duke, James S.

Duke, J.T.

Duke, L.A.

Duke, Mary Elizabeth

Estell, Charles

Estell, Nancy

Foote, Margaret M.

Gee, Mary A.

Gee, Peter

Herring, Etta Roach

Hodge, Robert T.

Hughes, Eugenia McMurry

Hughes, W.P.

Johnson, John W.

Johnson, Mary Inge

Johnson, R.H.

Johnson, Richard I.

Johnson, Sally F.

Johnston, Annie Barnes

Johnston, E.A.

Johnston, P.W.

Johnston, Vivian

Johnston, Walter H.

Keyes, Dr. J.M.

Lawrence, daughter

Lawrence, daughter

Lavender, Mrs. P.P.

Loving, John Tims

Marshall, John Peebles
January 1, 1812
March 28, 1898
Frank Marshall

Mathews, Theodore H.

Matthews, John Cage

Matthews, M.E.

Matthews, T.H.

McCroskey, D.D.

McMurry, Berinthia M.

McMurry, Frusia

McMurry, John

McMurry, Malinda F.

Merrill, Little Herbert

Merrill, M.L.

Merrill, R.W.

Money, J.C.

Money, Sandra S. Estell

Mulvihill, Michael E.

Mulvihill, Mildred

Neill, Amanda M.

Neill, G.F.

Nicholson, Dr. B.A.

Nicholson, Earl Barrett

Nicholson, Mary

Oury, John Marshall
October 25, 1864
October 21, 1888
Frank Marshall

Oury, Sue C.

Oury, T.H.

Pollard, George W.

Pollard, Isaac M.

Pollard, Mary Jane Tindall

Ransom, Alice

Ransom, Geo M.

Ransom, George

Ransom, Henry H.

Richardson, Joseph

Roach, B.

Roach, Benjamin

Roach, B.F.

Roach, Charles Breckenridge

Roach, Frank Vernon

Roach, infant son

Roach, James L.

Roach, James Lafayette

Roach, Josie Ball

Roach, N.A.

Roach, Nancy Goodson

Roach, W.M.

Sanders, Margaret A.

Sanders, William

Toombs, George H.

Toombs, W.T.T.

Unknown, Marta

Unknown, Angus

Yongue, E.V.

Yongue, F.O.

Yongue, Jarvis Oury
February 6, 1892
July 26, 1892
Frank Marshall

Watkins, Sarah Epes Fitzgerald

Watkins, Dr. Thomas

Wear, Cora Ann

Wear, G.W.

Wear, J.A.

Walton, Newton J.

Walton, Phillip L.

Wolfe, Frank Rowe

Young, Mrs. Sarah 

believed to be Colored

Allen, Raife

Appling Anna

Breckenridge, Lucy

Crockett, George

Gee, Nancy

Fox, Syd

Genkins, Addams

Genkins, Annie

Genkins, Infant

Hale, Clinton

Hale, Waymon

Hammonds, Jake George

Hemingway, Early

Hemingway, Sallie

Idean, Lela

Jackson, Edmond

Jackson, Sally

Johnson, W.J.

Johnson, Willie Bate

Jones, Faithful Amanda

Lofton, Isobel

McDonald, Eddie Gene

Myers, Bob

Reddett, Jasper

Reddett, Mark

Reddett, Susan

Reddett, Winnie

Reid, Ella

Shivers, George

Shivers, Julia

Stanford, John

Stanford, John W.

Shivers, Keiffer

Shivers, Melinda

Stanford, Virginia

Stanford, Walter

Tabor, Anna

Wadlington, Lillie


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