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Church's and Cemeteries of Carroll County, Mississippi

Old Salem Cemetery

Indexed Oct 4, 1999 by Dudley Rinicker and Jimmy Johnson.
Updated May 8, 2003 by Teresa Randall Bransby.

There are many unmarked graves in this cemetery.

Bacon, Henry Horatio
Oct 1857-Mar 1954
son of Henry Winborn Bacon

Bacon, Mary Lowry
Aug 1862-Feb 1936

Bacon, Sanders
May 24,1904-Nov 1,1960

Beck, E B Fellows
Aug 23,1812-Sept 16,1890
wife of T.W. Beck

Beck, T.W.
Dec 28,1799-Nov 10,1869

Benton, Parilee
Mar 23,1838-Oct 4,1916

Benton, T H
Sept 26,1844-Feb 17,1900

Bland, Mary M.
Jan 14,1887-July 29,1888
daug of JS & MR Bland

Boothe, Emeline Wimberly
Oct 8,1821-May 17,1844
wife of Rev JR Boothe, dau of L&M Wimberly

Brisedine, Mary Emeline
July 26,1895-July 12,1899
daug of AH & ME Brisedine

Brisendine, Arthur H.
Jun 8,1871-Feb 27,1947

Brisendine, Bettie
Mar 26,1873-Mar 12,1934
daug of Thomas G. McAvoy, wife of AH Brisedine

Brisendine, Gertie
Oct 18,1901-Dec 15,1959

Cagle, Henry
Aug 13,1807-May 1,1888

Calhoun, Adaline
d. Oct 5,1852

Calhoun, Archibal
Jan 23,1862
age 20 yrs 8 mos

Cox, Ada B.
Mar 22,1898-Apr 26,1943
wife of Rufus E Cox

Cox, Infant
b & d Oct 3,1929
daug of RE Cox

Cox, Leumanda
Sept 24,1827-Sept 27,1894

Cox, Lillian
Dec 20,1912-Jun 22,1933

Cox, Minnie
July 4,1891-July 12,1891

Cox, Oda Parrilee
Jan 8,1885-Aug 17,1906

Cox, Rufus E.
Feb 20,1894-May 1,1974

Cox, Samuel
1823-Apr 21,1896

Cox, Sarah Frances Ross
Mar 21,1864-Mar 24,1910
wife of SW Cox

Cox, SW

Cox, Tom Wilson
Jan 15,1902-Aug 6,1911

Heath, Florence L.

Hoover, Jacob
Sept 28,1871-Dec 2,1903

Hoover, Maggie Maude
Oct 12,1900-Aug 30,1910

Hoover, Maggie Wimberly
Apr 27,1871-Nov 1,1960

Johnson, Earl Ware
Oct 16,1896-Jun 8,1991

Johnson, Emily Virginia
Sept 12,1899-Dec 14,1913
dau of Jesse & Minnie Johnson

Johnson, Gilbert
Co G 29th Miss Inf
d. after 1885
son of Samuel Johns(t)on and Martha Collier

Johnson, Henrietta
Mar 14,1860-Feb 20,1943

Johnson, Henry Watson
Aug 9,1904-Oct 9,1946
son of Jesse & Minnie Johnson

Johnson, James Simuel
Mar 26,1856-Aug 11,1922
son of Hugh Johnson

Johnson, Jesse
Sept 30,1861-Mar 19,1950
son of Gilbert Johnson

Johnson, Joseph E.

Johnson, Lizzie C. Red
Jun 21,1874-Dec 19,1905
wife of LH Johnson

Johnson, Minnie L.
Feb 9,1868-Feb 13,1950
dau of Thomas G McAvoy, wife of Jesse Johnson

Johnson, Samuel Parsons
d. abt 1922
Co F Waul’s Texas Legion CSA brother to Gilbert Johnson

Johnson, Viola
Jun 5,1882-July 1,1888

Jopling, Rev JB
July 26,1878 age 78 yrs

Knight, James B.
Feb 17,1858-May 16,1886
son of BP & Sarah E Knight

Lee, Bettie

Lee, Jeb

Lee, Jerry R.

Lee, Leta

Lee, Martha J.

Lee, Mattie

Lee, Pearl
Dec 2,1888-Nov 23,1970

Lee, Ruth

Lehr, Lizzie
Feb 12,1861-Aug 30,1868
daug of WM & AO Lehr

Long, Watson Lee
Sept 7,1862-Oct 23,1862
son of HW & RC Long

Lowry, Daniel L.
Oct 13,1866-Dec 12,1937
TRD 1 Texas Cav,Sp Am War

Lowry, Eliza Lucindy
Aug 5,1876-Jan 12,1927

Lowry, Esther Johnson

Lowry, Gavin, Robert

Lowry, James Robert


Lowry, J.O.
Mar 10,1872 age 36yrs 4mo 10 days
Masonic marker

Lowry, John William
Jun 23,1829-Oct 19,1901
born in Henry Cty, Tenn

Lowry, Mattie E.
funeral marker only

Lowry, Mattie Stuart
Oct 2,1880-Jan 2,1968

Lowry, Nancy Melissa Edwards Patterson
Oct 28,1841-Feb 10,1919

Lowry, Sarah Amanda
Jan 10,1910-Sept 6,1919

McCrary, Addie
July 8,1875-Nov 28,1875
daug of SM & MK McCrary

McDougald, Amanda A.
Jun 12,1844-Aug 7,1917
wife of J S McDougald

McDougald, Amanda Clyde
Jun 16,1883-Dec 7,1884
dau of JS & AA McDougald

McDougald, Dennis
Dec 15,1885-Feb 7,1926

McDougald, Ida
d. Oct 2,1879 5 yrs 7 mos 11 days
daug of JS & AA McDougald

McDougald, J S
Oct 24,1834-Sept 19,1903

McDougald, Leonard L.
d. May 18,1877 1 yr 1 mo 10 days
son of JS & AA McDougald

McDougald, Martha E.
d. Oct 16,1862
23 yrs 9 mo 1 day
wife of J S McDougald

McDougald, Melinda L.
d. July 27,1863
1 yr 6 mo 17 days
dau of JS & AA McDougald

McDougald, Virge
Dec 20,1869-Jun 21,1932

McKinney, Mattie E.
wife of Rev WP McKinney
no dates

Melton, Charles E.
Feb 7, 1911-Jul 24, 2000
Husband of Lorene Noah Melton

Melton, Mattie Lorene Noah
Sept 25,1909-Apr 20,1993

Noah, Mattie Loving (nee Fisher)
Jan 15,1879-May 28,1966
2nd wife of Robert D. Noah
daughter of James Monroe Fisher & Mattie S. Loving

Noah, James Thomas
Oct 9,1942
son of M/M K A Noah

Noah, Ken A.
Jun 8,1919-Apr 11,1961

Noah, Mary Ellen
Sept 8,1917-Mar 28,1937

Noah, Robert D. (Robert Dugan Noah)
Apr 15,1867-Apr 16,1942
husband of Mattie L. Fisher Noah
son of Mary Alice Tate

Noah, Tom Anderson
Jun 25,1886-Aug 4,1974
husband of Willie Mae Randall Noah
son of Robert D. Noah and Sarah Sandlin Noah

Noah, Tom Haman
Nov 23,1924-Jan 23,1925
son of Thomas A. & Willie Mae Randall Noah

Noah, William Cade
Jun 25,1913-Jun 24,1916
son of Thomas A. & Willie Mae Randall Noah

Noah, Willie Randall
Jun 5,1893-July 12,1966
wife of Thomas A. Noah
daughter of Jesse S. & Annie Johnson Randall

Polk, A E
d. Mar 13,1873
18 yrs 4 mos 21 days
wife of J M Polk

Randall, Annie Johnson
Jan 13,1872-Jan 3,1921
wife of Jessie S. Randall
daughter of Gilbert & Emily Blakely Johnson

Randall, Jesse Shull
Jan 22,1869-Feb 18,1953
husband of Annie Johnson
son of Robert Asa Randall & Earl Bethenia Snell

Rickson, Elmira
Feb 5,1879-Aug 4,1886
daug of PA & MA Rickson

Rickson, Mattie Johnson Sproles
Nov 18,1864-Feb 6,1927

Rogers, Grace

Stephenson, Margaret, Mrs.

Stuart, AN
Feb 28,1855-Nov 28,1911

Stuart, Claude
B Feb 8,1892-Nov 21,1950

Stuart, George K.
Apr 10,1883-Feb 18,1919

Stuart, Lottie
B Feb 10,1893-Nov 21,1950

Stuart, Mattie Louise Comstock
Mar 14,1855-Dec 7,1944
wife of AN Stuart

Stuart, Robert Lee "Bud"
Feb 23,1898-Oct 21,1928

Stuart, WE
Dec 17,1889-Sept 21,1892

Switzer, Dessie Maude Johnson
Apr 12,1897-July 4,1947
daug of Jesse & Minnie Johnson

Switzer, Margueritte Maude
d. Feb 12,1950
daug of C A Switzer

Teasley, Whitfield W.
Jun 1,1898-Mar 11,1923
son of WB & ME Teasley

Wallace, Fannie
May 25,1851-Apr 27,1854
2 yrs 10 mos 29 days

Watts, Lillie Mae
Dec 10,1876-Nov 8,1882
dau of JL & MO Watts

Wiltshire, Andrew Pickens

Wiltshire, Frances Carter

Wimberly, Mary
Jun 6,1803-Jan 20,1860
wife of L Wimberly

Wimberly, T.W.
Dec 3,1828-Jan 3,1885
son of Lewis & Mary Wimberly

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