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(Also Known as Moore Memorial)

Pisgah Cemetery is located North of Carrollton in the community of Teoc, MS.
This is an index of this cemetery, with additional information provided by contributors, printed with permission from the Carroll County Cemetery book by Ethel Bibus. If you are interested in further information about the people buried in this cemetery, you can purchase the Carroll County Cemetery book through Pioneer Publishing Co., P.O. Box 408, Carrollton, Mississippi 38917. Be sure and tell them you heard about the book through the Carroll County, MSGenWeb site!

If you have additional information to add to this page, please let me know and I will post it here.

(note:  on November 11, 2003, Teresa Bransby provided update information for L.T. Cutts Jr., and William Godfrey Campbell.  Teresa also indicated that Pisgah Cemetery was also known as "Moore Memorial")

Salley Goss Adams
Nov 11, 1895
Oct 6, 1960
Jack Robinson

John S. Allen
Annie L. Allen

Alice Ames
1866 -1949
Jack Robinson

Natan Ames
1882 - 1954
Jack Robinson

Mamie C. Ashmore
Jan 19, 1906
Oct 2, 1982
Jack Robinson

L.C. Bell
Geneva Lipe Bell
Audrey Lena Boomer
Calvin L. "Bud" Brewer

Louis Brister
Nov 26, 1875
Feb 26, 1913
Jack Robinson

Vance "Doc" Brown
Corine W. Brown
S. Edgar Brown
Lorena G. Brown
James E. Brown
Maggie M. Brown

Mary Alice Buchanan
Oct 29, 1916
Aug 24, 1973
Jack Robinson

Dessie Campbell
Jul 4, 1898
Feb 10, 1969
Jack Robinson

Henry C. Campbell

Clara Carpenter
Aug 29, 1881
Oct 9, 1940
Jack Robinson

William Godfrey Campbell
Dec 5, 1915
Aug 7, 2002
Son of John C. and Rebecca Gammill Campbell
Teresa Bransby

Fred C. Carpenter
Mar 19, 1922
Dec 26, 1950
MS. Pfc. 12 Inf. WW II BSM
Jack Robinson

Harper H. Carpenter
Dec 11, 1904
May 7, 1961
MS. Pvt. Inf WW II
Jack Robinson

Lucious Carpenter
14 Jan 1884
23 Mar 1958
Jack Robinson

R.H. Carpenter
Feb 6, 1872
Dec 31, 1927
Jack Robinson

Armond Benford Carroll
Sep 1, 1923
Dec 1961 
MS. T-5 US Army WW II BSM Masonic Marker
Jack Robinson

Maggie B. Carroll
31 Oct 1899 -----
Jack Robinson

John C. Carroll
1901 - 1966
Jack Robinson

Addie Trimble Corder Carrothers
b: Carroll Co., MS
Parents: Moses Franklin Corder & Elizabeth Jackson Corder. Husb: Charles Franklin Carrothers married  01-01-1900 in Carroll Co.
Joyce E. Witten

Charles Franklin Carrothers
b: Madison Co., TN
father was Samuel Carrothers
Joyce E. Witten

Connie Christina Flanagin Chriss
Wife of Marteen Chriss & dau. of John Benjamin Flanagin & Martha Maria Christofferson
Joyce E. Witten

Mary S. Chrisstofferson
Dau. of Christopher Conrad Christofferson & S.E. Christofferson
Joyce E. Witten

Christopher Conrad Christopherson (Christofferson)
Joyce E. Witten

Conrad S. Christopherson (Christofferson)
1863 - 1953
Joyce E. Witten

Mary V. Christopherson (Chrisofferson)
1862 - 1948
Wife of Conrad S. Christofferson
Joyce E. Witten

Susan Emily Christoferson
wife of Christopher Conrad Christofferson
Joyce E. Witten

Lewis Clinton Clark, Jr.
Tillman Franklin "Buddy" Clark

Cora Gatys Hooks Corder 
Wife of Ottie Seaborn Corder
Joyce E. Witten

Mary Tindall Corder
Wife of Mose F. Corder & dau. of Mattie Tindall & S.V. Tindall buried Bethel Methodist Church Cemetery
Joyce E. Witten

Mose F. Corder
Son of Moses Franklin Corder & Elizabeth Jackson Corder
Joyce E. Witten

Ottie Seaborn Corder
Son of Mose F. Corder & Mary Tindall Corder
Joyce E. Witten

E.D. Counts, Sr.
Jack Robinson

Hattie S. Counts
Jack Robinson

L. T. Cutts, Jr.. son of L.T. and Rebecca Brewer Cutts
Teresa Bransby

Eugenia Jackson Davis
20 Oct 1932
12 Aug 1957
Jack Robinson

Robert C. Dickson
Dovie Brewer Eubanks

Annis Bryant Flanagin
Son of John Benjamin Flanagin & Martha Maria Christofferson Flanagin
Joyce E. Witten

John Benjamin Flanagin
Son of Harvey R. Flanagin and Mary Adeline Stinson. 
Joyce E. Witten

John Harvey Flanagin
Son of John Benjamin Flanagin & Martha Maria Christofferson
Joyce E. Witten

Louis Young Flanagin
Son of John Benjamin Flanagin & Martha Maria Christofferson. Husb. of Helon Elizabeth Carrothers
Joyce E. Witten

Martha Maria Christofferson Flanagin
Wife of John Benjamin Flanagin & dau. of Christopher Conrad Christofferson
Joyce E. Witten

Minnie Constanza (Stancy) Flanagin
Dau. of John Benjamin Flanagin & Martha Maria Christofferson
Joyce E. Witten

Virgie E. Flanagin
wife of John Harvey Flanagin
Joyce E. Witten

William Conrad Flanagin
Son of John Benjamin Flanagin & Martha Maria Christofferson
Joyce E. Witten

Dewitt W. Frazier
Nora Lee Frazier

Edna Hollman Fuller
11 Feb 1899
06 Mar 1971
Jack Robinson

James Harvey Fuller
29 Nov 1883
18 Mar 1935
Jack Robinson

Kathleen Gates
Harmon U. Goss

E.W. Goss
Jack Robinson

Jessie Huston Goss
Apr 3, 1914
Jan 28, 1977
Jack Robinson

M.C. Goss
Jack Robinson

Aleeta A. Gregg
Feb 10,1932
Aug 7, 1981
Jack Robinson

Carlis F. Gregg
Jan 22, 1932
Jack Robinson

Lottie Siverene Flanagin Hammons
Wife of Edgar A. Hammons-Dau. of John Benjamin Flanagin & Marha Maria Christofferson Flanagin
Joyce E. Witten

Tom H. Harbin

Erma N. Harper
Nov 22, 1912
Jack Robinson

Mary Corrinna Flanagin Harper
wife of Hiram Matthew Harper 1884 - 1945
Joyce E. Witten

Wardine Harper
Aug 15, 1912
Jul 6, 1978
Jack Robinson

Arrow S. Harper
Jeff G. Harper

Richard Heffner
Jan 10, 1928
May 4, 1960
Jack Robinson

Gradon G. Hooks
Martha L. Hooks

Ethel G. Jackson
12 Jul 1912
31 Oct 1976
Jack Robinson

Josephine E. Jackson
13 Apr 1885
04 Jan 1970
Jack Robinson

Walter W. Jackson
07 Feb 1885
08 Sep 1958
Jack Robinson

Willie P. Jackson
15 Aug 1909
30 Jun 1976
Jack Robinson

James Lawrence Jones
27 Jul 1948
08 Jan 1958
Jack Robinson

John D. Jones, Sr.
1920 - 1977
S US Navy- WW II
Jack Robinson

John L. Jones
15 Feb 1897
01 Jan 1945
Jack Robinson

Sarah Jones
08 May 1917
20 Mar 1981
Jack Robinson

William L. Jones
10 Sep 1918
28 Dec 1975
Jack Robinson

Willie G. Jones
07 Aug 1897
07 Aug 1977
Jack Robinson

Carlton "Wolf" Johnson
Nov 29, 1928
Sep 18, 1981
Jack Robinson

George LaFayette Kerr
June 27, 1877
Jan 8, 1954
Jack Robinson

Lemmie Bell Kerr
Dec 4, 1878
May 4, 1962
Jack Robinson

Virgie C. Kerr
12 Jul 1879
03 May 1954
Jack Robinson

George Washington Kerr
Husband of Mary Adeline Stinson Flanagin widow of Harvey R. Flanagin
Joyce E. Witten

Alvin E. Kilpatrick
Dec 25, 1882
Jul 11, 1959
Jack Robinson

May Kilpatrick
Aug 16, 1887
June 14, 1974
Jack Robinson

Tully R. McCrory

Ruth R. McCrory
Jack Robinson

William Kervin McCrory
Jack Robinson

Myrtie W. Minga
Ivy L. Minga
James L. Minga
Gladys G. Minga

Jinner G. Minga
June 19, 1874
Feb 23, 1950
Jack Robinson

Tom E. Minga
June 2, 1865
Sept 2, 1947
Jack Robinson

Bailey Minyard
no dates
Jack Robinson

Carry Minyard
no dates
Jack Robinson

Cisro Minyard
no dates
Jack Robinson

Lizar Minyard
no dates
Jack Robinson

Robert Walker Montgomery
12 Feb 1915
07 Aug 1944
MS Pfc QM Gssd Dupply Co/ WW II
Jack Robinson

Louise Holland Moore
Vera S. Moore
Willie T. Moore
Kathryn G. Narmour
Coleman H. Narmour

Joseph C. Neal
Dec 25, 1882
Jan 10, 1947
Jack Robinson

Wilma Clark Neal
Jul 27, 1882
Oct 15, 1957
Jack Robinson

Addie M. Nichols
21 Mar 1895
13 Dec 1957
Jack Robinson

Grover C. Nichols
24 Jun 1882
07 Feb 1958
Jack Robinson

J.A. Nunley
Mar 5, 1850
Mar 22, 1910
Jack Robinson

Mrs. Mollie Nunley
Aug 12, 1860
Feb 20, 1938
Jack Robinson

Thomas A. Oates, Jr.
Minnie S. Oates

Jimmie M. O'Briant
Jan 27, 1889
Oct 26, 1935
Jack Robinson

John L. O'Briant
Jul 22, 1880
Jan 1, 1932
Jack Robinson

Walter Y. O'Bryant
Sep 13, 1918
Nov 26, 1978
Jack Robinson

Lizzie Pritchard
Apr 12, 1933
Feb 7, 1959
Jack Robinson

George P. Roberts
Ellie M. Roberts
Levell McDaniel Sanders
Elzie Lee Sanders

Coora Aserkee Scallion
05 Dec 1892
11 Mar 1975
Jack Robinson

Jesse Malcom Scallion
05 Sep 1878
18 Dec 1936
Jack Robinson

Mach C. Skelton
Linda Faye Skelton
Clifford C. Skelton
Ruby L. Skelton
Lillian Kirby Smith
Lester G. Smith
Gordon L. Smith
Irvin Monroe Smith
Luther Lonzo Smith
Inos Montgomery Smith

Mary Ellen Smith
Jun 21, 1945 - 
Jack Robinson

Oliver Howard Thompson
Nov 18, 1927
Nov 22, 1927
Jack Robinson

William D. Turner
Jack Robinson

Eugene C. Turner
Nov 26, 1890
June 21, 1950
Jack Robinson

Vera Woods Whitfield
Code Dean Whitfield
Eugene "Bo" Whitfield
Tillmon Wiggins
Lenora M. Wiggins


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