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Redditt Cemetery

The Names of those buried in the Redditt Cemetery on the original Redditt home place near Teoc Creek in Carroll County, MS.  This survey is submitted by John B. Redditt. and is reprinted here by his permission.

William Caradine Redditt, Sr.
 Born July 24, 1777, died June 23, 1846

Frances E. Redditt, wife of William Caradine Redditt, Sr.
 Born December 10, 1785, died September 13, 1869

Amand M., wife of David L. Redditt
 Born July 11, 1816, died March 20, 1859

Mary E., wife of David L. Redditt
 Born April 17, 1836, died November 15, 1884

David L. Redditt
 Born September 24, 1813, died September 23, 1894

Sarah, wife of Robert W. Redditt
 Born October 27, 1828, died July 7, 1876

Robert W. Redditt
 Born October 24, 1822, died October 3, 1876

J. R. Redditt
 Born January 5, 1861, died December 15, 1893

David H. Redditt, son of David L., M.D.
 No dates.  Co. "C" 20th Miss. Inf. C.S.A.

Cynthia M. Redditt, wife of Augustus L. Redditt
 Born November 23, 1831, died August 25, 1856

Peter E. Redditt
 Born June 16, 1815, died August 3, 1853

Florence Redditt, daughter of P. E. and Olivia A. Redditt
 Born March 17, 1851, died January 15, 1854

Charles Louis Barrow, son of L. H. and Mary Redditt Barrow
 Born January 29, 1866, died December 28, 1905

Minnie Barrow, daughter of L. H. and M. R. Barrow
 Born March 19, 1868, died December 30, 1884

Florence Redditt, wife of J. W. Topp
 Born 1864, died 1906

Richard Sydney Topp, son of J. W. and F. R. Topp
 Born 1896, died 1900

Sylvestor W. Price, son of F. D. and A. E. Price
 Born January 1, 1867, died November 6, 1874

Sgt. Frank D. Price,
 No date.  Co. "A" 42nd Miss. Inf.

Robert Bond Price
 Born October 29, 1880, died January 17, 1904
 Co. "F" 2nd Miss. Inf.   Spanish American War

Martha Ann, wife of Sylvestor L. Price
 Died April 2, 1855 at age of 21

Little Willie
 Born September 6, 1854, died August 30, 1855

Nannie Redditt, wife of T. J. Whitehead
 Born March 11, 1857, died July 20, 1885

Minnie Tillman, wife of Richard C. Price
 Born 1858, died 1910

Richard C. Price
 Born 1852, died 1901

Mrs. Fannie Thornton, wife of M. C. Vaughn
 Born 1840, died 1875


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