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Church's and Cemeteries of Carroll County, Mississippi


Location:  From intersection of US Hwy 82 and MS Hwy 17, south of Carrollton, go west on US Hwy 82 approximately 3 miles, to Jones Chapel Church on the right.  Turn to right and go about 2/10ths of a mile to road to the left.  Turn on the road for about 2/10ths of a mile to a colored cemetery on the left.  Walk across the colored cemetery and into the wooded area to the left.  The wooded area is the Sylvan Hall Cemetery.

Transcribed by Dudley Rinicker on 28 October 2004


BUCHANAN,  Katie Waters  b.  Oct 1, 1899  d.  1908  Dau of J.T. & Nellie Buchanan

GERMAN,  Emma  b.  Sep 22, 1877  d.  Sep 28, 1924  Wife of P.W. German

GERMAN,  P. W.  d.  Sep 27, 1936

HALE,  Paul Land  b.  Aug 21, 1898  d.  Feb 7, 1900  Son of I.J. & S.M. Hale

HOGE,  James J.  b.  Oct 28, 1867  d. Jan 2, 1947

HOGE,  John R. 2Lt  Co M 4 Ala Cav CSA

HOGE,  Mary Bole  b.  Oct 20, 1846  d.  Oct 22, 1935  Wife of J.R. Hoge

LEFLORE,  John L.  b.  Jul 15, 1841  d.  Jan 5, 1911

MALONE,  H. M.  b.  Nov 29, 1832  d.  Jan 21, 1901

McMILLAN,  Joseph Lewis  b.  Feb 22, 1908  d.  Mar 7, 1908

McMILLAN,  Joseph Louis  b.  Mar 3, 1874  d.  Dec 20, 1926

McMILLAN,  Lee  b.  Apr 22, 1844  d.  Jan 26, 1932  Co B 28 Miss Reg Cav CSA

McMILLAN,  Mattie   (No Dates)

MOORE,  Elizabeth Wilson  b.  May 18, 1846  d.  May 9, 1924  Wife of F,.M. Moore  Married Aug 6, 1866

MOORE,  Marion F.  b.  Jul 7, 1846  d.  Jul 8, 1941

MOORE,  Robert B.  b.  Oct 6, 1879  d.  May 6, 1945

STANFORD,  Maggie B.  b.  Feb 15, 1899  d.  Jan 27, 1901  Dau of J.H. & Nora B. Stanford

STANFORD,  Motella Maxwell  b.  Mar 21, 1897  d.  Aug 31, 1899  Dau of Sam & Lucie Stanford

STANFORD,  Samuel  b.  Feb 11, 1868  d.  Jul 18, 1925

STANFORD,  William Harris  b.  Dec 25, 1910  d.  Feb 15, 1911

WALL,  S. Eugenia  b.  Jun 19, 1839  d.  Aug 13, 1911

YOUNGER,  Virginia Lee  b.  Aug 3, 1925  d.  Oct 4, 1926  Dau of Clarice & Avice Jackson Younger

Carroll County


I am John Hansen, volunteer County Coordinator for Carroll County, Mississippi.  I have family lines from here and hence my interest in establishing as much information as possible on early Carroll County History.

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