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Vaiden Cemetery
Confederate Soldiers buried in Vaiden Cemetery

Contributed by Dudley Rinicker.

The Battle of Shiloh (Tennessee) was fought on April 6 and 7, 1862, with Confederate forces suffering more than 10,700 casualties. This number was well above the capabilities of the Confederate medical staff. In an attempt to provide necessary care for the casualties, the Confederate Army loaded them onto trains that went South to Mississippi.

The trains stopped at each town on the railroad line to see how many of the wounded could be cared for in that town. The residents of those towns opened up school buildings, other large buildings available, and even took soldiers into private homes to be cared for.

It is known that the trains stopped at Vaiden in Carroll County, and in West, Durant, Goodman and Pickens in Holmes County. A listing of those soldiers who died at Durant and were buried in Wesley Chapel Cemetery is on the Holmes County web site. Cemeteries in West, Goodman and Pickens have markers for unknown Confederate soldiers, but as yet, none have been identified.

Listed below are those known to have been buried in the Vaiden Cemetery. These soldiers had been buried in unmarked graves, with only the actual number of dead known. There had been a marker in the cemetery for a while, indicating that there were so many unknown soldiers buried in the cemetery. Later this was changed to a marker for each grave that indicated an unknown Confederate soldier was buried there. Sometime in the 1990s, someone went to Washington, spending time at the National Archives and found the names of most of those unknown Confederate dead. Now each grave has a marker with name, unit and date of death or year of birth and year of death.

CSA Alabama
died 1862

This soldier was cared for in a private home, but the family never learned whether Lucas was his first or last name. When he died, the family arranged to have him buried in the Vaiden Cemetery, but he is in a different place from the other soldiers.

Boon, Allen D.
Pvt. Co I 1st King’s Inf Miss State Troops CSA
died Mar 27, 1863

Boyd, James E.
Pvt. Co C 1st King’s Inf Miss State Troops CSA
died Feb 21, 1863

Caver, J. M.
Pvt. Co I 19th Ark Inf CSA
died Dec 27, 1862

Clampit, J. M.
Pvt. Co H 9th Texas Cav CSA
died Dec 8, 1862

Clark, Abner
Pvt. Co C 1st Fla Inf CSA
died Jun 2, 1862

Claunch, Richmond C.
Pvt. Co K 12th La Inf CSA
died Nov 11, 1862

Crockerel, Adam C.
Cpl. Co H 50th Tenn Inf CSA
1838 – 1862

Ebeling, E.
Pvt. Co E 2nd Inf Batt, Waul’s Texas Legion
1833 – 1862

Evans, Jeff E.
Pvt. Co E 1st Inf Batt Waul’s Texas Legion CSA
1840 – 1862

Flowers, John B.
Pvt. Co A 20th Miss Inf CSA
died Dec 23, 1862

Gordon, William
HM Pvt. Co D 14th Miss Inf CSA
died Nov 9, 1862

Graham, James
Pvt. Co E 37th Ala Inf CSA
1828 – 1862

Green, J. W.
Pvt. Co F 38th Miss Inf CSA
died Oct 21, 1862

Gunnells, John L.
Pvt. Co L 1st Miss Lt Arty CSA
died June 23, 1862

Haynes, Stephen
Pvt. Co K 18th Ark Inf CSA
died May 24, 1862

Hibbert, C. L.
Sgt. Co C 2nd Inf Batt Waul’s Texas Legion CSA
died April 24, 1863

Keaton, John
Pvt. Co F 10th Tenn Inf CSA
died Jan 7, 1863

Knowl, F.
Pvt. Co A 1st Inf Batt Waul’s Texas Legion CSA
1835 – 1862

Moorehead, Rufus A.
Pvt. Co H 8th Tenn Vols CSA
died May 22, 1862

Morrison, Alex M.
Pvt. Co G 20th Miss Inf CSA
died Feb 18, 1863

McDougal, John D.
Pvt. Co H 31st Ala Inf CSA
died Jan 2, 1863

McPeters, James
Pvt. Co H 50th Ala Inf CSA
1840 – 1862

Oliver, Samuel J.
Pvt. Co F 1st Inf Batt Waul’s Texas Legion CSA
died Oct 23, 1862

Parker, M. C.
Pvt. Co B 2nd Inf Batt Waul’s Texas Legion
died Jan 8, 1863

Rodgers, Wesley
Pvt. Co I 20th Miss Inf CSA
died May 29, 1863

Smith, Hugh
Pvt. Co L 18th Ala Inf CSA
died June 20, 1862

Tanner, Franklin H.
Pvt. Co C 1st Miss Lt Arty CSA
died May 5, 1863

Wood, C. W.
Pvt. Co H 50th Ala Inf CSA
1845 – 1862

Young, William P.
1st Lieut Miss Lt Arty CSA
died May 17, 1862

Unknown Soldiers

Four markers for soldiers who have not been identified.

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