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Chief Leo "Buddy" Pergson, Coordinator

McKennon Rolls

McKennon Rolls; March 10, 1899
Enrollees of Full Blood Choctaw identification to the Dawes Commission March 10, 1899 was submitted by 'report to the Secretary of the Interior"



"The Indians identified by the Commission under Treaty Act Sept 27, 1830 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, on the “McKennon” roll reported March 10, 1899. On Dec 17, to Dec, 22, 1906, printed notices were sent out to every post office in Mississippi resulting in a number of full blood Choctaw applicants. The Commission received applications, covering 355 Choctaw, bringing the total number of applicants to date 1,665, still less than the 1.923, that was reported in the McKennon rolls on Mar, 10, 1899. In those cases reported there were 539 individuals, that had not appeared before the subsequent hearing of the Commission and were therefore not included in the second roll of Identified Mississippi Choctaws, which was prepared by the Commission under the act of July 1, 1902, and was based upon the hearings conducted in Mississippi in 1900, 1901 and 1902. On March 1, 1907. Subsequently, this roll was disapproved without legal written notice to any interested parties including those Choctaw McKennon enrollees. Disapproved without open Congressional debate hearing and without considering rights of the individual Choctaw who were not included in the McKennon roll. In the letter of Asst. Secretary Jesse E. Wilson of March 1, 1907; disapproving the roll, he states that the Indian Office recommends, "In order that the roll may be disposed of and no question may arise concerning it in the future, that it be disapproved..... In accordance with said recommendation I have this day disapproved the copy of the roll in possession of this office."

In a brief Choctaw report filed by the attorney for Robert L. Owen in the Court of Claims on April 20, 1913, in the following words:
"It will thus be seen that there was a secret underhanded opposition to the Mississippi Choctaws because it must be remembered that this roll of identification made by the Dawes Commission March 10, 1899 and submitted by 'report to the Secretary of the Interior" was pigeon-holed for eight years and then disapproved without notice. This policy was ruinous, for many of the Mississippi Choctaw, full blood Indians, relied upon the Interior Department to advise them when their identification was complete so they might move to the Choctaw country with safety. The Interior Department held those identified on ths roll of 1899 in ignorance and uncertainty until it was too late to move and then disapproved the roll. The gross injustice of this procedure is manifest and no pretense can be made that the controlling officials of the Interior Department really entertained any genuine sympathy with the enrollment of the poor full blood Mississippi Choctaws."

"The Secretary also refused to approve any plan proposed to finance the removal of the Mississippi Choctaws who were too poor to remove themselves, although plaintiff Owen urged that it be done from 1900 to 1903."
Under the Sept 27, 1830 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, it was stipulated that; those Choctaw desiring to remain in Mississippi and become US Citizens within 5 years by signing with Choctaw agent William H Ward within 6 months after the ratification of the Treaty will not lose Choctaw Citizenship, but if they ever remove within said 5 years will lose Choctaw annuities; The Mississippi Choctaw by agreeing to remain in Mississippi, and be issued Choctaw lands, were issued Choctaw Land Certificates promised under Treaty stipulations that after remaining and making improvements on the land, thus would be issued “Fee Simple” Patent, thus allowing the Choctaw land owner to then sell or transfer the land to their heirs. Under the Choctaw Act, of Aug 23, 1842, repealed the original Treaty Act of 1830, of Dancing Rabbit Creek, making provision for the Commission to adjudicate those original Choctaw reserve claims of “One half the original land claim issued in Mississippi, the other half West of Mississippi, after removal”. Even though 2238 original Choctaw claims were adjudicated yet only 143 were actually received. Most Choctaw land claims reserves were never actually adjudicated until Mar 15, 1851, some 26 years after original Treaty promise of 5 years issuances of land patents after ratification of the Treaty. Many Choctaw Land grant patents issued by the Commission never found their original Choctaw land reserves, because of the historical line time between the signing of the original Choctaws reserves and actual issuance of land patents were not until some 50 to 80 years later. Thus, holding true meaning to broken Treaty promises between the United States and a weary trusting Choctaw people Congressionally removed from their aboriginal homelands of Mississippi.

Resource; NARA, National Archives Records Adm, Washington DC;
Sept 27, 1830 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek,
ART. XIV. Each Choctaw head of a family being desirous to remain and become a citizen of the States, shall be permitted to do so, by signifying his intention to the Agent within six months from the ratification of this Treaty, and he or she shall thereupon be entitled to a reservation of one section of six hundred and forty acres of land, to be bounded by sectional lines of survey; in like manner shall be entitled to one half that quantity for each unmarried child which is living with him over ten years of age; and a quarter section to such child as may be under 10 years of age, to adjoin the location of the parent. If they reside upon said lands intending to become citizens of the States for five years after the ratification of this Treaty, in that case a grant in fee simple shall issue; said reservation shall include the present improvement of the head of the family, or a portion of it. Persons who claim under this article shall not lose the privilege of a Choctaw citizen, but if they ever remove are not to be entitled to any portion of the Choctaw annuity.

Under the Sept 27, 1830 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, those Choctaw who removed to the Indian territory, under said Treaty stipulations, before and after the 5 year period under stipulation promises to become US citizens, were destined to face Mississippi Choctaw Denial before the Dawes Commissioners, Bixby, Needles and McKennon, within the 1896-1907, Dawes Commission applications for Choctaw annuities in the Indian Territories. Destined for MCR, “Mississippi Choctaw Rejected”, and unfortunately, destined for 70% “MCR” Mississippi Choctaw Dawes Commission application rejection. AND also destined for one of the greatest Choctaw historical Sept 27, 1830 Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, “Trail of Tears” of a Mississippi Choctaw people removed from the aboriginal Choctaw homelands of Mississippi. Secretary of the Interior. [255 U.S. 373, 385] 'No person shall be enrolled who has not heretofore removed to and in good faith settled in the nation in which he claims citizenship: Provided, however, that nothing contained in this act shall be so construed as to militate against any rights or privileges which the Mississippi Choctaws may have under the laws of or the treaties with the United States.' Chapter 517, 30 Stat. 495, 503.

McKennon Rolls;
Enrollees of Full Blood Choctaw identification by the Dawes Commission, March 10, 1899 and submitted by 'report to the Secretary of the Interior"

Frank Adam
Jennie Adam
Judie Adam
Jimmie Adams
John Adams
Lloyd Adams
Sealy Adams
Amie A-ha-tubbee
Beauty Aikin
Joe Aikin
Mary Jane Aikin
Cornelia Alin
Isaac Allen
Jim Allen
Newton Allen
John Allen
Ona Allen
Rosie Allen
Sealy Allen
Jack Amos
Jane Amos
Lampkin Amos
Ben Anderson
Eliza Anderson
James Anderson
John Anderson
Lucket Anderson
Lucy Anderson
Nora Anderson
Oliver Anderson
Ollie Anderson
Sina Anderson
Tom Anderson
Thomas Anderson
Purity Arkansas
Fannie Austin
Sudie Bachelor
George Barney
Martha Barney
Willis Barney
Alice Bell
Bud Bell
Edna Bell
Hargis Bell
Hasey Bell
Jewett Bell
Johnnie Bell
Lulu Bell
Martha Bell
Namus Bell
Nash Bell
Nicholas Bell
Pauline Bell
Scott Bell
Silman Bell
Thompson Bell
Wash Bell
Winnie Bell
Blea Ben
Charlie Ben
Finley Ben
Ida Ben
James Ben
Jesse Ben
John Ben
Laura Ben
Lonnie Ben
Maddison Ben
Maggie Ben
Mary Jane Ben
Missouri Ben
Mollie Ben
Nubbee Ben
Otis Ben
Ozie Ben
Peter Ben
Robison Ben
Thomas Ben
Ward Ben
Ahlean Billey
Bilsey Billey

Captain Billey
Cealy Billey
Chunkey Billey
Dannie Billey
Davis Billey
Ellen Billey
Fallis Billey
Fannie Billey
Frances Billey
Henderson Billey
Isaac Billey
Jack Billey
Jennie Billey
Jim Billey
Joe Billey
John Billey
Johnson Billey
Larman Billey
Mack Billey
Malissa Billey
Martha Billey
Mina Billey
Minnie Billey
Nancy Billey
Nicey Billey
Oscar Billey
Polly Billey
Pool Billey
Ruckey Billey
Sallie Billey
Sampson Billey
Sealy Ann Billey
Summers Billey
Susan Billey
Tom Billey
Welsh Billey
Willet Billey
William Billey
Willlis Billey
Williston Billey
Nasie Billy
Charles Bob
Cresa Bob
Ella Bob
Harman Bob
Henry Bob
Isbey Bob

Lonie Bob
Sa-nub-bee Bob
Simon Bob
Sophie Bob
Watkin Bob
William Bob
Nancy Bobby
Eliza Boley
Sweeney Boley
Flossie Boon
John Boon
Lineer Boon
Ona Boon
Ora Boon
Mary Bowlan
Frances Broke-shoulder
Ed Burmingham
Louana Burmingham

Allie R. Calhoun
Emma Calhoun
John H. Calhoun
Alilas Camel
Jack Camel
Kate Camel
Sallie Camel
Bettie Charlas
Louisa Charlas
Minnie Charlas
Nicholas Charlas
Sallie Charlas
Sot Charlas
Becky Charlie
Dave Charlie
Dona Charlie
Fannie Charlie
Jane Charlie
John H. Charlie
Johnson Charlie
Leona Charlie
Lillie Charlie
Lulu Charlie
Salena Charlie
Seaborn Charlie
William Charlie
Elizabeth Chatham

Peter Chattam
Polly Chattam
Alma Chitto
John Chitto
Laura Chitto
Lisman Chitto
Louella Chitto
Martha Chitto
Minerva Chitto
Miranda Chitto
Pat Chitto
Rufus Chitto
Thomas Chitto, Jr.
Tom Chitto
Almon Comby
Ben Comby
Dump Comby
Gus Comby
Isom Comby
Jennie Comby
Margaret J. Comby
Pearlie Comby
Robert Comby
Sib Comby
Pencil Cooper
Alonzo Chrinston
Annah Culberson
Bennie Culberson
Dienna Culberson
Thomas Culberson
William Culberson
Nancy Cun-che-tubbee
Lizzie Cuttie
Lulu Cuttie
Martin Cuttie
Miller Cuttie
Sallie Cuttie
Sidney Cuttie
William Cuttie

Dennis Daniel
Fannie Daniel
Williamson Daniel
Williston Daniel
Betsie Dansby
Chuly Dansby

Frank Dansby
Alice Davis
Alex Davis
Bettie Davis
Billie Davis
Jamison Davis
Jimmie Davis
Lissie Davis
Maggie Davis
Malissa Davis
Mollie Davis
Nancy Davis
Nowell Davis
Ollis Davis
Sam Davis
Sealy Davis
Sulena Davis
Tolis Davis
Willie Davis
Joe Denson
Mary Denson
Abbie Dixon
Annie Dixon
Benjamin Dixon
Cainus Dixon
Emma Dixon
Paralee Dixon
Phillip Dixon
Wallace Dixon
Wilson Dixon
John Dyas
John L. Dyas
Mattie Dyas

Archie Elan
Martie Elan
Tinsley Elan
Fontain Ellis
Julia Ellis
Millan Ellis
Nannie Elllis
Sam Ellis
Joe Emaline
Thomas Emaline
Jim Emi-yah-tubbee
Meeley Emi-yah-tubbee

Tom Emi-yah-tubbee

Henson Farbus
Elizabeth Farmer
Frank Farmer
Isom Farmer
Jennie Farmer
John Farmer
John B. Farmer
Malissa Farmer
Mary Farmer
Miley Farmer
Nelson Farmer
Polly Farmer
Sallie Farmer
Silman Farmer
Susan Farmer
Thomas Farmer
Addie Foley
Mollie Foley
Davion Fortune
Delia Fortune
Malinda Fortune
Ophelia Fortune
Pearl Fortune
Siss Fortune
Susan Fortune
Tom Fortune
Tommie Fortune
Johnson Franklin
Aldice Frenchman
Cornelia Frenchman
Dennis Frenchman
John Frenchman
Sophia Frenchman
- G-
Amie Gibson
Bard Gibson
Bettie Gibson
Emma Gibson
Johnson Gibson
Louis Gibson
Melbourne Gibson
Robert Gibson
Stephen Gibson
Susanna Gibson

Topsy Gibson
John W. Golden
Eliza Gun-smith
John Gun-smith
John Guss
Minnie Guss

Emily Hampton
Guy Handy
Herculses Handy
Kittie Handy
Agnes Haney
Alice Haney
Eliza Haney
Horace Haney
Jim Haney
Mandy Haney
Oscar Haney
Tom Haney
Lucy Harjo
Eunice Harper
Hugh Harper
John Harper
Margaret Harper
Cretia H. Hattenstie
Ellen Hattenstie
Johnnie Hattenstie
Lena Hattenstie
Maude Hattenstie
Susan Hattenstie
Thomas Hattenstie
Wade Hattenstie
Winston Hattenstie
George Hawkins
Jane Hawkins
John Hawkins
Martha Henry
Neely Henry
Ana Hickman
Leona Hickman
Mary Hickman
Hattie Hill
Sam Hill
Simon Hinson
Sophia Hinson

Watson Hinson
Amy Hopson
Joe Hopson
Johnnie Hopson
Oscar Hopson
Werse Hopson
Nancy Hotubbee
Sam Hotubbee
Wilson Hobtubbee
Eliza Hudson
Lena Hudson
Seby Hunter
Sela Hunter

Bert Isaac
Dixon Isaac
Fannie Isaac
Jim Isaac
Lucy Isaac
Mary Isaac
Ollie Isaac
Polly Isaac
Rifey Isaac
Thomas Isaac
John Isaacs
Albert Isom
Bill Isom
Billis J. Isom
Calvin Isom
Ellen Isom
Eliza Iisom
Emma Isom
Gibson Isom
Greer Isom
Jack Isom
Jimmie Isom
John M. Isom
John S. Isom
Julius Isom
Lonie Isom
Mandy Isom
Martha Isom
Nancy Isom
Nelson Isom
Robert Isom
Sina Isom

Wes Isom
Wilson Isom

Acey Jack
Dehlia Jack
Effie Jack
Eliza Jack
Fred Jack
Fronie Jack
George Jack
Jessie Jack
Jim Jack
Rubie Jack
Sallie Jack
Sam Jack
Sarah Jane Jack
Sissie Jack
Willie Jack
Betsie Jackson
Caroline Jackson
Henry Jackson
Jeff Jackson
Laura Jackson
Lotie Jackson
Lottie Jackson
Martha Jackson
Nettie Jackson
Prasell Jackson
Ramond Jackson
Sam Jackson
Sarah Jackson
Solomon Jackson
Tom Jackson
William Jackson
Bessie Jacob
James Jacob
Bettie Jacobs
Eliza Jacobs
John B. Jacobs
Martha Jacobs
Sallie Jacobs
Wilkerson Jacobs
Bicey Jacoway
Carrie Jacoway
Cowa Jackoway
Isabell Jacoway

Frank Jacoway
Ike Jacoway
Jodie Jackoway
Kelley Jacoway
Mina Jacoway
Simmin Jacoway
Summers Jacoway
Sallie Jacoway
Albert James
Ellen James
Mandy James
Mattie James
Minie James
Leanna Jamison
Lee Jamison
Ori Jamison
Martha Jasper
Lutie Jeff
Melson Jeff
Mollie Jeff
Billie Jefferson
Edmund Jefferson
Elsie Jefferson
Emma Jeffersonb
Lulu Jefferson
Martha Jefferson
Willis Jefferson
Alice Jenkins
Clay Jenkins
Nannie Jenkins
Adam Jim
Arna Jim
Amos Jim
Aney Jim
Bicey Jim
Boat Jim
Bob Jim
Fabia Jim
Goodman Jim
Jim G. Jim
Jimmie Jim
Malissa Jm
Racy Jim
Sallie Jim
Tillie Jim
Viola Jim
Will Jim

Willie Jim
Lee Jim-Isaacs
Martha Jim-Isaacs
William Jim-Isaacs
'Wilson Jim-Isaacs
Bicey Jimmie
Silas Jimmie
Emmon John
Impson John
Will John
Annie Johnson
Bob Johnson
Cola Johnson
George Johnson
Jim Johnson
Lotie Johnson
Martha Johnson
Miller Johnson
Mollie Johnson
Ontie Johnson
Peter Johnson
Phelia Ann Johnson
Smith Johnson
William Johnson
Walter Johnson
Dock Johny
Josie Johny
Coghlan Jollis
Alice Jones
Eulah Jones
Guy Jones
John Jones
Leonard Jones
Lillie Jones
Luther Jones
Mary Jones
M. E. Jones
Richard Jones
Martha Jollis
Asa Joshua
Bacus Joshua
Belle Joshua
Jane Joshua
Jennie Joshua
Joe Joshua
Lucy Joshua
Mattie Joshua

Mollie Joshua
Sam Joshua
Sillin Joshua
Simon Joshua
Smith Joshua
Sophia Joshua

Albert Kelly
Arbin King
Beth King
Mack King
Martha King
Ross King
William King

Alice LaFlore
Emma LaFlore
Lillie May LaFlore
Richard LaFlore
Mary Ann Lee
Sina Lee
Annie Lewis
Booth Lewis
Calvin Lewis
Ed Lewis
Isaac Lewis
Jesse Lewis
Jim Lewis
Johnnie Lewis
Lissie Lewis
Little Lewis
Lucy Lewis
Maggie Lewis
Malissa Lewis
Marshall Lewis
Martha Lewis
Mary Lewis
Moses Lewis
Ollie Lewis
Sam Lewis
Sina Lewis
Susan Lewis
Susie Lewis
Tom Lewis
Annie Louis
Jefferson Ma-hat-sti-ah
Sallie Ma-hat-sti-ah
Bill Martin
Elizabeth Martin
Lomie Martin
Manuel Martin
Oma Martin
Tommie Martin
Annie Marris
Ike Marris
Jennie Marris
Margaret Marris
Nelly Marris
Nicey Marris
Rosie Marris
Seward Marris
Watson Marris
George Mashulaka
John Mashulaka
Mary Mashulaka
Sealy Mashulaka
Eliza Mayer
Houston Mayer
Raymond Mayer
Willie McCormick
Ann McMillan
Betty McMillan
Calvin McMillan
Cephus McMillan
Eastland McMillan
Ed McMillan
Egburt McMillan
Fannie McMillan
Hendricks McMillan
Hinkle McMillan
Kelley McMillan
Leona McMllan
Lulu McMillan
Mack McMillan
Mollie McMillan
Oda McMillan
Oscar McMillan
Reason McMillan
Simon McMillan
Sosby McMillan

Wallace McMillan
Bertha Miller
Daisy Miller
Mary Miller
Sam Miller, Jr.
Madison Momon
Richard Moore
Ida Morris
Leanna Morris
Lillie Morris
Moseley Morris
Eastman Moses
Lelia Moses

Louis Nail
Burk Nelson
Cole Nelson
Harrison Nelson
Lina Nelson
Mullen Nelson
Minnie Nelson
Amanda Nubbee
Annie Nubbee
Betsie Nubbee
Billy Nubbee
Felix T. Nubbee
Mary Jane Nubbee
Sisman Nubbee
Smith Nubbee

Larvis O-na-habbi
Lee O-na-habbi
Susie O-na-habbi
Walter O-na-habbi
Wil O-na-habbi
Willis O-na-habbi

Lena Parker
Lulu Parker
Agnes Pearson
Alie Pearson
Essie Lou Pearson
Lee Pearson
Richard Pearson

Ben Perry
Aaron Peter
Jeff Peter
Stella Peter
Dave Philip
Lissie Philip
Louisa Philip
Mary Philip
Nancy Philip
Simon Philip
Susanna Philip
Wilie Phillip
Allen Pis-tubbee
Emma Pis-tubbee
Fannie Pis-tubbee
Philliman Pis-tubbee
Amy Pis-sah-tee-chubbee
George Polk
Jim Polk
Joseph Polk
Sallie Polk
Sila Polk
Tommie Polk
Winston Polk
Bettie Porter
Isaac Post-oak
Lucy Post-oak
Nora Post-oak
Sister Post-oak
Timmie Post-oak
Annie Primus

Sallie Random
Billie Rasha
Betsie Robison
Fronie Robison
Henry Robison
Jennie Robison
Jim Robison
Mattie Robison
Thompson Robison
Billie Rush
Eliza Rush

Anne Sam

Betsie Sam
Cephus Sam
Dixie Sam
Eliza Sam
Eliza Jane Sam
Ephram Sam
Green Sam
Isetralen Sam
Lelia Sam
Lemie Sam
Leona Sam
Lutie Sam
Meely Sam
Mollie Sam
Sallie Sam
Sallie E. Sam
Sam Jones Sam
Wilkerson Sam
Williamson Sam
Willis Sam
Marshall Scott
Dan Sexton
Jim Shepard
Louisa Shepard
Lizzie Shoemaker
Charlie Simmons
Sarah Simmons
Simmon Simon
Alice Simpson
Andrew Simpson
Clemmon Simpson
Egburt Simpson
Eliza Simpson
Evan Simpson
James Simpson
Jim Simpson
John Simpson
Johnson Simpson
Margaret Simpson
Martina Simpson
Sallie Simpson
Sidney Simpson
Sissie Simpson
Tessie Simpson
Whaelon Simpson
Amie Smith

Bicey Smith
Bob Lee Smith
Dock Smith
Ellen Smith
George Smith
Ho-te-he-mah Smith
John Smith
Mamie Smith
Obie Smith
Peter Smith
Sallie Smith
Sarah Smith
Seab Smith
Sealy Smith
Thomas Smith
To-kah-lin-te-mah Smith
Willie Smith
Winnie Smith
Ethel Sockey
Irvin Sockey
Jesse Sockey
John Sockey
Malinda Sockey
Parson Sockey
Riley Sockey
Sarah Sockey
William Sockey
Bettie Solomon
Ellen Solomon
Ellis Solomon
Ishla Solomon
Jim Solomon
Lillie Solomon
Mamie Solomon
Mary Solomon
Minnie Solomon
Missie Solomon
Morris Solomon
Nora Solomon
Willie Solomon
Sallie Stemona
Acy Stephen
Lina Stephen
Manafa Stephen
Sealy Stephen
Silman Stephen
Suella Stephen

Tom Stephen
Bennie Steve
Ellen Steve
Frances Steve
Jim Steve
Lillie Steve
Lucy Steve
Martha Steve
Ona Steve
Simmon Steve
Smith Steve
Tom Steve
David Stoliby
John Stoliby
Lillian Stoliby
Martha Stoliby
Nancy Sturdevant

Fatie Tecumseh
Amos Thomas
Dehlia Thomas
Eastman Thomas
George Thomas
Georgia Thomas
Jake Thomas
Jesse Thomas
Joe Thomas
Joshua Thomas
Julia Thomas
Lena Thomas
Lewis Thomas
Lucy Thomas
Lula Thomas
Nettie Thomas