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5th Mississippi Cavalry Regiment

Company C - Curtis' Company

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Contributed by John J. Hansen

Regiment History:

TEXT (taken from "Military Annals of Carroll County")
"Mr. Cole of Black Hawk was killed at Collierville, J. H. Stanford was killed at Harrisburg, and Alex. McCune. Captain Crippen, William Morehead, John Shumake, Mike O'Keefe, P. H. Cain, Geo. W. Purcell, A. L. Heggie, I. A. S. Bryan and A. S. Bryan are among the survivors. "

From "Military Annals of Carroll County", which documents the service of the citizens of Carroll County, Mississippi.  This small printed booklet may be found at Carroll County or Leflore County Public libraries.

Excerpts of text, pages 48-50.

   The main part of this company served a year as Captain W. Berry Prince's company, and spent the time in the Delta counties, guarding the citizens of that portion of the State against raids of Yankees made for the purpose of plunder.  The company had one severe fight in Coahoma county, near the home of General James L. Alcorn, and a number of the men were wounded and several captured. Messrs. J. F. Bole and Charles Chadwick were so severely wounded that they never recovered from it.  Although Mr. Bole lived to a good old age, yet his sufferings were great.  The others who were wounded I have forgotten.
   After serving their State a year, the company organized for service in the Confederate army.  W. H. Curtis was chosen captain, E. Crippan first lieutenant.  Lieutenant Crippen was succeeded by C. J. Liddell, James Flowers second lieutenant and J. C. Ferguson third lieutenant, and John B. Garrett first sergeant.  In a few months Captain Curtis resigned and Lieutenant Crippen became captain.  Col. George organized the regiment at Grenada, and this company became Company C, and very soon this regiment became a part of the army commanded by General Forrest.
   North Mississippi, West Tennessee and North Alabama were the principal parts of the field in which he operated with his command.  The Federal army in his front lived in constant dread, for well they knew that the mighty wizard would play them a trick when they least expected.  On all marches and raids made by General Forrest the boys of Company C were along to yell when necessary and charge upon every line.  At Collierville, Fort Pillow, Memphis, Brice's Cross Roads, Harrisburg, New Albany, and in North Alabama, the Fifth could be seen moving in unbroken columns upon the enemy and dealing death to the enemy who dared stand in their front.
At Collierville Colonel J. Z. George, obeying the orders to charge through the town and take certain lines of its entrenchments, found himself opposed by superior numbers, and had advanced so far that he could not retreat.  After the capture of Colonel George the regiment had several commanding officers, but none of them served long.  Lieutenant Colonel J. A. Barksdale, who properly was the second officer of the Third Mississippi Cavalry, commanded the regiment very gallantly and acceptably until he was killed.  Major Peery commanded it awhile later.
The officers of Company C remained with their company closely and were present to lead them whenever the call to arms was sounded.  A list of the killed and wounded has not been obtained as yet.  Mr. Cole[1] of Black Hawk was killed at Collierville, J. H. Stanford was killed at Harrisburg, and Alex. McCune.  When the number and the severity of the battles that the company took part in are considered it is a matter of surprise that so few of the men were killed in battle.  Captain Crippen, William Morehead, John Shumake, Mike O'Keefe, P. H. Cain, Geo. W. Purcell, A. L. Heggie, I. A. S. Bryan and A. S. Bryan are among the survivors.

   A. This list may not be complete.  Since the book only provided names of soldiers who resided in Carroll County, other soldiers may have joined this unit and their names are not included.

   B. The largest battle in Shelby Country, TN, was at Collierville on October 11, 1863.  General Chalmer's attack included the 7th TN, 18th MS, 2nd Missouri, 2nd Arkansas, and 3rd MS and attempted to attack the fortification held by 66th Indiana Infantry Regiment. During the battle a train pulled into town carrying General Sherman.  The Confederates were repulsed but succeeded in capturing Sherman's horse, Dotty.  In this text, the Battle of Collierville refers to an action on November 3, 1863; Chalmer's second attempt.

   C. The original Captain of company C was W. Berry Prince.  Don't confuse him with Major Wm. Perry, who took command of the regiment after Col. Reid was killed at Fort Pillow.

[1] Records from National Archive indicate a Pvt. Richard W. Cole[#14] served in 5th Miss Cavalry, Co C. and was killed at Fort Pillow on April 12, 1864.  The text correctly states Richard Cole was from Black Hawk, Carroll County.  But it is incorrect in saying he was killed at Collierville.

[2] Private Green Jenkins[#45] appears on a list of slightly wounded at Fort Pillow, April 12, 1864.

[3] A descendant of John Keel identified this person as his ancestor.  A son of John Keel[#50] married a daughter of Richard Cole[#14].


[1] Records from National Archive indicate Pvt. Richard W. Cole served in 5th Miss Cavalry, Company C. and was killed at Fort Pillow and NOT at Collierville as stated in this document.
[2] Private Green Jenkins appears on a list of slightly wounded at Fort Pillow, April 12, 1864.

Last Name First Name M.I. Company Entered Discharged
Baker W.R.   C Private Private
Baskins T.A.   C Corporal Sergeant
Beck B. C. C Private Private
Beck J. C. C Private Private
Bird A. J. C Private Private
Blaylock Millington   C Private Private
Blaylock Millston   C Private Private
Bledso Green   C Private Private
Booth William J. C Private Sergeant
Brown R. J. C,F Private First Serg.
Brown W. F. C Private Private
Brownlon I. N. C Private Private
Brownlow Isaac N. C Private Private
Brownlow J. P. C Private Private
Bryan James   C Private Private
Cain P. H. C Private Private
Carpenter J.P.   C Private Private
Chatman William G C Private Private
Cheatman William G C Private Private
Clark G. W. C Private Private
Clarke J. M. C Private Private
Cole R. W. C Private Private
Corder J.R.   C Private Private
Cox R.F.   C Private Private
Crippin Edward   C First Lieut First Lieut
Crippin Edwin   C First Lieut First Lieut
Curtis W.H.   C Captain Captain
Davidson David   C Private Private
Denman Richard   C Private Private
Dismukes B.C.   C Private Private
Duke R.W.   C Private Private
Duke Robert   C Private Private
Durbin N. M. C Private Private
Durbin William   C Private Private
Edmondson T. J. C Private Private
Ellenberg     C,I Private Private
Fergurson J.L.   C Private Private
Fergurson P.E.   C Private Private
Flowers J. M. C    
Flowers James   C Second Lieut Second Lieut
Flowers Madison   C    
Furgerson J. L. C Private Private
Furgerson P. E. C Private Private
Furguson J. C. C Second Lieut Second Lieut.
Furguson J. L. C Private Private
Garrott John B. C First Serg. First Serg.
Gaza James A. C Private Private
Goza James A. C Private Private
Grantham G.D.   C Private Private
Grantham J.D.   C Private Private
Gunn W. G. C Corporal Private
Haggie A. L. C Private Private
Hamilton J.A.   C Private Private
Hamilton John M. C Private Private
Hansbrough R. C. C Private Private
Harbin M. D. C Private Private
Harbin W. M. C Sergeant Private
Haslett J.A.H.   C Private Private
Hasmann J.K.   C Private Private
Hendricks F.W.   C Private Private
Hendricks Francis W. C Private Private
Higgie A.L.   C Private Private
Hughes B. H. C Private Private
Jenkins G.H.   C Private Private
Johnson W.H.   C Sergeant Private
Jones Alexander   C Private Private
Jones Eden   C Private Private
Jones Edward   C Private Private
Jones J.H.   C Private Private
Keel J.W.   C Private Private
Kerr David   C Private Private
Kerr J.B.   C Private Private
Late J.W.   C Private Private
Liddell A.J.   C Corporal Corporal
Liddell C.J.   C Private Sergeant
Lott J.W.   C Private Private
Lucas J.H.   C,D Private Private
Lucas John H. C,D Private Private
McCarroll M.H.   C Private Private
McGaw J.R.   C Corporal Private
McKay E.J.N.   C Private Private
McLeod D.C.   C Private Private
McLeod H.P.   C Private Private
McMahan A.J.   C Private Private
McMath J.H.   C Private Private
McMath Joseph   C Private Private
Metcalf W.S.   C Private Private
Mohead William   C Private Private
Morehead William   C Private Private
Morris Joseph   C Private Corporal
Noland D. A. C Private Private
Noland D. J. C Private Private
O'Keefe Thomas   C Private Private
Parker J. H. C Private Private
Parker James H. C Private Private
Povall J. P. C,F Private Captain
Purcell George   C Private Private
Raney George W. C Private Private
Ray J.W.   C Private Private
Razier Williamson C Private Private
Reddett R.W.   C Private Private
Ringer P.H.   C Private Private
Roberts George W. C Private Private
Rosier Williamson C Private Private
Rozier Williamson C Private Private
Scruggs J. P. C Private Private
Shoemate J. D. C Private Private
Shumate J. D. C Private Private
Stanford James   C Private Private
Stillwell William B. C Private Private
Stokes H.C.   C Sergeant Private
Swain J.D.   C Private Private
Tabor U.B.   C Private Private
Tabor V.   C Private Private
Tabour W.B.   C Private Private
Teal Daniel W. C Sergeant Sergeant
Thompson William   C Private Private
Tribble Joseph   C Private Private
Vasser C.W.   C Private Private
Vassier Charles W. C Private Private
Vassus Charles W. C Private Private
Vasswe Charles W. C Private Private
Walker J.W.   C,D Private Private
Wall A.S.   C Private Private
White J.M.   C Private Private
Williams George W. C Private Private
Williams W.W.   C Private Private
Willoughby J.A.   C Private Corporal
Yongue J.R.   C Private Sergeant
Young J.R.   C Private Sergeant

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