Maps of Dickey County, North Dakota

If anyone has another map of Dickey County or one showing a particular part of the county or a town that you'd like to share, I'd be happy to post it here or create a link. Please contact Char Kibbie.
  1. Map of Dickey County by Microsoft Streets 2000

  2. Township Map of Dickey County and Information About Surveys of Public Lands
  3. 1884 Map of Dickey County - west half and east half   (Courtesy of Alison Ligman -Feb 2004)
    Most of the townships then were grouped into 16 units and only 12 of the units had names.
  4. Historical Maps from the 1884 Andreas Atlas (Courtesy of Alison Ligman -Feb 2004) Be sure to check the Localities Page for a location of interest.
    1. Centralia (later known as Guelph)
    2. Eaton
    3. Hudson
  5. Dickey County in Pioneer Days showing post offices and stage routes. (Courtesy of Alison Ligman -Feb 2004)
  6. 1909 Plat Maps of Dickey County - Landowners are shown. (Courtesy of Alison Ligman -Feb 2004)
    1. Ada Township
    2. Hudson Township
    3. KentTownship
    4. KentnerTownship
    5. Lovell Township
    6. Maple Township
    7. Port Emma Township
    8. Porter Township
    9. Wright Township
    10. Yorktown Township
    Here's a link to an online index of the 1909 Plat Maps of Dickey County. The name index is followed by the list of townships and their respective coordinates. It's a little tricky coordinating the index to the maps so if you'd like help, please contact Char Kibbie.
    From the online index use your BACK button to return to this page.
  7. Here's a link to a 1914 map of Dickey county. From this off-site map use your BACK button to return to this page.
  8. 1928 Map of Dickey County Showing Township Sections. This is a bit hard to read but when you're looking at deeds, a map like this is helpful when trying to visualize the legal description.

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