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If anyone has photos pertaining to Dickey County that you'd like to share, I'd be happy to post it here or create a link. Please contact Char Kibbie.
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  1. The following was submitted by Kolby LaBree August 2008. "My grandmother was Maye Minah (nee HILL) DRAKE, born in North Dakota, April 17, 1917. Maye's parents were Frank E. and Hilda HILL of Finnish birth who moved to the Port Angeles, Washington area in the late 1920s from Dickey County, North Dakota.
    Hilda's maiden name was either KOISTI, KOISTE or KOSKI. The HILL name was anglicized, possibly from PALOMAKI. Frank and Hilda were married in Aberdeen, Brown County, SD in 1910. Also married at the same time were the couple Charlie WUOLU and "Elizie" RASENEN. The 1910 U.S. Census lists Frank and Hilda as living in Portage, Brown County, South Dakota. They were listed as working on the farm of Eli BURO. They soon after moved to Dickey County, ND - to the Port Emma/Guelph/Hudson area until about 1928 when they came to Washington.
    The family has been difficult to trace and full of mysteries. An oldest child that no one ever spoke of (my mother knew nothing about him) named Toivo is rumored to have taken the rap for his father Frank on a bootlegging charge, and was never seen again.
  2. Here's an orphan family portrait of the Misfeldt family taken in Ellensdale. This photo was found by Tracy St. Clair on one of her outings to the St. Charles, IL antique malls. It is in her possession. It is in an elaborate presentation folder.

  3. Here are 4 Dickey county photographs acquired in 2005, but misfiled until January 2009. If you can help identify the contributor or any of the people, dates and/or locations, please contact Char Kibbie.
  4. Here are 2 photos courtesy of Jeriann Medenblik. The first photo is of Annie (Redman) Pollock. She was married to James Pollock and is actually his second wife. They are both listed in the History of Dickey County of 1930 and are considered pioneers. In this photo she is with her granddaughter Patricia Goddard. Patty's parents were Katherine (Pollock) and Herbert Goddard. If I have my information correct, they were the publishers of the Dickey County Leader for many years(Ellendale's newspaper). -jm
    The second photo is a portrait of James Pollock in his later years. He, as I stated before, is one of the pioneers of Dickey Co. first living in the Van Meter area around 1882 or 1883. -jm
  5. These are a few student aged youth photos from James Cowles's grandmother's collection. She was born in 1922 and so the youth in these pictures would likely have been born around the same time. Location is likely Monango/Keystone, Dickey, ND. He is sharing in hopes someone will recognize the group and possibly provide a label/specific date/names, etc. And to possibly reunite individuals with photos of their family from this area. If you have any information pertaining to these photographs, please contact Char Kibbie so that it can be posted.

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