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From History of North Dakota,
Embracing a Relation of the History of the State
from the Earliest Times Down to the Present Day
Published in 1910, Bismarck Tribune Company


William L. Yeater, of Hazelton, was born at Peru Mills, Juniata county, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Samuel Yeater and Mina Bushey Yeater who were both of German ancestry, his grandparent, Lewis Yeater, being born in Germany.
Mr. Yeater was educated in the public schools of his native state and his youth was spent on the paternal farm. In 1866 the family moved west to the state of Ohio and the son maintained his residence in that state until 1883 when he came west and settled in Emmons county. Here he at once became prominent in the organization of the county which was accomplisl1cd that year and Mr. Yeater was named as one of the first commissioners. He held this important office for seven years and has also been rewarded for his staunch adherence to the democratic faith by an appointment as trustee of the Reform School.
Mr. Yeater was one of the first homesteaders in Emmons county and has met with success in his agricultural operations. Of late years he has been engaged in the hotel business, owning and operating a popular and well appointed hostelry at Hazelton.
In 1873 he was married to Miss Miranda Rohrer, in Pennsylvania, his bride being also of German descent. The marriage has been a fruitful one and the following children have been born, Roy, Mark, Archie, Mrs. Eulalie Wright and Mrs. Grace Armstrong. To the married children have been born eleven sons and daughters.
As one of the earliest settlers in the county Mr. Yeater has seen its development from a frontier prairie settlement into a well-organized and thrifty community. At the time of his coming to the county Bismarck, the state capital, was the nearest market point for the disposal of agricultural products and a trip there involved a journey of more than eighty miles, often only to receive a meager recompense for the wheat or other grain hauled. Now this is all changed and three railroads cater to the needs of the settlers. Through all the ups and downs of his pioneer life Mr.Yeater has remained steadfast to the home of his choice and is now meeting his reward in the full measure of prosperity which has come to him.
Mr. Yeater is a member of the order of Odd Fellows. He is owner of a half section of rich land southeast from Hazelton in addition to his extensive urban holdings."
William is buried Hazelton Cemetery, Hazelton.

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