From North Dakota Place Names: This Northern Pacific Railroad townsite in the northeast quarter of section 5-133-76, McCulley Township, and was founded in 1904 as GODKIN, and its first post office was named BROFY. In 1908 the name was changed to LARVIK, and a rival townsite called TEMPELTON was platted on the opposite side of the tracks. After three years of spirited competition, the two merged as TEMVIK, borrowing from both names after postal officials rejected the name Union City. The TEMVIK post office opened May 9, 1911 with Ezra P. Zunkel as Postmaster. The elevation is 1950, and the village once claimed a population of about 200, but the 1960 count was just 45. The post office, Zip Code 58574, closed March 8, 1968 with mail to Linton.

History Of Temvik Written In 1930

Contributor Cynthia Maier writes, "Temvik once was a thriving town with a school, elevator, etc. The last time I was there buildings were still there, weeds were very high, no glass in the windows, and doors off the hinges. There was a family living on the north side of the town on a "farm". The last two couples that were there have been gone for about 10 years. One was a cousin to my dad and his wife. The elevator was used for a time since it was along the railroad but that was the last of anything there. The Temvik location is between Linton and Hazelton on the east side of Highway 83. It is listed as Templetonville on my map."

History of Temvik North Dakota
1902 - 1967
By Gary M. Monahan

Photos of the Temvik Area.

Temvik Cemetery

Temvik Postmasters

Aerial View of Temvik

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