Mrs. Elvin W. Medenwald's notes on Hamlin Cemetery P.3

Courtesy of Sharen Spaar, daughter (March 2011).

Notes and Comments:
Paul French (May 2011): "My great-grandmother, Frieda Schuster, is buried in the cemetery. She and my great-grandfather had moved to ND from Missouri to farm west of Wyndmere. She died 18 May 1892 giving birth to my grandmother there. [Perhaps t]he dates on the third page of Sharen Spaar's mother's notes are [referencing her. If so,] the dates are wrong as my great-grandmother Schuster was born in 1871. I visited Hamlin Cemetery a couple of years ago and searched for over an hour before finding her gravestone in a lilac thicket in the NW quarter of the cemetery."

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