Jerry Bowen's Stories of Cherry Creek, 
White Pine County, Nevada 

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Above - Jerry Bowen and his brother sitting on a mountain top in 1995 while they were looking for the Joshua Ward mine. Bowen photo.

Jerry Bowen next to one of the hammered wagon wheel crosses on the grave of one of the Burkes at Schellbourne. Bowen photo.



Whatever happened to Hattie May?
The first fatality at the Star Mine
The Lost Joshua Ward Silver Mine
Cherry Creek Post Office Troubles
A Solution to a Problem at Cherry Creek
Some Ghost Towns are aptly named - Cherry Creek
Ghost of Honeymoon Cabin
The Egan Canon Incident


Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek Cemeteries

Egan Canon


Schellbourne Photos

Schellbourne Cemetery


New stories will be added as they are received.

Jerry Bowen has spent several years collecting information on the historic mining town of Cherry Creek, Nevada. He is sharing some of the stories he will be publishing in small books to be sold in the Cherry Creek Museum and all of these stories are copyrighted. Please contact him for permission to use any of these in any manner. His email is: Jerome "Jerry" Bowen 

A link to more of Jerry's stories relating to history of Solano County, CA.


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