The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia


BOLTON  Family - Burlington

Lemuel Bolton was born in New London, Conn., May 4, 1778, and 
settled in Burlington as early as 1795. He married Miss Ruth BRIGGS, 
a lineal descendant of Noah BRIGGS, of Bristol Co., Mass., in the year
Lemuel's father was a sea-captain, and was killed in a New London 
fort. The Boltons are of English origin, and were among the early
settlers in New England. Lemuel purchased the farm now owned by his son, 
Maurice W., in 1801. He had ten children, namely, Isaac, Ezra, Maurice, 
Perez, Elizabeth, Esther, Ruth A., Susannah, Olive, and Hannah. Isaac, 
Ezra, and Hannah are dead. In politics, a Democrat. He was the owner 
of some 680 acres of land in Burlington at one time. All that he had to 
commence life with was a few carpenter's tolls and five dollars in money. 
Besides following farming, he was a carpenter and joiner. Ruth Bolton 
died May 30, 1843, and Lemuel Bolton died March 12, 1844.
Maurice Bolton was born Oct. 19, 1804. He was reared on the farm, 
and this has been his life's work. He lived with his parents till their
death, when he came in possession of the "homestead." He is the grower of 
some fine stock, being the owner of the finest pair of matched oxen we 
have ever seen. He is a farmer of 200 acres.
Olive married the Hon. Elihu C. WRIGHT, a native of Rhode Island. 
He was a prominent man in the town of Milford, being justice of the 
peace, and member of the legislature in 1855. He died April 17, 1858. 
Hannah married Judson G FAULKNER, of Middlefield Centre, Jan. 28, 
1847. He was a farmer by occupation. He died Nov. 17, 1862 leaving 
one son, Arthur.

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, page 108


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