Otsego County History

D. Hamilton Hurd

Published in Philadelphia by 
Everts and Fariss

Biographical index from page 5 of the Table of Contents.
Thanks to Sandy Goodspeed we are making these biographies available here on the Otsego County NewYork Gen Web.  Sandy has graciously volunteered to type the entire set of biographies.  If you fine one that helps you in your family search, please be sure to drop Sandy a note of thanks at: Goodspsm@snyoneva.cc.oneonta.edu

 If you see the name underlined, a link will take you directly to the bio.  Those not underlined are not avavilable on-line, but will be soon.  Keep checking back for updates to this page.  

Surname Page  



Armstrong, Solomon298 Kelsey, Roswell108 facing
Averell, William Holt280 Kenyon, James P.218
Baker, Norman R.315 Keys, Harvey170 facing
Banks, Levi B.149 Kilborn, E.B.232 facing
Barnes, Simeon R199 Luce, Torry J.167
Barrett, George319 Lull, Deacon Joseph217
Barrett, John149-150 Lull, Hon. Jacob 218
Barton, Peter286 Maples, Harvey160 facing
Beardslee, Jabez292 Mather, Andrew A.107
Belknap, Eli C.350 Matteson, A Alonzo106
Birdsall Family242,243 betw Moore, Ansel C208 facing
Blanchard, Larkin H.348 Morehouse, Hon. Eben B30
Bolton Family108 Morris, Adolphus G199
Briggs Family108 Morris, Richard B.198
Brockway, Hiram C.314 Norton, Chauncy H. (see John)99 facing
Brown, William L.297 Norton, John99 facing
Burnside, General Samuel S.235 facing Palmer, Amos212 facing
Burnside, Thomas244 facing Palmer, George W.348
Campbell, Hon. W.W.138 Parker, David G.108
Chapman, Uriah350 Phelon, Joseph140
Chase, Willet106 Pierce, John254
Chatfield, Levi S.31 Prentiss, Col. J. Holmes285
Cheney, Col. Joseph252 Rathbone, Levant W.333
Childs, Charles255 Rawlings, J.H.113 facing
Clapsaddle, Stephen315 Roseboom Genealogy356
Clark, Edward280 Roseboom, Henry318
Clyde, George C.120 facing Shaul, Colonel John D.328 facing
Coates, Elbert356 Short, Cyrus167
Collier, Major Peter197 facing Sill, Jedediah P.271 facing
Cone Genealogy351 Slade, James237
Comstock, Jared116 facing Sleeper, Hudson174 facing
Cook, Isaiah332 Smith, Peter S. M.D.166
Cooke, James H.332 Spencer, Andrew200
Coon, John S.146 facing St. John, David B.143 facing
Cooper, James Fenimore263 St. John, Platt255
Crandall, Henry D.144,145 betw Starkweather, George A.31
Cummings, M.D.223 Sterrickeer, John W. M.D.319
Day, Rensselaer246 Stewart, Alvan30
Emmons, Carlton237 Sturges, Judge H.264 facing
Ford, E.R.224,225 betw Taylor, Francis255
Franchot, Judge Pascal216 Thayer, Dr. W.A.253
Gardner, Col. David105 Walworth, Benjamin S.104
Gardner, Orange107 Walworth, Judge Jas C.104
Goodrich, Charles F.149 Warren, Russell230 facing
Goodyear, Jared196,197 betw Warren, William Kendrick256
Graves, Calvin279 Watson, Arnold B.349
Gross, Ellis222,223 betw Westcott, Otis200
Hakes, Elihu118 Wheeler, Dr. G.W.P.222,223 betw
Hale, Reuben246 Wheeler, Edson217
Hall, William G.291 Whipple, Fenimore C.256
Hardy, William R200 White, Dr. Joseph124 facing
Hecox, Francis256 Wilcox, Henry200
Huntington, Samuel Gates191 Wolf, Conrad228 facing
Huntington, Solon230 facing Wood, Alfred296
Jordon, Ambrose L.282 Yates, William210 facing
Judd, Oliver132 facing   

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