The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia


ROSEBOOM Genealogy - Westford

Robert ROSEBOOM was born in Holland in 1693. Hendrick 
Roseboom, son of Robert, was also born in Holland. They emigrated 
to America about the year 1720, and settled in Albany, N.Y. Robert 
Roseboom died in the year 1764. Hendrick, son of Robert, married 
Mary SANDERS. He died in 1743, leaving a widow and one son, 
named Garret, born July 19, 1722. Getty, his wife, was born March 
26, 1731. He died, leaving a widow and nine children, viz.: Robert, 
born Oct. 9, 1755; Hendrick, born May 27, 1757; John, born Jan. 20, 
1760; Garret, born Sept. 20, 1762; Peter, born Aug. 17, 1764; 
Gilbert, born Oct. 12, 1768; Mary, born March 14, 1754; Deborah, 
born Oct. 4, 1773; Peggy, born Dec. 3, 1775.
Robert Roseboom and Jesintie DUMONT were married at Raritan, 
Somerset Co., N.J., March 2, 1776. She was a daughter of Peter 
and Brachie Dumont of that place, and born June 18, 1751. Robert 
Roseboom bought of John VAN NESS, of Albany Co., Oct. 13, 1786, 
250 acres of land for L175, located in Westford, and in the spring 
of 1787 moved his family, consisting of his wife and three children, 
viz,: Garret, Brachie, and Peter; the latter at the time was about two 
and a half years old. Gertrude and Jesintie were born Feb. 17, 1795. 
Robert Roseboom was a State senator from 1801 to 1805; in the 
assembly in 1800, 1811, and 1815.
Garret Roseboom was born Nov. 27, 1777, and married Mary 
ADAMS in 1816. He died Feb. 5, 1870, leaving a widow, two sons, 
and one daughter, - Robert, Garret and Emily.
Peter Roseboom was born Oct. 5, 1785. He married March 16, 1816, 
at New Malbury, Ulster county, Anna, daughter of Job and Sarah 
HOPKINS, who was born Feb. 2, 1794. He settled on the farm 
owned by his father in his lifetime, and lived and died there, leaving 
a widow and four children (one daughter, Mary Jane, having died in 
1850), viz.: Sarah Ann, Brachie, Mary Jane, Horace, and Jesintie. 
Peter Roseboom died April 14, 1863; his wife, Anna Roseboom, 
died March 23, 1869.
Horace Roseboom is now the owner and occupant of the old 
homestead where his grandfather, father and mother died. He has 
two daughters and one son. He has also two grandchildren, son and 
daughter of Schuyler and Mary Jane BORST. Mr. Roseboom is an 
active and prominent citizen, and justly merits the esteem in which 
he is held.

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, page 356


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