The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia


PALMER, Amos - Morris

Amos PALMER was born in Litchfield, Conn., June 13, 1779. 
He was the second son of Ichabod B. and Mary Palmer, and 
grandson of the Rev. Solomon Palmer, who received orders as 
deacon and priest of the Church of England at the hands of the 
Bishop of Bangor, and served as a faithful missionary under the 
venerable society for the propagation of the gospel in Litchfield 
and its vicinity, where he entered into his rest A.D. 1771.
Amos came with his father to the town of Butternuts (now 
Morris), Otsego Co., N.Y., at an early age, and helped to clear the 
forest from the farm on which he continued to reside until his death, -
a period of nearly sixty years. This, in the outset, indicated the 
steadfastness and regularity for which his life i all its features was 
He married at the age of twenty-seven, and became the father 
of eleven children, ten of whom grew to maturity, - two daughters 
and eight sons, - who honored and reverenced their parents, and 
witnessed to the world the blessed fruits under God of faithful 
training in the way they should go. He was a man who never 
wasted words; he used but few of them and without jesting, always 
to the point, sound, decisive, and out of a conscience endeavoring 
to keep itself void of offense towards God and towards men. He 
had a time and place for all things, so that the affairs of his daily 
life were minutely arranged in regular order.
He continued firm and steadfast in the faith of his father, knowing 
what he believed and why. To his efforts, that is, his services as 
warden and lay reader, his liberal contributions of his means, his 
wise counsels, his constant attendance at services with his family, 
and, more than all, his unspotted Christian character and example, 
adorning his faith and profession, Zion church, in Morris, owed its 
establishment and continued prosperity more than to those of any 
other layman of his day. He departed this life in the peace of God 
through Christ, Nov. 1, 1861.
Clarissa, the wife of Amos Palmer, was the daughter of Joseph 
and Martha LULL, and one of a family of sixteen children, all but 
one of whom lived to be married, and have families of their own. 
She was married Dec. 21, 1806, and, with great self-denial, patience, 
and cheerfulness, did faithfully all the duties devolving upon her as 
wife and mother, until, in the providence of God, such duties were 
required of her no more.
She survived her husband about twelve and a half years, during 
the most of which time she had a home with her eldest daughter, 
Mrs. Jonah DAVIS, of the village of Morris.
Such a home, under affectionate care, with every provision 
for comfort, joined with faculties remarkable good for her age, 
attended the closing years of a life of duties well done. Though 
reared a Baptist, she joined her husband in faith and church soon 
after her marriage, and living as faithfully and consistently that in 
the end closed her eyes in the comfort of a reasonable religion 
and holy hope, and in her ninetieth year. May their good examples 
be blessed toward bringing all who knew them to have their 
perfect consummation and bliss together with them in eternal and 
everlasting glory.

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, opposite page 211


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