The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia


BANKS, Levi B - South Edmeston

Levi B. BANKS, son of Joseph and Abigail OAKLEY BANKS, 
was born March 6, 1824. His father was a native of Redding, 
Fairfield Co., Conn., and his mother of Easton, Fairfield Co., Conn. 
His parents came to Otsego County, and settled two miles south of 
South Edmeston, in 1810, where they continued to reside on a farm 
till Mr. Banks' death, which occurred May 7, 1868. Mrs. Banks died 
till Mr. Banks' death, which occurred May 7, 1868. Mrs. Banks died 
Aug,. 13, 1868. The reared five children - Summers O., Peter O., 
Jeremiah A., Levi B., and Eliza E. Peter O. and Levi B. are the 
only ones now living. Levi B. was reared on the farm with his 
father till he was eighteen years of age, when he commenced to 
work out by the month on the farm, getting $120 for the first year's 
service and out of this he laid up $110. He worked for ten consecutive 
years by the month, and during this time he laid up some $1000, and 
then returned to his father's home, and in company with his father 
carried on the home farm, and continued till March 8, 1864, when he 
removed to his present farm, which at first contained 272 1/2 acres, 
and to this he has kept adding until at present he owns some 425 
acres of as good land as you will find in any part of Otsego County. 
It all borders on the Unadilla river, and is situated from a mile to two 
miles south of South Edmeston. He has three good farm-houses on 
his farm. A fine view of his present residence, and portraits of 
himself and wife, may be seen in another part of this work. He 
married Miss Polly L. LOTTRIDGE, a daughter of Bennitt and 
Phebe LOTTRIDGE, of Columbus, Chenango Co., N. Y., Sept. 8, 
1863. Mrs. Polly Banks was born Dec. 24, 1837, in Columbus. Her 
father was a native of Columbus also, but her paternal grandfather 
was a native of Albany, N. Y., and was one of the early pioneers of 
Columbus. Her mother was a native of Rhode Island. They had 
six children, of whom Mrs. Banks is the oldest. By the matrimonial 
alliance of Mr. and Mrs. Banks four children have been born, namely 
Charles I., born Jan. 22, 1865; Nellie E., born March 12, 1867; Lee B., 
born Jan. 26, 1872; and Josie Bell, born Aug. 27, 1875. Mr. Banks
is a Republican in politics. Mr. and Mrs. Banks are worthy members 
of St. Andrew's Episcopal church, at New Berlin. It will be seen by 
the above sketch that Mr. Banks began life by working out by the 
month, and that by close application to his business, combined with 
good judgment, he stands to-day in the front rank as one of the 
largest and best farmers in the town.

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, page 149


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