The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia


WHEELER, Edson - Morris 

Edson WHEELER was born in Butternuts, - now Morris, - 
July 5, 1822. He has always lived on the farm where he was born. 
July 12, 1849, he was married to Sophrona E. NEWTON, who 
was born in Butternuts, Nov. 8, 1827. Her parents were Daniel 
Newton and Polly BISHOP, who were born and always lived in 
Nicholas H., the father of Edson Wheeler, was born in 
Connecticut, Sept. 15, 1783, emigrated to this town in 1808, and 
was married to Martha P. BURNS, of Hartwick, on Dec. 30, 1813. 
The mother of Martha P. was taken prisoner by the Indians at 
Cherry Valley. The grandmother, being unable to travel, was 
killed before her daughter's eyes.
Nicholas H. Wheeler, soon after his marriage, seeing the 
necessity of defending his country's right, enlisted as first sergeant 
in the war of 1812-14, served to its close, and was honorably 
discharged; after which he lived on the farm now occupied by 
E. Wheeler until Aug. 16, 1848, when he died, in the sixty-fifth 
year of his age.
Stephen Wheeler, the father of Nicholas H., and grandfather of 
Edson, came, with his family, from Danbury, Conn., to this town 
about 1808. He served his country all through the Revolutionary 
war, and in 1815 died, aged fifty-nine. His wife was Jerusha 
HAWLEY, daughter of one Captain Hawley, of Connecticut.
Thus, Edson Wheeler, being descended from a line of his 
country's defenders, feels firm in the faith that union is strength, 
and that our rights should be preserved, our union strengthened, our 
rulers given due reverence, and our laws enforced, education 
encouraged, and our country's best good looked after in every respect.
In 1862 be became connected with the Baptist church in South 
New Berlin. The church esteeming him worthy, appointed him one 
of its deacons in 1864, which position he has since held, earnestly 
desirous of the prosperity of all things pertaining to the interest of 
the Kingdom of our Lord and his Christ.
In the family of Edson Wheeler there have been four children. 
The oldest, Nicholas H., at the time of this writing, is twenty-eight 
years of age, is an architect and builder, and settled at Moberly, Mo. 
He was married, in the fall of 1877, to Miss Leona WARD.
The second, Linn E., is twenty-one years old, and a student in 
Madison university, with the ministry in view. The third, an only 
daughter, was born Jan. 8, 1858. She was married Oct. 5, 1876, 
to Rev. I. J. BAILEY, then of Mount Upton, Chenango county, 
who died Aug. 22, 1877. A rare and noble Christian woman, loved 
by all who knew her, and adorned with all the radiant virtues of 
true womanly and Christian character.
The fourth and last child, John F., is ten years of age, and the 
only one at home.

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, page 217


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