The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia


PARKER, David G. - Burlington

Among the early pioneers of this town may be mentioned the 
PARKER family. Alexander Parker was of English origin; his 
grandfather was from England, and settled in the New England 
States. Alexander was a native of Rhode Island, and was born 
Jan. 8, 1768. His father's name was Elisha Parker, and was born 
Aug 6, 1746, in Rhode Island; his mother's maiden name was Miss 
Maria ELLSWORTH, and was born near Plymouth, Mass. They 
had eleven children, all born in the New England States.
Capt. Elisha Parker served as a captain during the Revolutionary 
war. Soon after the year 1800 he and his wife and balance of 
family settled in Burlington on a part of the farm now owned by 
their grandson, David G.; here they continued to reside until their 
death. Mrs. Elisha Parker died Sept. 24, 1828, and he died March 
19, 1813. Alexander was reared a farmer, and when a boy he 
worked out by the month to aid in the support of his father's large 
family. Thus he worked until he was of age, and for one year 
thereafter he continued to work by the month in order to get a 
little money to begin life. In 1790 he settled on the farm now owned 
by his son, David G., at West Burlington. While still a small boy 
he was a waiter in the Revolutionary war. He married Miss Joanna 
GARDNER, a daughter of Abraham Gardner, of Pownell, Vt., Feb. 
17, 1793. She was born Aug. 28, 1777, in Pownell, Vt. By this 
nine children were born, - Abram, Polly, Elisha, Ira, Betsey, 
Mehitable, Alexander, Jr., Sarah, and David G.; four are dead. 
Alexander Parker, Sr., was a one time a very large landholder, and 
gave each of his sons one hundred acres of land, besides the 
necessaries, tools, and stock to commence farming. In politics, a 
Democrat. He and his wife were members of the Baptist church 
for more than fifty years. Mr. Alexander Parker's first wife was a 
sister to his second wife; her name was Sarah GARDNER, and 
they were married about Jan. 1, 1791, by whom one boy, David, 
was born Oct. 29, 1791. He died March 7, 1793. Mrs. Sarah 
Parker died May 27, 1792; Mr. A. Parker died Feb. 27, 1845; 
Mrs. A. Parker died June 22, 1860.
David G. Parker was born on his present farm at West 
Burlington, Nov. 29, 1822. He received a common-school 
education. He lived with his parents until their death. He married 
Miss Susannah BOLTON, May 27, 1852. She is the daughter of 
Lemuel and Ruth Bolton, and was born in Burlington, Otsego Co., 
N.Y., July 14, 1817; her parents came from Pownell, Vt.
By the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. David G. Parker five children 
were born, namely, Ella M., born Sept. 16, 1853, and came to her 
death June 15, 1859, by being caught in the bars while climbing 
through them, which caused her neck to be broken; her mother was 
the first to see her little daughter and rescue her lifeless form; Issac 
B., Dexter A., Otis M., and Ruth J. H., all are living and at home. 
Mr. Parker is a farmer by occupation, and one of the leading 
stock-growers and dealers in the county. He is the owner of more 
than 330 acres of good land, besides property in the south. Mr. 
Parker is one of the most enterprising citizens of the town. He 
began life poor, but by industry and frugality he has to-day a 
pleasant home, and is surrounded by four intelligent children. In 
politics he is a Democrat; he never desired any political office, but 
preferred the quiet of home. He has made all the improvements on 
his fine farm, a view of which may be seen elsewhere.

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, page 108


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