The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia



John KEYES, grandfather of Hervey Keyes on his father's side, 
was of English descent, came over from England, and settled in 
Middletown, Conn.; enlisted in the Revolutionary army, and served 
during the war, figuring in most of the principal battles; married a 
lady in Middletown, and moved to Montgomery county, N.Y., and 
settled on a farm.
Cornelius LANE, his grandfather on his mother's side, was of 
German descent, came to New Jersey with his father, and settled on 
a farm; served in the Revolutionary army during he war; was married 
to a lady of German descent, and moved to Montgomery county, N.Y. 
Thompson Keyes, the oldest son of John Keyes, and Mary LANE, 
oldest daughter of Cornelius and Elizabeth Lane, were married some 
time in the year 1797, and the fruits of that marriage whilst living in 
Montgomery county were Josiah Keyes, born Dec. 30, 1799; 
Betsey Keyes, born Jan. 11, 1801; Hervey Keyes, born Oct. 30, 1803.
In the year 1805, Thompson Keyes removed with his family to 
Otego, Otsego County, now called Laurens, and settled on a farm 
in the valley of the Otego creek, and commenced clearing up his 
farm with the assistance of his family. Here were born four more 
children, viz.:-Diantha Keyes, born April 3, 1807; Maria Keyes, 
born April 10, 1809; Emily Keyes, born Aug. 25, 1813, and John 
Keyes, born Sept. 21, 1816.
Hervey Keyes was educated in a common school in Laurens; 
worked on the farm with his father until he was twenty-two years 
of age; was married to Margaret MARLETT, daughter of Peter and 
Elizabeth Marlett, of the town of Milford, Otsego County, and 
settled on a farm in the town of Laurens. The fruits of that 
marriage were nine children, viz., Washington T. Keyes, born June 
7, 1827; Mary Keyes, born Aug. 15, 1828; Omar Keyes, born Sept. 
20, 1830; James H. Keyes, born July 10, 1836; Hiram Keyes, 
born Sept. 9, 1839 (deceased); Marquis L. Keyes, born Oct. 24, 1841; 
Melville Keyes, born Jan. 16, 1845; Irvin Keyes, born Jan. 1, 1947 
(died Feb.. 15, 1850). After six years of unremitting toil, on the part 
of both husband and wife, his health failed; he then built a house and 
store in Jacksonville and engaged in merchandise, which business he 
followed for twelve years, during which time his health again failed 
by being overtaxed. For twelve years he continued the business; 
he had the duties of postmaster and justice of the peace to attend to 
besides his mercantile business. He received a commission as captain 
of cavalry in the eleventh regiment from Nathaniel PITCHER, 
lieutenant-governor of the State of New York, Dec. 20, 1827, which 
he accepted, and performed the duties of said office. May 15, 1830, 
he received a commission from Enos T. THROOP as major of 
cavalry which he also accepted and performed its duties. Jan. 19, 
1833, received a commission from Wm. L. MARCY, assigning 
the command of the eleventh regiment of cavalry to his charge, 
which he accepted, and performed the duties of said office in the 
County of Otsego.
In the year 1851 he was elected, at the November election, 
member of the assembly from the second assembly district of 
Otsego County, and served out his term after the first of January, 
1852. Since that time he has been engaged in farming.
Washington T. Keyes is now engaged in merchandise at 
Jacksonville, town of Laurens.
Mary Keyes was married to Henry SHOVE on the first of 
January, 1860; their family consisted of three sons,-Melville, Hiram, 
and Henry Shove, Jr.
Omar Keyes was married to Mary CHENY, daughter of William 
Cheny and they have one son,-Franklin Keyes.
Josiah D. Keyes was married to Margaret LANE, Dec. 28, 1853; 
they have two sons,-Irvin Keyes and Lavern Keyes.
James H. Keyes was married to Adeliza LANE, Aug. 7, 1862; 
they have two sons and one daughter,-Hervey Keyes, James Keyes, 
and Ama Keyes.
Second marriage,-James H. Keyes was married to Jennie 
MONFORT, at St. Paul, Minnesota, Dec. 28, 1874.
Melville Keyes was married to Emma BASSETT; the fruits of 
that marriage was three sons,-Ralph Keyes, Washington B. Keyes, 
and Thomas B. Keyes. (Ralph and Washington B. are deceased.)
Marquis L. Keyes was married to Helena PRUINE, Jan. 1, 1873; 
they have one daughter,-Eva Keyes.

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, opposite page 170

[Note: It stated Hevery Keyes had nine children, only 8 were listed. 
Buried in Riverside Cemetery in Oneonta, N.Y. are 
Diantha Keyes (b 4/3/1807) with husband Harry MOSHER & family. 
James H. Keyes (b 7/10/1836) & family; Marquis L. Keyes 
(b 10/24/1841) & family; Anna Keyes (b 1871) & husband 


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