The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia


COLLIER, Peter (Major) - Milford

The father of the subject of this sketch, Isaac COLLIER, was 
the first settler of the village of Colliersville, and hence its name 
after it's first pioneer. He came to the then wilderness country with 
his family during the days of the Revolutionary war, descending the 
Susquehanna from its source in Otsego lake to that place, which 
since, on account of the enterprise of the Collier and GOODYEAR 
families, has ranked among the places of prominence in the county.
Isaac Collier was of German descent, and, with the many obstacles 
in the way of the pioneer settler (which was no exception in his case), 
was enabled to make but little headway in clearings and property 
where his progeny in future became noted for wealth. He raised a 
large family of children, and lived to the advanced age of eighty years; 
his wife surviving him several years, and living to be about one hundred 
years of age.
Major Collier was third son in the family, and became inured to the 
privations and hardships of the wilderness home, and at the same time 
learned those lessons of economy and self-reliance which laid the 
foundation of his future success. He leased a large quantity of land 
from George CLARK, of Springfield, build a saw-mill, and engaged 
extensively in the lumber business. Manufacturing his lumber, by 
means of rafts constructed from the same, he shipped it to Baltimore, 
where it found ready sale.
Major Collier was known as one of the most enterprising men in the
county; was held in such esteem by his fellowmen, and so characterized 
by honesty and integrity of purpose, as to receive their suffrages on 
many occasions, and represent them in offices of responsibility and
He was chairman of the board of supervisors of the county for 
several years; was the first loan commissioner of the county for the 
United States loan. Although he was a man who, in early life, had 
received only a limited opportunity for obtaining an education from 
books, which in after-years was largely made up by extensive reading, 
he was twice chosen to represent his county in the legislature of the 
State, and during one of which terms, in 1831, he became a strong 
advocate, and aided largely in the passage of the bill abolishing 
imprisonment for debt. Subsequently Major Collier was a presidential 
elector, representing the Democratic party. Although an unswerving 
member of his party he was not ardent in the desire for official 
responsibility, but never shrank from bearing with fidelity the public 
burdens intrusted to his care.
Major Collier was born in 1776. Married Miss Elizabeth MAN, 
of Schoharie county, N.Y., a woman of good sound mind, a safe 
counselor in all her husband's matters, respected and honored by 
all who knew her. She was born in the year 1782, and died 
March 20, 1863. Major Collier died June 23, 1846. They left 
only one daughter, Ann Eliza, wife of Jared GOODYEAR.
Unfortunately there is no likeness of Major Collier in existence, 
but a portrait of his wife may be seen above.

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, opposite page 197


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