The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia


WESTCOTT, Otis - Milford

Prominent among the citizens of the town of Milford is the 
subject of this sketch. A son of old Massachusetts, born at 
Cheshire, Berkshire Co., April 25, 1806, being the offspring of 
Reuben and Susan WESTCOTT. At eight years of age, his father 
emigrated to this town, bringing his family with him, which at the 
time consisted of nine children, which was afterwards increased to 
twelve, - six boys and six girls; and at the death of their father, in 
1847, all were living, the youngest being over thirty years of age. 
They were all members of the Baptist church except the two oldest, 
who were Methodists. He remained on his father's farm till the time 
of his marriage, Dec. 6, 1826, to Sally, daughter of Charles and 
Catherine MORRIS, she being born in Milford, Aug. 21, 1804. 
He then purchased a farm, being the one on which he now resides, 
and there laid the foundation of the comfortable fortune which he 
now possesses. There came six children to bless his home and 
fireside, four of whom are now living, all of whom were born in the 
town of Milford. Eliza Delia, born Feb. 6, 1828. Catherine born 
Feb. 4, 1833, and was married to Rev. Ozias ELLERSON, a 
Methodist minister, located in Keyport, N.J. Munro, born July 11, 
1836. Emily S. born Sept. 1, 1843, was married Sept. 23, 1863, 
to Dr. Thomas EVANS, of Milford. Mr. W. has been a Republican 
ever since the formation of the party. Himself and wife have been 
members of the Baptist church for over half a century. Dec. 6, 1876, 
there gathered at his family mansion relatives and friends to extend 
their greetings and celebrate the anniversary of his golden wedding, 
and nothing can be more appropriate than the following lines:
"For fifty years we've journeyed on Together on life's way;
Our locks, once fair to look upon Are mingled now with gray.
We've shared each other's toil and cares, A Father's love hath blessed; 
And e'er another fifty years We hope with Him to rest."

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, page 200


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