The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia


WARREN, Russell - Otsego

Russell WARREN was born Jan. 21, 1797, in the town of 
Otsego, Otsego Co., N.Y., the sixth child of Darius and Mary 
Warren. The father and mother were natives of Connecticut, and 
were married Dec. 26, 1782. They had seven children, four 
daughters and three sons, as follows: Philothe, born May 5, 1784, 
wife of Edmund PEARSALL; Julius, born June 28, 1786, a sketch 
of whose life and portrait appear on another page of this work; 
Charlotte, born Dec. 31, 1788, died Oct. 1, 1873; Lydia, born March 
28, 1791, wife of Anson FULLER, died July, 1854; Lucretia, born 
April 23, 1793, widow of William JOHNSON, still living in the 
town of Otsego, near "Leather-Stocking Falls;" Russell, subject of 
this sketch; Cyrenus, born Aug. 9, 1800, a farmer, also living in 
Otsego. The family moved from Old Lebanon, Conn., to New 
Lebanon, N.Y., and from there (March, 1787) to the town of Otsego, 
and settled on the farm still owned and occupied by the subject of 
this sketch, - the third family in the neighborhood.
Russell Warren was married Oct. 17, 1826, to Sophia B. COOK, 
daughter of Joseph and Abigail Cook. She was born April 1, 1797. 
Two children were the result of this marriage, viz., one still-born, 
and Joseph, born Nov. 28, 1828, married to Laura MILLER. They 
had two children, a son and daughter, Russell and Sophia. Mr. 
Warren's first wife died Dec. 4, 1829. He married, April 10, 1831, 
Mercy Ann CALKINS, by whom he had two children, viz., Sophia, 
born March 20, 1832; Freeman C., born Nov. 10, 1833, married to 
Esther SABEY, and died Jan. 28, 1877. His second wife died Dec. 
31, 1835.
For his third wife he married Jane CALKINS, sister to his second 
wife, Nov. 21, 1836, who was born Aug. 12, 1810. Six children 
were the result of this marriage, viz., Mercy Jane, born Jan. 12, 1838, 
living with her father; Mary Elizabeth, born April 27, 1840, died Feb. 
20, 1842; Sarah Adelaide, born Oct. 24, 1841, died Nov. 21, 1849; 
Susan, born Aug. 20, 1845, died Sept. 18, 1845; Willard C., born 
Sept. 19, 1847, married to Harriet WILLIAMS; Adelaide is their 
only child; they reside on the first spot occupied by their
grandparents; Charles Herbert, born Dec. 5, 1850, died Jan. 7, 1864.
Mr. Warren's third wife died March 3, 1853. August 8, 1854, 
he married Maria COOK, sister to his first wife, by whom he had 
no children. She died July 19, 1871. Mr. Warren devoted his 
whole life to farming. In politics he is a Republican, though he has 
never been diverted from his chosen pursuit by the attraction of 
public life. At an early day he drew a quarter ticket in the State 
lottery, from which he relized ($7500) seven thousand five hundred 
dollars. At that time it was a large amount of ready money to come 
into the possession of a farmer. But, unlike most others who become 
possessed of sudden wealth, Mr. Warren made good use of the 
By honorable dealing and strict attention to business, he has 
accumulated a handsome property, and has always been looked 
upon as one of the substantial men of his township. Though in his 
eighty-second year, and enfeebled by old age, his memory is clear, 
and few have kept better "posted up" in all matters relating to his 
town and county. He has always refrained from the use of strong 
drink or profane language. He has always enjoyed the confidence 
of his neighbors, and the love and respect of all who have known him.

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, opposite page 250


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