The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia


MOORE, Ansel C - Morris

Ansel C. MOORE was born in the town of Butternuts (now Morris), 
Otsego Co., N.Y., Aug. 9, 1798, and was the second son of a family 
of four brothers of Alanson Moore, a native of Salisbury, Conn., and 
Asenath SKINNER, of New Canaan, Conn., the latter born Jan. 19, 
1765, and her husband, Sept. 22, 1766. They were united in marriage 
at Butternuts, Nov. 2, 1795, having emigrated some five or six years 
prior to this time. Ansel Moore's educational advantages were quite 
limited during his early days, generally attending school but three 
months during the winter season in an old log school-house and 
occasionally was permitted to attend in the summer, though most of 
the time employed on the farm with his father until the age of eighteen, 
when he engaged with Robert L. BOWNE & Son, who owned a 
woolen- and cotton-mill and store at Elm Grove, one mile north of 
the present village of Morris, where he was employed as a clerk in 
the store. Here he remained two years, and in the winter following 
taught school three months in the town of Westford. The spring 
following he was appointed deputy clerk in the county clerk's office 
in Cooperstown, where he remained about two years, doing all the 
business of the office, and when he entered it not yet twenty-one 
years of age. After leaving there he went into Butternuts woolen and 
cotton factory store, located near the site of the present factory,
where he remained until March 26, 1825, at which time he commenced the 
mercantile business in the village of Morris, which he followed many 
years. While at Cooperstown, Mr. Moore gained some knowledge of 
the banking business, and subsequently, at its organization, was made 
director of the Bank of Cooperstown; was also second or third 
subscriber to stock; was eventually made vice-president, but being 
so far distant resigned his position, and in the year 1856, feeling the 
need of a bank at Morris, and failing to get others interested 
sufficiently to take the step with him, resolved to establish one on 
his own account, and did so, running it in connection with his store, 
which proved to be a very successful undertaking. Mr. Moore 
started in life without a farthing, his father's property, comprising
some 100 acres of land, being deeded, by the consent of all parties, to
his brother, Orrin H. Moore. The banking business gradually increasing, 
he gave up the mercantile trade (his patience becoming somewhat 
tried) to his son, Albert G., and son-in-law, James E. COOKE, and 
devoted his entire time to the interests of the bank, and a few years 
since, feeling that sixty years of active business life required a 
settlement, and desirous of being indebted to none, set about to close 
up matters, and to-day can say that he owes no man a dollar. The 
banking business passed into the faithful hands of his son and
son-in-law heretofore mentioned, and is still progressing under the firm name of James E. Cooke & Co. Mr. Moore was married, July 26, 1826, to 
Esther Matilda FREEMAN, daughter of Elisha Freeman, of Columbus, 
Chenango county. To them were born five children, four daughters 
and one son, viz., Mary Augusta, Josephine, Albert Gallatin, Martha 
Amelia, and Victorine, all of whom are living, except Albert Gallatin, 
who died Feb. 10, 1876.
Mr. Moore has been called to every position of trust in the gift 
of his townsmen; served also as postmaster eight years, and has 
been called upon several times to accept the nomination as member 
of assembly, which he refused on account of his business at home 
demanding his attention. He has been connected with the Episcopal 
church of Morris some forty years; was born a Democrat, and has 
never failed to cast his vote at a single election.

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, opposite page 208


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