The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia


HUNTINGTON, Solon - Oneonta

The subject of this sketch was born in Harwington, Conn., Jan. 
15, 1812. He was second child in a family of nine children (three 
sons, Solon, Collis P., and Joseph, and six daughters, Mary, Rhoda, 
Phebe, Elizabeth, Susan, and Ellen M.) of William HUNTINGTON, 
and a native of Harwington, and a lineal descendant from a family 
of that name who emigrated from England and were numbered among 
the early settlers of that State. The latter was a native of Martha's 
Vineyard, born at Edgartown.
His father was a clothier by occupation, and in fair circumstances 
for those days, and gave his children not only favorable opportunities 
for an education, but also gave them what is of intrinsic value in
making up the life of every man and woman, - habits of industry, economy, 
and frugality.
Mr. Huntington spent his time until he was fifteen years of age 
at home, and at that age struck out into the busy world for himself. 
Purchased the balance of his time, during his minority, of his father 
for $300, and for the first two years thereafter worked on a farm; 
and the balance of the time for the next ten years, and, until about 
the year 1839, followed peddling, first as agent, but afterwards for 
himself, and during these years accumulated a sufficient competence 
to place him on a plane with the business men of the day. In this 
business he had also so enlarged his natural business capacity, 
shrewdness, and tact, as to enable him to feel safe in opening a 
permanent general merchantile business.
June 2, 1840, he married Miss Harriet, daughter of Dr. Henry 
SAUNDERS and Sally EDWARDS, of the town of Ballston, 
Saratoga Co., N.Y. Her father was a native of Salem, N.J., as also 
was her grandfather, and of Scotch descent. Her maternal grandfather 
and grandmother were native of East Hampton, L.I. She was fourth 
child in the family of eight children, four sons and four daughters, 
she being born Aug. 10, 1821.
Soon after their marriage, Mr. Huntington and his wife came to 
Oneonta, Otsego Co., N.Y., where he, the next year, bought a farm 
adjoining the village, and the same year, 1841, built a stone store on 
Main street and opened a general trade with goods to suit the village 
until about the year 1856, a part of the time having his brother, 
C. P. Huntington, as a partner. To his first purchase of 60 acres of 
land he has since added some 1700 acres, located in this and other 
counties, and some in other States. Mr. Huntington, for a time, while 
carrying on merchantile business in Oneonta, also with his brother, 
C. P. Huntington, carried on merchantile operations in Sacramento 
City, Cal.
He has contributed to the village several buildings, and for some 
ten years carried on the carriage business. Since 1860, aside from 
his carriage interest, his time has been devoted mostly to building 
and improving upon his lots located on his first purchase, which 
has now largely became a part of the village corporation.
Mr. Huntington's life has been one of constant activity and self-
reliance, and that indefatigable perseverance and will to do, coupled 
with consideration, judicious management in all his business relations, 
and a far-seeing sagacity, has placed him in the foremost rank of 
the business men of Otsego County.
He has led a quiet life so far as politics are a part of his career. 
Was first identified with the Democratic party, but upon the formation 
of the Republican party, having been opposed to the principles of 
slavery and the extension of it in free territory, became a member 
of that party, always regarding the right of suffrage a boon conferred 
upon every American citizen.
While Mr. Huntington has been prosperous and successful in 
business relations, he has remembered and been a contributor to 
the local interests of church and school in his vicinity, and all the 
enterprises for the advancement of good society.
Mrs. Huntington, at or about the time of her marrige, united 
with the Presbyterian church, and has since remained a steadfast 
member of the same.
To Mr. and Mrs. Huntington have been born seven children, - 
Mary Leonora, wife of Bradley W. FOSTER, of Huntington, W. Va.; 
Howard Saunders (deceased); George D. (deceased); Henry Edwards, 
Oneonta; Harriet (deceased); Willard V., now residing in San 
Francisco, Cal.; and Carrie D. Henry Edwards Huntington married 
Nov. 17, 1873, Miss Mary A. PRENTICE, of Sacramento, Cal.

Excerpt from History of Otsego Co., NY, opposite page 230


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