Image and text from Otsego county New York Geographical and Historical
by Edwin F Bacon, Ph B. 1902 Oneonta NY
Roseboom was formed from Cherry Valley in 1854.

page 59. ROSEBOOM. Area 19,739 Acres. Population 1,031.

Roseboom was formed from Cherry Valley in 1854. The surface is
diversified, many of the hills rising to the height of 350 feet above
the valleys. It is embraced in the original grant to John Lindesay, and
was divided into the Belvidere, McKean, Long, and Beaver Dam patents.
This was the last town organized in the country and was named in honor
of Abram Roseboom, who with John Roseboom owned, at the beginning of the
century, a tract of 2,000 acres lying in the present towns of
Middlefield, Cherry Valley and Roseboom.

For many years the mercantile business of the locality was conducted at
Cherry Valley, and it was not until 1832 that a store was opened within
the present limits of the town. This was kept by Daniel Antisdel at
Lodi (now Roseboom). The first grist mill was built by Cornelius Low in

Among the early settlers were John Boyce, William Pesco, Simeon Rich,
John and Peter Sutphen, Smith Hull, Peter Low, Daniel Clark, Solomon
Coats, Rufus Perkins, John Pearson, and Isaac Keeling. Some of the
early residents are now living at a great age. Mrs. Mary (Keeling)
Pearso at Pleasant Brook is ninety-five, Mrs. Lucy Boyce at Roseboom is
ninety-three, and Dr. John W. Sterriker of Roseboom is eighty-seven.

This is a prosperous agricultural township. The leading industry is
dairying, the milk being sent to cheese factories.

VILLAGES: Roseboom (population 226), South Valley (population 227), and
Pleasant Brook (population 127). Lowell's Corners is a hamlet on the
eastern border.

SCHOOLS: Number of districts 12, teachers 11, children of school age

CHURCHES: At Roseboom, Baptist and Methodist; at South Valley,
Methodist, Methodist Protestant and Christian; at Pleasant Brook,
Methodist and Methodist Protestant; at Bentley Hollow, Methodist

Transcribed by Karen Flanders Eddy.

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