Primary Enrollment 1963
Town Of Exeter
Otsego County, New York


Republican . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  13,715
Democratic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   5,976
Liberal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  104

		Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19,795


24 Towns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  48 Districts
Oneonta City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       6 Districts
			Total . . . . . . . . . .     54 Districts

Primary Enrollment
Town Of Exeter
Otsego County, New York

           TOWN OF EXETER
            FIRST DISTRICT
Ackler, James H., Schuyler Lake         Rep
Ackler, Helen, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Atkins, Kenneth L , Schuyler Lake       Rep
Atkins, Joan W., Schuyler Lake          Rep

Baulch, Harry, Burlington Flats         Rep
Baulch, Ethel, Burlington Flats         Rep
Barber, Gertrude, Schuyler Lake         Rep
Barber, Harry, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Babcock, Gerald, Burlington Flats       Rep
Babcock, Edna, Burlington Flats         Dem
Babcock, Jay, Richfield Springs         Rep
Babcock, Jessie, Rich.field Springs     Rep
Bancroft, Beulah, Schuyler Lake,        ep
Bancroft, Donald, Schuyler Lake         Rep
Bliss, Pearl, Burlington Flats          Rep
Bliss, Edith, Burlingtan Flats          Rep
Bliss, Florence, Burlington Flats       Rep
Boyden, Edith, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Boyden, Albert, Schuyler Lake           Rep
Buell, Elmer, Schuyler Lake             Rep
Buell, Loretta, Schuyler Lake           Rep
Buell, Joyce, Schuyler Lake             Rep
Buell, Charles, Schuyler Lake           Rep
Brown, Walter E., Richfield Springs     Dem
Brown, Grace, Richfield Sgrings         Dem
Brady, Francis  Schuyler Lake           Dem
Bogart, Ruth, Richfield Springs         Rep
Boorn, Annie, Schuyler Lake             Dem
Bubencik, Leo, Schuyler Lake            Dem
Bubencik, Rose Marie, Schuyler Lake     Dem
Byington, Clarence, Richfield Springs   Rep
Byington, Hollis, Richfield Springs     Rep
Byard, Karl, Schuyler Lake              Dem
Byard, James J III, Schuyler Lake       Rep
Bliss, Marguerite, Schuyler Lake        Rep

Carroll, Gertrude, Burlington Flats     Rep
Chase, Zida B., Schuyler Lake           Rep
Chase,  Norman,  Schuyler Lake          Rep
Clark, Ruth, Schuyler Lake              Dem
Clark, Edward, Schuyler Lake            Dem
Cleary, Andrew, Schuyler Lake           Rep
Crandall, Emily, Richfield Springs      Rep
Crandall, Clesson, Richfield Sprmgs     Rep
Cushman, Edna, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Cushman, Gordon, Schuyler Lake          Rep
Cushman, Elizabeth, Schuyler Lake       Rep
Curry, Gladys, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Curry, Herman, Schuyler Lake            Dem
Curry, Shirley, Schuyler Lake           Dem
Davis, Ray, Burlington Flats            Dem
Davis,  Gladys,  Burlington Flats       Rep
Davis,  Ida,  Schuyler Lake             Rep
Davis, Truman,  Schuyler Lake           Rep
Davis, Myrtle E., Richfield Springs     Dem
Donnelly,  Mary,  Schuyler Lake         Dem
Donnelly, James, Schuyler Lake          Dem
Domion, Mary, Richield Springs          Rep
Domion,  Mary Jane,  Richfield  Springs Rep
Drzyzgula,  Stanley, Burlington Flats   Dem
Drzyzgula,  Jean,  Burlington  Flats    Dem
Dyn,  Walter, Richfield Sprirngs        Dem
Eason  Stewart, Schuyler Lake           Rep
Eldred, Dorr, Burlington Flats          Rep
Eldred, Sara, Burlingtoh Flats          Rep

Ferguson, Robert, Schuyler Lake         Rep
Ferguson, Celia, Schuyler Lake          Rep
Ferguson,  El Lean,  Schuyler Lake      Rep
Fergusan, Chester, Schuyler Iake        Rep
Ferguson, Patricia, Schuyler Lake       Rep
Ferguson, Harold, Richfield Springs     Rep
Ferguson, Mary, Richield Springs        Rep
Franklin, Clifton, Schuyler Lake        Rep
Fuller,  Inez,  Schuyler Lake           Rep
Fuller  Lester,  Schuyler Lake          Rep
Furner,  Harr,  Schuyler  Lake         Dem
Furner  Carmeta, Schuyler Lake          Dem
Fullington,  Harry,  Richfield  Springs Rep
Fullington, Edith,  Richfield Springs   Rep
Fox, Edward, Schuyler Lake              Rep

Garbera, William, Schuyler Lake         Rep
Garbera, Harry, Schuyler Lake           Dem
Garnsey, Arthur S , Schuyler Lake       Dem
Garnsey, Eleanor, Schuyler Lake         Dem
Gilbert, Charles, Schuyler Lake         Dem
Goodrich, Earl,  Schuyler Lake          Rep
Gorinshek, Mathew, Richfield Springs    Dem
Gorinshek, Alice, Richfield Sgrings     Dem
Greene, Gladys, Schuyler Lake           Dem
Grup, William R., Hartwick RD           Rep
Grup,  Susan  P.,  Hartrvick  RD        Dem
Haas, Esther, Schuyler Lake             Rep
Hadsell, Raymond, Schuyler Lake         Dem
Hadsell, Bertha, Schuyler Lake          Rep
Harper,  Richard,  Schuyler  Lake       Rep
Hardy,  Goldie,  Schuyler Lake          Rep
Hartinger, Elizabeth, Richfield Springs Dem
Hartinger, George,  Richfield Springs   Dem
Hammerle, John ., Schuyler Lake        Rep
Hammerle,  Evelyn,  Schuyler  Lake      Rep
Hatlford, Donald, Burlington Flats      Rep
Hext, Florence,  Schuyler Lake          Dem
Hext,  Gerald, Schuyler Lake            Dem
Hecox  Stanley,  Schuyler Lake          Dem
Higgerson, John, Schuyler Lake          Dem
Hotaling, Grace, Schuyler Lake          Dem
Horan, Catherine, Richfield Springs     Rep
Hoffman, Howard,  Richfield Springs     Dem
Huyck, Homer, Hartwick RD               Rep
Huyck, Irene, Hartwick RD               Rep

Israel, Walter, Hartwick RD             Rep

Johnsan, Arel, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Johnson, Helena, Schuyler Lake          Rep
Jarvis, Hugh, Burlington Flats          Rep
Jarvis, Melvina, Burlington Flats       Dem

Karas, Adeline, Burlington Flats        Dem
Karas, John, Sr., Burlington Flats      Dem
Karas, John, Jr., Burlington Flats      Dem
Karas, Marilyn, BurLington Flats        Dem
Kastelic, Frank,  Burlington Flats      Dem
Kelly, Joseph W,  Sehuyler Lake         Dem
Kelly, Laura, Schuyler Lake             Dem
Kelly, William, Schuyler Lake           Dem
Kelly, Irene, Schuyler Lake             Dem
Kelly, Charles, Schuyler Lake           Dem
Kelly  Dorothy,  Schuyler Lke          Dem
Kelley, Elizabeth,  Schuyler Lake       Rep
Kelley, Willard, Schuyler Lake          Rep
Kelley, Loretta, Schuyler Lake          Rep
Kinney, Clifford, Schuyler Lake         Rep
Kinney, Mabel, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Kinney,  Mary, Schuyler Lke            Rep
Kinzley, Richard,  Schuyler Lake        Rep
King, Howard E  Richfield Springs       Rep
King, Hazel, Richfield Springs          Rep
King, Leslie W., Richfield Springs      Rep
King, Jessie M., Richfield Sprmgs       Rep
Kimsey, June,  Richfield Springs        Rep
Korosec, Frank, Hartwick RD             Rep
Layman, Blanche, Schuyler Lake          Dem
Lindgren,  Alice,  Burlington Flats     Rep
Lindgren,  Walter,  Burlington  Flats   Rep
Ludemann, William, Schuyler Lake        Rep
Ludemann, Esther, Schuyler Lake         Rep
Marsh, Walter, Burlington Flats         Dem
Marsh, Ethel, Burlington Flats          Rep
Manchester, Frank  Schuyler Lake        Rep
Manchester,  Gladys, Schuyler Lake      Rep
Mizerack, Samuel, Jr., Schuyler Lke    Dem
Mizerack, Julia, Schuyler Lake          Dem
Mizerack, Olga, Richfield Springs       Dem
Miller, Blanche, Schuyler Lake          Dem
Monroe, Edrvard, Schuyler Lake          Dem
Monroe, Rose,  Schuyler Lake            Rep
Morse, Lansing, Schuyler Lake           Rep
Mulligan, Agnes, Richfield Springs      Rep
Marx, Dorothy, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Mercer, Arietta, Schuyler Lake          Rep
Mercer, George Glenn, Schuyler Lake     Rep


McLain, Earl, Hartwick RD               Dem
McLain, Gertrude, Hartwick RD           Dem


Overrocker, LeRoy, Richfield Springs    Rep
Ormsbee, Marjorie, Schuyler Lake        Dem


Payne, Herbert, Richfield Springs       Rep
Payne, Dorothy, Richfield Springs       Rep
Perkins, Ralph, Richfield Springs       Rep
Perkins,  Flora,  Richfield  Springs    Rep
Perkins,  Averill,  Richfield  Springs  Rep
Perkins  Katherine,  Richfield Springs  Rep
Pilson, Chalmers, Schuyler Lake         Dem
Pilsan,  Florence,  Schuyler  Lake      Rep
Pickens, Floy, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Pupecki, Mathew, Burlington Flats       Dem
Pupecki,  Richard,  Burlington  Flats   Dem
Pupecki,  Edith,  Burlington Flats      Rep
Pupeeki,  Gladys,  Burlington  Flats    Rep
Reed, Lena, Schuyler Lake               Dem
Robertson,  William,  Schuyler Lake     Rep
Robertson, Irene,  Schuyler Lake        Rep
Ritter,  Rebecca,  Hartwick RD          Dem

Sammons, Ethelyn,  Schuyler Lake        Rep
Saxe, Mabel E., Srhuyler Lake           Rep
Schidzick, William, Schuyler Lake       Rep
Seamon, Harry,  Schuyler Lake           Dem
Seamon,  Mary,  Schuyler Lake           Dem
Seamon,  Lee,  Richfield  Springs       Lib
Seamon, Mary G., Richfield Springs      Lib
Seamon, Fred, Richfield Springs         Rep
Seamon, Shirley, Richfield Springs      Rep
Seamon, Howard, Richfield Springs       Dem
Seamon, Gertrude, Richfield Springs     Rep
Shaul,  Frank,  Burlington  Flats       Rep
Shaul,  Rena, Burlingtan Flats          Rep
Shaul, Bert, Schuyler Lake              Rep
Shaul,  Margaret,  Schuyler Lake        Rep
Shaul, Jay, Schuyler Lake               Dem
Shaul, Louise, Schuyler Lake            Dem
Shipman,  Masion,  Schuyler  Lake       Dem
Shipman, Lyle, Schuyler Lake            Dem
Simonds, Leona, Burlington Flats        Rep
Simonds, Daman, Burlington Flats        Rep
Simonds, Lucille,  Schuyler Lake        Rep
Simonds, Alveda,  Schuyler Lake         Dem
Simonds,  Elizabeth, Burlington Flats   Rep
Simonds, Walter, Schuyler Lake          Rep
Simonds,  Marjorie,  Schuyler  Lake     Rep
Smith,  Genevieve,  Schuyler  Lake      Rep
Strong,  Ashley,  Schuyler Lake         Rup
Strong, Marie, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Strong, John, Schuyler Lake             Dem
Stockigt,  Hubert,  Richfield  Springs  Rep
Stockigt, Pearl, Richfield Springs      Rep
St. John, John, Schuyler Lake           Rep
St.  John,  Suzanne,  Schuyler  Lake    Rep
Strong, Jane,  Schuyler  Lake           Dem

Tanner, Myron, Richfield Springs        Dem
Tanner, Margaret, Richfield Springs     Dem
TaxLcredi,  Carmela, Richfield Springs  Rep
Tancredi, Ralph, R.ichfield Springs.    Rep
Towne,  Anita,  Schuyler  Lake          Rep
Towne, Leigh,  Schuyler Lake            Rep
Truex,  James,  Schuyler  Lake          Rep
Truex, Beatrice, Schuyler Lake          Rep
Truex, Jan,ice, Schuyler Lake           Rep
Van Benschoten, Bruce, Schuyler Lake    Rep
VanBenschoten, Dorothy, Schuyler Lake   Rep
Vrooman, Pearl,  Sclluyler Lake         Rep
Vroaman,  George,  Schuyler Lake        Rep
Washburn, Erdie,  Schuyler Lake         Rep
Washburn, Harriet, Schuyler Lake        Rep
Washburn,  Allen,  Schuyler Lake        Rep
Washburn  Jeanette,  Schuyler Lake      Rep
Wakerly, Mabel R.,  Schuyler Lake       Rep
Walters,  Edna,  Schuyler  Lake         Rep
Wightman, Leo, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Wightman, Vera,  Schuyler Lake          Rep
Wiltse,  Jess,  Schuyler Lake           Rep
Wiltse,  Henrietta,  Schuyler  Lake     Rep
Wiltse,  Gilbert,  Schuyler Lake        Rep
Wiltse, Paula, Schuyler Lake            Dem
Wiltse, Narma, Schuyler Lake            Rep
Wilson, Dorothy, Schuy1er Lake          Rep
Wilson, Stanley,  Schuyler Lake         Rep
Woad, Arthur, Sr., Burlington Plats     Dem
Wood, Arthur, Jr., Burlington Flats     Rep
Worden, Beatrice, Schuyler Lake         Rep
Worden, Richard, Schuyler Lake          Rep
Young, Louise, Schuyler Lake            Dem
Young, Harry, Schuyler Lake             Dem
York, Elizabeth, Richfield Springs      Rep
York, Jesse,  Richfield Springs         Rep

            TOWN OF EXETER
Abrahamson, Carl H., Jr.,  West Exeter  Dem
Abrahamson, Doris, West Exeter          Rep
Armstrong,  Donald,  West  Exeter       Rep
Armstrong,  Elnora,  West  Exeter       Rep
Austin, Homer,  West Exeter             Rep
Austin,  Miriam,  West  Exeter          Rep
Bowen, Sherman, West Winfield           Dem
Bowen,  Marian,  West  Winfield         Dem
Bowen, Lois, Burlington Flats           Rep
Bowen, Russell,  Burlington Flats       Rep
Bowen, Janet, Burlington Flats          Rep
Brownrigg, Percy, Burlington Flats      Rep
Brownrigg, Viola, Burlington Flats      Rep
Brownrigg, Percy Morris, Burlington Flats   Rep
Babral, Hns, Burlington Flats          Dem
Babral, Eva, Burlington Flats           Rep
Babral, Ingo, Burlington, Flats         Rep
Benjamin, Hubert, West Exeter           Rep
Benjamin, Rosamond, West Exeter         Rep
Bowen, Wesley, Burlington Flats         Rep
Crossman, Blanche, West Winfield RD E   Rep
Casler,  Homer,  West Exeter            Rep
Casler, Margaret,  West Exeter          Rep
Carey, June,  Burlington Flats          Rep
Carey,  Melrose,  Burlington  Flats     Rep
Davies, Rexford, Burlington Flats       Rep
Davias, Kathryn, Burlington Flats       Rep
Davies, Donald, Burlington Flats        Rep
Davies, Ella, Burlington Flats          Rep
Dickenson,  Esther,  West  Winfield     Rep
Douglas, Ronald,  West Exeter           Rep
Douglas, Louise,  West Exeter           Rep
Des Grosielliers, George, West Exeter   Dem
Davis, Leanard, Burlingtan Flats        Dem
Davis, Irene, Burlington, Flats         Rep
Ferguson, Hattie, West Exeter           Rep
Fitch, Ray,  West Winfield              Dem
Fitch, Susie, West Winfield             Dem
Ferrusi,  Betty Jane,  West  Winfield   Dem
Ferrusi, Pasqualino, West Winfield      Dem
Gray,  Edwin,  West  Exeter             Dem
Gray, Jean, West Exeter                 Dem
Gray, Harold, West Winfield R 2        Rep
Gray, Gertrude,  West Winfield RD 2     Rep
Horan, Blanche, West Exeter             Dem
Higgins, Raymond,  Burlington Flats     Rep
Higgins, Harold, Burlington Flats       Rep
Higgins, James, Burlington Flats        Rep
Higgins,  Mary Agnes., Burlington Flats Dem
Higgins, Allan, Burlington Flats        Rep
Higgins, Connie, Burlington Flats       Rep
Higgins, Howard, Burlington Flats       Rep
Higgins, Virginia, Burlington Flats     Rep
Hollenbeck, Nadine, West Wimfield RD 2  Rep

Igel, Fred, West Winfield RD 2          Rep
Igel, Mary, West Winfield RD 2          Rep
Igel, Frederick,  West Winfield RD 2    Rep
Igel, Nellie,  West Winifield RD 2      Rep
Kula, Andrew, West Winfield RD 2        Dem
Kula, Shirley,  West Winfield RD 2      Dem
Kleppang, Olaf, West Winfield RD 2      Dem
Kleppang, Esther, West Winfield RD 2    Dem
Looman, Ernest, West Winfield           Rep
Looman,  Esther,  West  Winfield        Rep
Leo Grande, John, West WixLfield        Dem
Leo Grande, Florence, West Winfield     Dem
Lecky,  Carlton, Richfield Springs      Rep
Matteson, Leslie, West Exeter           Rep
Matteson  Hazel,  West  Exeter          Dem
Moore, John,  West Exeter               Dem
Maore, Pansy,  West Exeter              Dem
Murdock,  Harold,  West  Winfield       Dem
Murdack,  Ethel,  West  Winfield        Dem
Murdock, Harry, West Winfield           Dem
Marsh,  Howard,  West  Winfield         Dem
Marsh  Dorothy,  West Winfield          Rep
Munson,  Ethel,  West  Winfield         Dem
McLaughlin, William, Richfield Springs  Dem
McLaughlin,  Nellie, Richfield Springs  Dem

Price,  Vaughn,  West  Exeter           Dem
Price,  Ellen,  West  Exeter            Rep
Price,  Orlo,  West  Exeter             Rep
Price,  Louise,  West  Exeter           Rep

Smith, Axnbrose, West Winfield RD 2     Dem
Smith, Mildred,  West Winfield RD 2     Dem
Smith, Jobe,  Burlington Flats          Rep
Smith, Howard, Burlmgton Flats          Dem
Sznith,  Periam,  West Exeter           Rep
Stewart  Nellie,  West Exeter           Dem
Shipman, Albert  West Winfield RD 2     Dem
Shipman, Gertrude  West Winfield RD 2   Dem
Shipman, Carroll, West Winfield RD 2    Dem
Shipman, Harold Jr., West Winfield RD 2 Rep
Shipman  Jane,  West  Winfield RD  2    Rep
Saunders, Morris, West Winfield         Dem
Saunders, Loretta,  West  Winfield      Dem
Sullivan, John, Sr., Burlington Flats   Dem
Sullivan, John, Jr.,  Burlington Flats  Dem
Sullivan, Betty, Burlington Flats       Dem
5ullivan, James,  West Exeter           Dem
Sullivan, Catherine, Burlington Flats   Rep

Truex,  Francis,  West  Exeter          Rep
Truex, Greta, West Exeter               Rep
Wright, O  Lee, West Winfield RD 2      Rep
Wright, Emaline,  West Winfield RD 2    Rep
Watkins, Lawrence,  West Exeter         Rep
Whaley,  John  Henry,  West  Winfield   Dem
Whaley, Emma,  West  Winfield           Dem
Wilson, Raymond,  West  Winfield        Rep
Wilson,  Georgene,  West  Winfield      Rep
Wilson, Claude L., Jr., West Winfield   Rep

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