Primary Enrollment 1955 (Voters),Town of Laurens, Otsego County, NY
Contributed by Mary Jane Albright


Republican . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  14,531
Democratic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   6,011
Liberal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   31
American Labor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .        21
		Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20,594


24 Towns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  48 Districts
Oneonta City . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       6 Districts
			Total . . . . . . . . . .     54 Districts

Allen		Edwin D.	Laurens			Dem
Allen		Marian D.	Laurens			Dem
Aldrich		Gertrude N.	Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Aldrich		Boyd R.		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Aldrich		Earl B.		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Augustin	George B.	Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Ackley		Lester G.	Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Alexander	Ralph B.	Laurens			Rep
Alexander	Sarah		Laurens			Rep
Ames		Almond		Laurens			Rep
Ames		Beatrice	Laurens		Rep
Alger		Russell		Laurens RD		Rep
Alger		Mary		Laurens RD		Rep
Anderson	Chris		Laurens			Rep
Anderson	Doris		Laurens			Rep
Asquith		Austen		Laurens RD		Rep
Asquith		Georgia		Laurens RD		Rep
Avery		Robert		Laurens			Rep

Brightman	Ralph		Laurens			Dem
Brightman	Maude		Laurens			Dem
Brightman	Ernestine	Laurens			Dem
Brightman	Gordon		Laurens			Dem
Brightman	Donald		Laurens RD		Dem
Brightman	Mary Etta	Laurens RD		Dem
Brown		Earl		Oneonta RD		Rep
Brown		David 		Oneonta RD		Rep
Brown		Edward		Oneonta RD 1		Rep
Brown		Ellen		Oneonta RD 1		Rep
Brown		Bert		Laurens			Rep
Brown		Ada		Laurens			Rep
Bookhout	Kester		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Bookhout	Carrie		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Brady 		Margaret	Oneonta RD 3	*	Dem
Balantic	Catherine	Laurens			Dem
Balantic	John		Laurens			Dem
Benedict	George B.	Laurens			Rep
Bush		Walter		Laurens			Dem
Brownell	Ward E.		Laurens			Rep
Brownell	Iva		Laurens			Rep

Cook		Shirley		Oneonta RD 1		Rep
Cook		Hilda		Oneonta RD 1		Rep
Carr		Homer		Laurens			Rep
Carr		Jane		Laurens			Dem

Page 1

Carr		Edward		Laurens			Rep
Carr		Marjorie	Laurens			Rep
Clark		Anna		Laurens			Rep
Crandall	Stewart		Laurens			Rep
Crandall	Grace M.	Laurens			Rep
Colliton	Fred J.		Laurens		*	Dem
Colliton	Lena B		Laurens		*	Rep
Colliton	David		Laurens		*	Dem
Colliton	Beulah J.	Laurens		*	Dem
Craft		Madge		Laurens			Rep
Camp		Leonard		Laurens			Dem
Camp		Beatrice	Laurens RD		Rep
Camp		Milton		Laurens RD		Dem
Coutant		Charles Z. 	Laurens			Rep
Coutant		Madeline F.	Laurens			Rep
Coulter		William		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Church		Harold		Laurens			Rep
Church		Anna		Laurens			Rep

Darrah		Edna E.		Laurens			Rep
Dyer		Edity		Laurens			Rep
Dyer		Harry		Laurens			Rep
Dyer		Howard		Laurens			Rep
Dyer		Esther		Laurens			Rep
Dorfler		Abraham		Laurens			Rep
Dorfler		Margaret	Laurens			Rep
Dorfler		David		Laurens			Rep
Dow		Arthur		Laurens			Rep
Decker		Mortimer	Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Decker		Eleanor		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Davidson	Seymour		Laurens			Rep
Davidson	Ida		Laurens			Rep
Deleski		Edwin		Laurens			Dem
Deleski		Joanne		Laurens			Dem
Delmont		Katharine	Oneonta RD 1		Dem
Dorr		H. Edwin	Laurens			Rep
Dorr		Joan		Laurens			Rep

Edson		Fleda		Laurens			Dem
Eldred		Gertrude M.	Laurens			Rep
Eldred		Ethel S.	Laurens			Rep
Erickson	David		Laurens			Rep
Erickson	Hilda A.	Laurens			Rep

Fisher		Grandville	Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Fisher		Lillian		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Feldmann	George E. 	Laurens			Rep
Feldmann	Maude S.	Laurens			Rep
Falk		Mildred B.	Laurens			Rep
Ford		Ralph		Laurens RD		Rep

Page 2

Green		Bertha		Laurens			Rep
Gray		Lionel E. 	Laurens			Rep
Gray		Corse S. 	Laurens			Rep
Gray		Clifford	Laurens			Rep
Gray		Anni		Laurens			Rep
Gray		Gerald G. 	Laurens			Dem
Gray		Samuel M.	Laurens			Rep
Gray		Marion H. 	Laurens			Dem
Grant		Walter		Laurens			Rep
Grant		Louise		Laurens			Rep
Goodrich	Bertha		Laurens			Dem
George		Bryson		Oneonta RD 1		Dem
Gravelin	William		Laurens			Rep
Gravelin	Barbara		Laurens			Dem
Grimes		Anna		Laurens RD		Dem
Graves		Leslie C.	Laurens			Rep
Graves		Marjorie	Laurens			Rep
Garlick		Stanley		Laurens			Rep
Gardner		Robert		Laurens			Rep

Hopkins		Frank M.	Laurens			Dem
Hopkins		Georgiana	Laurens			Rep
Hopkins		Edna		Laurens RD		Rep
Hopkins		Beulah		Laurens RD		Rep
Herring		Claude		Laurens			Dem
Hering		Chalmers B.	Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Hering		Elizabeth S.	Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Hand		Lester		Laurens RD		Rep
Hargrave	Mary		Laurens			Rep
Harrison	Ward		Laurens			Dem
Harrison	Marjorie H. 	Laurens			Dem
Hyer		Anna		Laurens			Rep
Howard		Myrtle		Laurens			Rep
Hadeler		Henry Sr.	Laurens RD		Rep
Hadeler		Martha		Laurens RD		Rep
Hadeler		Henry Jr.	Laurens RD		Rep
Heller		Milton		Laurens RD		Rep
Hill		Dora		Laurens			Rep
Hansen		Peter		Laurens			Rep
Hansen		Helen		Laurens			Rep
Harrington	Clayton		Laurens			Rep
Harrington	Emily		Laurens			Rep
Hulbert		Donald		Laurens			Rep
Hulbert		Geraldine	Laurens			Rep
Holbrook	Mason		Laurens			Rep
Holbrook	Doris		Laurens			Rep
Horth		Willis C.	Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Hoos		Mary J.		Laurens			Rep
Hoose		Courtney	Laurens			Rep
Halstead	Beatrice	Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Halstead	Raymond		Oneonta RD 3		Am Lab
Herold		Fred		Laurens			Rep
Howard		George		Laurens			Rep

Page 3

Jorgensen	Jean		Laurens			Dem
Jones		Joyce		Laurens			Rep

Klindt		Christian	Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Kollgaard	Ivan		Oneonta RD 2		Dem
Kollgaard	Corinne		Oneonta RD 2		Dem
Kilpatrick	Grace		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Kunkel		Henry		Laurens			Rep
Kunkel		Wanda		Laurens			Rep
Knapp		Emma		Laurens RD		Rep
Knapp		Willard		Laurens RD		Rep
Keator		Marion		Laurens RD		Dem
Kresge		Mildred L.	Oneonta RD #		Rep
Kloth		Carston C.	Laurens			Rep

Layman		William H.	Laurens			Dem
Layman		Laura		Laurens			Dem
Lull		Jay M.		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Lull		Madolin		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Lull		Gerald		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Louden		David		Laurens			Rep
Liddle		Frances P.	Laurens		*	Rep
Lindberg	Hannah		Laurens			Rep
Lord		Mina		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Lustig		Paula		Laurens		*	Dem
Ling		Halstead	Laurens			Rep
Ling		Dorothy		Laurens			Rep
Lyon		Loren		Laurens			Dem
Lyon		Harriett	Laurens			Rep
Lyon		Frank		Laurens			Rep
Lent		David R.	Laurens			Rep
Lent		Marilyn J.	Laurens			Rep

Matteson	Mabel		Laurens			Rep
Murphy		Theodora S.	Laurens			Rep
Mather		Clyde		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Mather		Marion		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Michell		Charles W.	Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Michell		Antoinette	Laurens			Rep
Mullins		Robert A. 	Oneonta RD 2		Rep
Mullins		Amalia		Oneonta RD 2		Dem
Mullins		Robert A. Jr.	Oneonta RD 2		Rep

McBride		John		Laurens		*	Dem
McLaud		Elmer		Laurens			Rep
McLaud		Lydia G.	Laurens			Rep

Page 4

McAdams		Chester		Oneonta RD 3		Dem
McAdams		Carrie		Oneonta RD 3		Rep

Nelson		Howard		Oneonta RD 2		Dem
Nelson		Mildred		Oneonta RD 2		Rep
Nelson		Marie		Laurens			Rep
Nesbitt		Clarence M.	Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Nagy		Eugene J.	Laurens RD		Dem
Nagy		Helen		Laurens RD		Dem

Overgaard	Hans		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Overgaard	Edith		Oneonta RD 3		Rep

Peck		Frank J.	Laurens			Dem
Peet		Juanita		Laurens			Dem
Perry		John H.		Laurens			Rep
Perry		Pauline		Laurens			Rep

Roberts		Nelson		Laurens			Rep
Rowe		Agnes		Laurens RD		Rep
Rowe		Amos		Oneonta RD 2		Dem
Rowe		Mary		Oneonta RD 2		Dem
Rogers		Arthur		Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Rogers 		Donald C. 	Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Rose		Clifton		Laurens RD		Rep
Rose		Lena		Laurens RD		Rep

Strain		Etta		Laurens			Rep
Strong		Harold		Laurens			Rep
Strong		Anna		Laurens			Dem
Strong		Ethel M.	Laurens			Rep
Strong		Harvey A.	Laurens			Rep
Stanton		Laura		Laurens			Rep
Springsteen	Arthur		Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Seeber		James P.	Laurens			Dem
Smith		Evelyn		Laurens			Rep
Smith		Wesley		Laurens RD		Rep
Smith		Vera A.		Laurens RD		Rep
Smith		George M.	Laurens RD		Rep
Spettel		Louis H.	Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Spettel		Madeline	Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Schalk		Meta		Laurens			Rep
Schalk		George		Laurens			Dem
Sipos		Paul V.		Oneonta RD 3		Dem

Page 5

Sipos		Helen		Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Schloupt	Raymond		Laurens			Dem
Stepp		Kenneth		Laurens			Rep
Schloupt	Izetta		Laurens			Dem
Stepp		Beatrice	Laurens			Rep
Stennan		Felix		Laurens			Rep
Schneider	Edith		Oneonta RD 3		Rep

Taylor		Myron 		Laurens			Dem
Taylor		Kate		Laurens			Dem
Taylor		Flate		Laurens			Dem
Tilley		Raymond		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Tilley		Ethel		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Toth		John		Laurens RD		Rep
Toombs		Ceylon		Laurens			Rep
Toombs		Grace		Laurens			Rep
Toombs		Glenn		Laurens			Rep
Toombs		Viola		Laurens			Rep
Toombs		Merritt		Laurens			Rep
Timer		Daniel		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Timer		Jane		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Timer		William H. 	Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Timer		Laura		Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Timer		Albert		Laurens RD		Rep
Tate		Samuel		Laurens			Dem

Upright		Clarence	Laurens			Dem
Upright		Marion		Laurens			Rep

Vinczae		Aranka		Laurens			Dem
VanAntwerpen	Andrew		Laurens			Rep

Walter		Leon		Laurens			Dem
Woolhouse	Anna		Laurens			Dem
Woolhouse	Guy		Laurens			Dem
Woolhouse	Maude		Laurens			Dem
Winsor		L. Coville	Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Winsor		Betsey		Oneonta RD 3		Dem
Webster		Fred G.		Laurens RD		Rep
Webster		Doris R.	Laurens			Rep
Whitmore	Milton J. 	Laurens			Rep
Whitmore	Vivian		Laurens			Rep
Whitmore	Walter		Laurens			Rep
Whitmore	Helen		Laurens			Rep
Weatherly	Cora		Laurens			Rep
Wellman		Clarence L. 	Laurens			Rep
Wellman		Betty J.	Laurens			Rep

Page 6

Wikoff		Leo		Oneonta RD 2		Rep
Wikoff		Marjorie	Oneonta RD 2		Dem
Wickenhofer	Wesley		Laurens			Rep
Wickenhofer	Barbara		Laurens			Rep
Welch		William		Oneonta RD 3		Rep
Welch		Emma		Oneonta RD 3		Dem

Yager		Louis		Oneonta RD 3		Dem


Alger		Russell		Otego			Rep
Alger		Cora		Otego			Rep
Austin		Bernard		West Oneonta		Rep
Austin		Flossie		West Oneonta		Rep
Aldrich		Raymond		West Oneonta		Rep
Aldrich		Hazel		West Oneonta		Rep

Brockway	Jesse Sr.	West Oneonta		Rep
Brockway	Edith		West Oneonta		Rep
Brockway	Jesse Jr.	West Oneonta		Rep
Brockway	Elaine		West Oneonta		Rep
Buck		William		Laurens			Dem
Bresee		George		West Oneonta		Rep
Bresee		Alta		West Oneonta		Rep
Bird		Vance		West Oneonta		Dem
Bird		Dolores		West Oneonta		Dem

Cook		Robert		West Oneonta		Rep
Crawford	William		West Oneonta		Rep
Crawford	Harriett	Otego			Rep
Crawford	Ida		West Oneonta		Rep
Crawford	Fred		Otego			Rep
Crawford	Ruth		Otego			Rep
Cornell		William		West Oneonta		Dem
Cornell		Evelyn		West Oneonta		Dem
Callaghan	Joseph J.	Laurens			Rep
Callaghan	Edria		Laurens			Rep
Cornell		Charles Jr.	West Oneonta		Rep
Cornell		Edith		West Oneonta		Rep
Carter		Lloyd		West Oneonta		Rep
Carter		Lena		West Oneonta		Rep
Crawford	Leslie		Otego			Rep
Crawford	Marjorie	Otego			Rep

Davis		Isabella	Laurens			Rep
Dominick 	Luman E. 	West Oneonta		Rep
Dodge		Marian		Morris			Rep
Dodge		John		Morris			Dem

Page 7

Eldred		Ida		Laurens			Rep
Eldred		Herman		Laurens			Rep
Eldred		Samuel		Laurens			Rep

Fox		Joseph		West Oneonta		Rep
Fox		Patricia	West Oneonta		Rep

Gardner		Elmer		Laurens			Rep
Gardner		Lena		Laurens			Dem
Green		Jesse		West Oneonta		Rep
Green		Elizabeth	West Oneonta		Dem
Green 		Byron		West Oneonta		Dem
Green 		Janet E.	West Oneonta		Rep
Gregory		Clarence	West Oneonta		Rep
Gregory		Theresa		West Oneonta		Rep
Goodspeed	Ray		West Oneonta		Rep
Goodspeed	Nancy		West Oneonta		Rep
Grant		Clair		West Oneonta		Rep

Hathaway	Rupert		Otego			Rep
Hilsinger	Samuel Sr.	West Oneonta		Rep
Hilsinger	Ida		West Oneonta		Rep
Hine		Harlan		Otego			Rep
Hermansen	Herman C.	Laurens			Rep
Hermansen	Georgine	Laurens			Rep

Jacobsen	Bernhardt	Morris			Rep
Jacobsen	Ruth		Morris			Rep
Jones		James		West Oneonta		Rep
Jones		Marion		West Oneonta		Rep
Johnston	Kenneth Jr.	West Oneonta 		Dem
Jarvis		Blanche		West Oneonta		Rep
Jarvis		Alex		West Oneonta		Rep
Jachens		Ilona		West Oneonta		Rep

Knapp		Olive		West Oneonta		Rep
Knapp		Jesse		West Oneonta		Rep
Knapp		Jack		West Oneonta		Rep
Knapp		Jane		West Oneonta		Rep
Kangas		Toivo		West Oneonta		Rep
Kangas		Betty		West Oneonta		Rep

Lull		Perry		West Oneonta		Rep
Lull		Flora		West Oneonta		Rep

Page 8

Lee		Hubert		Laurens			Rep
Lare		Evelyn		West Oneonta		Rep
Lull		Bernard		Laurens		*	Rep

Matteson	Keith		Laurens			Rep
Matteson	Frances		Laurens			Rep
Mark		Teresa		West Oneonta		Rep
Mark		Theodore	West Oneonta		Rep
Medansky	Paul Jr.	Laurens			Dem
Medansky	John		Laurens			Dem
Medansky	Steven		Laurens			Dem
Martin		Charles		Laurens			Dem
Martin		Margaret	Laurens			Dem
Mark		Augustus	West Oneonta		Rep

Nelson		Charles		Laurens			Dem
Nusser		Erna		Laurens			Rep

Petersen	Carl J.		West Oneonta		Rep
Potter		Hillis		West Oneonta		Rep
Potter		Gladys		West Oneonta		Rep
Patrick		Pauline		Laurens			Dem
Pattison	William		Laurens			Rep
Pattison	Ruth		Laurens			Rep

Quinn		Henry E. 	Laurens			Rep
Quinn		Dora J.		Laurens			Rep
Quinn		Edward H.	Laurens			Rep

Rogers		Truman		West Oneonta		Rep
Rogers		Nellie		West Oneonta		Dem
Robertson	James F.	Laurens			Rep
Russell		Ruth		Laurens			Rep
Russell		William		Laurens			Rep
Rosser		James		Laurens			Rep
Rosser		Margaret	Laurens			Rep

Sheldon		Alta		Laurens			Rep
Sheldon		Ralph		Laurens			Rep
Stepp		Lee		Laurens			Dem
Stepp		James F.	Laurens			Dem
Stepp 		Francelia	Laurens			Rep
Sutton		Carrie		Laurens			Rep

Page 9

Swarthout	Perry		West Oneonta		Rep
Swarthout	Jennie		West Oneonta		Dem
Shillington	Wesley		West Oneonta		Rep
Schraft		Max		West Oneonta		Rep
Schraft		Elsie		West Oneonta		Rep
Stephens	Claude		West Oneonta		Rep
Stephens	Jennie		West Oneonta		Rep
Swartout	George		West Oneonta		Rep

Tschirhardt	William J.	West Oneonta		Rep
Tschirhardt	Gertrude	West Oneonta		Rep

Vining		James		Laurens			Rep
Vining		Angelica	Laurens			Rep

Windegger	Rudolph		Laurens			Rep
Wood		Sarah		West Oneonta		Rep
Woehrle		Margaret	Laurens			Rep
Wright		Beatrice	Laurens			Dem
Wohlfert	Charles		West Oneonta		Rep
Wohlfert	Anna		West Oneonta		Rep
Whispell	Roy		West Oneonta		Rep
Whispell	Bernice		West Oneonta		Rep


Anderson	Rudolph		Mt. Vision		Rep
Anderson	Linnia		Mt. Vision		Rep
Archer		Leona		Mt. Vision		Rep

Bergh		Charles		Mt. Vision RD		Dem
Bergh		Kathryn		Mt. Vision RD		Dem
Banner		Lottie		Mt. Vision RD		Dem
Brimmer		Lula		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Barstow		George		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Briscoe		Frank		Mt. Vision		Rep
Briscoe		Carrie		Mt. Vision		Rep
Briscoe		Alton		Mt. Vision		Rep
Bagliazo	Anthony		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Bagliazo	Maude		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Berner		Lillian		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Beagle		Howard		Mt. Vision		Rep
Beagle		Helen		Mt. Vision		Rep
Brindle		William		Mt. Vision RD		Dem
Brindle		Betty		Mt. Vision RD		Dem

Page 10

Cleveland	Harmon		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Cleveland	Lena		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Cleveland	Wilber		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Champlin	Fannie		Mt. Vision 		Rep
Castle		Ellsworth	Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Castle		Ruth		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Collatz		George		Laurens RD		Dem
Collatz		Barbara		Laurens RD		Rep
Crandall	Harry		Mt. Vision		Dem
Crandall	Hilda		Mt. Vision		Dem
Champlin	Adelaide	Mt. Vision		Rep
Callfas		Raymond		Mt. Vision		Rep
Callfas		Bertha		Mt. Vision		Rep
Clark		Jay		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Clark		Nora		Mt. Vision		Rep

Dixson		Emmett		Mt. Vision		Dem
Decker		Firman		Mt. Vision		Rep
Decker		Lillian		Mt. Vision		Rep
Decker		Charles		Mt. Vision		Rep
Decker		Norman		Laurens RD		Dem
Decker		Martha		Laurens RD		Dem
Davis		John		Mt. Vision		Rep
DeBeauchamp	George		Mt. Vision		Rep

Eldred		Ernest		Mt. Vision		Rep
Eldred		Margaret	Mt. Vision		Rep
Eldred		Alfred		Oneonta			Dem
Estes		Phoebe		Mt. Vision		Rep
Emerson		Stanley		Mt. Vision		Dem
Emerson		Pearl		Mt. Vision		Dem

Field		Van		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Francis		Gerald		Laurens			Rep
Francis		Ester		Laurens			Rep
Fessenden	Mildred		Laurens			Rep

Gregory		Nellie		Mt. Vision		Rep
Gardner		Leon		Mt. Vision		Rep
Gardner		Edna		Mt. Vision		Rep
Ganio		Gino		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Ganio		Rosabell	Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Gilmore		Arthur		Mt. Vision		Rep
Gilmore		Geraldine	Mt. Vision		Rep

Harrison	Horace		Mt. Vision		Rep
Harrison	Marion		Mt. Vision		Rep

Page 11

Harrison	Lyman		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Harrison	Edna		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Harrison	Dwight		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Harrison	Herman		Oneonta RD		Rep
Harrison	Libbie		Oneonta RD		Rep
Harrison	Ford		Oneonta RD		Rep
Harrison	Vivian		Oneonta RD		Rep
Harrison	Paul		Oneonta RD		Rep
Harrison	Eva		Oneonta RD		Rep
Harrison	Glenn		Oneonta RD		Rep
Harrison	Wilma		Oneonta RD		Rep
Hoose		Rachel		Mt. Vision		Rep
Hoose		Marion		Oneonta RD		Rep
Hoose		Cecil		Oneonta RD		Rep
Hoose		Mary		Oneonta RD		Rep
Hall		Ava		Mt. Vision		Dem
Houghtaling	Lloyd		Mt. Vision RD		Dem
Houghtaling	Gwendolene	Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Hine		Samuel		Mt. Vision		Rep
Horsham		Ernest		Mt. Vision		Rep
Horsham		Viola		Laurens			Rep
Haus		Anthony		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Howard		Robert		Mt. Vision		Rep
Howard		Elva		Mt. Vision		Rep

Irons		Harold		Mt. Vision		Rep
Irons		Gladys		Mt. Vision		Rep

Johnson		Mildred		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Jones		Louis		Mt. Vision		Rep
Jones 		Louella		Mt. Vision		Rep
Jackson		Lee		Mt. Vision		Rep
Jackson		Bessie		Mt. Vision		Rep
Jackson		Malcolm		Mt. Vision		Rep
Jackson		Ruth		Mt. Vision		Rep

Kimball		Norris		Mt. Vision RD		Dem
Kimball		Daisy		Mt. Vision RD		Dem
Knapp		Eugene		Laurens			Rep
Knapp		Marjorie	Laurens			Rep

Locke		Pearl		Laurens RD		Rep
Locke		Harold		Laurens RD		Rep
Lower		Rhynier		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Lower		Sherwood	Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Laurence	Emmy		Mt. Vision		Rep
Ludwig		Mary		Mt. Vision RD		Dem

Page 12

Marble		David		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Marble		Thelma		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Miller		Frank		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Miller		Herbert		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Miller		Lorraine	Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Marlette	Herbert		Mt. Vision		Dem
Marlette	Mildred		Mt. Vision		Rep
Marlette	Gilbert		Mt. Vision		Dem
Marlette	Elizabeth	Mt. Vision		Rep
Marlette	Lewis		Mt. Vision RD		Dem
Mead		Silas		Mt. Vision		Dem
Mead		Malcolm		Mt. Vision		Rep
Marks		Mabel		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Mayo		Edith		Mt. Vision		Rep
Moxley		Grant		Laurens RD		Dem
Moxley		Isabel		Laurens RD		Rep
Mather		Adrian		Mt. Vision		Rep
Montemurro	Arthur		Mt. Vision		Dem

Naylor		Ethel		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Naylor		Lisle		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Naylor		Merton		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Nelson		Paul		Mt. Vision		Rep
Nystrom		Frank		Mt. Vision		Rep
Nystrom		Anna		Mt. Vision		Rep

Patterson	Theresa		Mt. Vision		Dem
Persons		Flora		Mt. Vision		Rep
Peppmuller	Frieda		Mt. Vision		Rep
Peppmuller	Eleanor		Mt. Vision		Rep
Purdy		Joseph		Laurens RD		Dem
Purdy		Margaret	Laurens RD		Dem
Peet		Dean		Mt. Vision		Rep
Peet		Martha		Mt. Vision		Rep
Platt		John Sr.	Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Platt		Carrie		Mt. Vision		Rep
Platt		Wellcome	Mt. Vision 		Rep
Platt		Muriel		Mt. Vision		Rep

Robinson	Grace		Mt. Vision		Dem
Ritter		James		Laurens			Dem
Ritter		Wanda		Laurens			Rep
Russell		Herman		Mt. Vision		Rep
Russell		Ethel		Mt. Vision		Rep
Rose		Richard		Laurens			Rep

Page 13

Sullivan	Bert		Mt. Vision		Rep
Sullivan	Marie		Mt. Vision		Rep
Sargent		Harry		Mt. Vision RD		Dem
Sargent		Clara		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Strain		Lucy		Mt. Vision		Rep
Strain		Floyd		Mt. Vision		Rep
Stanton		Floyd		Mt. Vision		Rep
Stanton		Alma		Mt. Vision		Rep
Sharpe		Earl		Mt. Vision		Rep
Steneford	Laurence	Mt. Vision		Dem
Stark		Leonard		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Stark		Alice		Mt. Vision RD		Rep

Trowbridge	Deyo		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Trowbridge	Nellie		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Trowbridge	Mabel		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Trowbridge	Olive		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Trowbridge	Walter		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Trowbridge	Ruth		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Tilley		Lucy		Mt. Vision 		Dem
Tilley		Glenn		Mt. Vision		Rep
Tilley		Lila		Mt. Vision		Rep
Tilley		Lynn		Mt. Vision		Dem
Tilley		Veda		Mt. Vision		Dem
Thompson	Austin		Mt. Vision		Rep
Thompson	Gladys		Mt. Vision		Rep
Toth		Steven		Mt. Vision		Dem
Timer		Edward		Mt. Vision		Rep
Timer		Lillian		Mt. Vision		Rep
Tilley		Robert		Mt. Vision		Rep
Tilley		Constance	Mt. Vision		Rep

Vickers		James		Mt. Vision		Rep
Vickers		Elizabeth	Mt. Vision		Rep

Williams	Lu M.		Mt. Vision	*	Rep
Walker		John		Mt. Vision		Dem
Walker		Cora		Mt. Vision		Rep
White		Alma		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Weideman	Albert		Mt. Vision		Dem
Weideman	Hazel		Mt. Vision		Dem
Whiteman	Ooakley		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Whiteman	Constance	Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Wahl		Velma		Mt. Vision		Rep
Wright		John		Mt. Vision RD		Rep
Wright		Elizabeth	Mt. Vision RD		Rep
White		Richard		Mt. Vision	*	Rep
White 		Christine	Mt. Vision	*	Rep
Wolfe		John		Mt. Vision		Rep
Wolfe		Jeannine	Mt. Vision		Rep

Page 14

*The asterisks have been placed by certain names as Fred Collition had made some notations as follows:

Brady, Margaret, Oneonta has been crossed out
The blank line has penciled in Mr. & Mrs. Hughes (no other information)
Liddle, Frances P was crossed off
Lustig, Paula has been crossed off and (with Dorfler) has been penciled in
McBride, John has been crossed off and (with Augustine) has been penciled in
Lull, Bernard has been crossed off and (gone) penciled in
Williams, Lu M. Has been crossed off
White Richard has been crossed off
White Christine has been crossed off

There were some personal notes in the back of the booklet also which were as follows:

Town of Laurens Enrollment
Dist. No 1				Total
Rep.   191	Dem. 87 Laurens		278		55% R - 45% D
Dist. No 2      
Rep.   110	Dem. 22 W. Laurens	132		80% R - 20 % D
Dist. No 3
Rep.   153	Dem. 39 Mt. Vision	192		74 1/2% R - 25 1/2% D

Total Enrollment 			602		67 1/2% R - 22 1/2 % D

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