Town of Hartwick, Otsego County, NY

Hartwick, the Otsego Book.  Bought of Elihu Phinney, Printer at Cooperstown, NY
Price   0--9--7s
At a Religious Conference of the Baptist Order, held at the School-house, near 
mr. William Baker's on the Otego Creek; in the Town & County of Otsego, State 
of New York; on May 20, 1795; the Conference proceeded, first to choose Elder 
James Bacon, Moderator, and Brother John Bostwick, Clerk.
Names of Brethern & Sisters in full Commication in this Church, 
(Ex.= Excommunicated from Church.)
Asrial CROSBY, Hubbard FULLER, Jesse BOSTWICK, Asreal WHIPPLE,
Orrang SPENCER, Archebees GREEN, Moses WHEELER, Josiah MAPLES,
Benjamin DELAND, Ambrose FOSTER, Vinton LEWICE, Joel ELMOR,
Amasa WRIGHT, John SCOTT, Henry SALISBURY (died at Sacketts Harbor, Feb 1813),
  Benjamin GREEN, John IRONS (Ex. for neglecting church), John
MILLER,  Zebediah HOUGH--Ex,  Barnet WHIPPLE, Joseph CLARK, Joseph MORSE, 
Ebenezer HUBBARD--Ex,  Edward MATTISON, Peter KENDALL, James M. COLLUM, 
Afeas COMINS, John STEWART, David SHORT, William GALLOP, Levi ADAMS, 
Thomas TREAT, Zattin ANDREWS--Ex, James FRENCH--Ex,  Benjamin GALLOP--Ex, 
William SMITH, Dr. Robert MOON, Hezekiah BULOCK, Asa BROWN, Job GALLOP, 
Caleb SAYERS, Apheas FRENCH, Lemuel CLEVELAND, Michal WOOD--Ex, Isaac COMMINS--Ex, 
Amos BEACH, Comfort COOK, Eber HARRIS--Ex, Stephen SMITH, Jun., Ziba NEWTON,  
Hezekiah SMITH--Ex, Jarvis SMITH
Abner DAVIS, Jun.--Ex,  William CLIFFORD, Gardner COOK, Isaac PRATT, 
Elnathan MUDGE--Ex, Cyrus THORINGTON, Garret B. THRALL--Ex, Nathan CLEALAND--Ex. 
(then restored), John STEWART, William SMITH, Peter KENDAL, Josiah PLATT, 
_____ REXFORD, Joseph LIPPIT, Thomas GREEN, Dexter FISHER, John B. ANDREWS--Ex, 
Samuel HOLMAN, Harvey KINDAL, David KINDAL, Amasa HAWKINS, Nathan CLELAND, 
David PRICE, Rowland MILES, Hezekiah BOWEN--Ex, Daniel HAYES, Daniel BOLTON, 
Caleb FRANKLIN, Isaac PRATT, Joseph MARSH, Cyrus LADD, Jesse MILES, 
Joshua WELLS--Ex, Samuel IRONS, Henry ELDRED, Isaac BURCH, Reuben PIERCE, 
Henry FIELD, Harry STEERE--Ex, Squire LUTHER--Ex,  Daniel D. CALKINS,  
Stephen BISSELL, Reuben IRONS--Ex,  Daniel COOK, Moses LIPPET,  
Daniel GREEN, Samuel STEERE--Ex, Oliver LUTHER--Ex, Otis CONVERSE, 
Nicholas STEERE, Charley FIELD--Ex, Daniel McCALL, John RUNYAN, _____ BUCK, 
Jesse ROBINSON, Solomon ROBINSON, David BOSTWICK, Elisha FIELD, Benedic PRICE, 
Samuel PRICE, Zadock DARRAH, Jonathan PIERCE, Eben KENNY, Reuben PIERCE, 
Abner ADAMS, Philander TAYLOR, Eleazor JOSLEN, James SMITH, John K. RUNYAN, 
Sylvester GARDNER, Samuel BENJAMIN, Jacob OOBORN--Ex, Adam GROVER, Samuel HOLMAN, 
Warren WHITE.
Desire HOUGH, Margaret CROSBY, Mercy FOSTER, Content FOWLER--Ex, 
Elizabeth FULLER, Abigail WILLIAMS, Sarah PEARCE, Sarah BOSTWICK, 
Joanna FRY--EX, Martha STEERE, Marjery WILLIAMS, Lida NEWLAND, Elizabeth CROSBY, 
Ruth PARKER, Sabarah HUGH, Lovinia GUTRAGE--Ex, Mary FIELDS--Ex, Marjery SCOTT, 
Sarah SPENCER, Dorcas FRANE, Polly E. WRIGHT, Lydia GREEN, Mary HUBBARD, 
Martha WRIGHT, Elizabeth THORNTON, Ester MAPLES, Phebe SALISBURY, Serviah DELANO, 
Abigail COOK, Mary GREEN, Betsey BOSTWICK, Martha SMITH, Freelove THORNTON, 
Elizabeth HEDGES, Else EDDY, Prudence WEVER, Polly MILLER, Deborah SMITH, 
Betsey SMITH, Ruth SMITH, Ruth MATTISON, Charlotta WADE, Rhoda MORSE, 
Susannah MORSE, Sally SHORT, Hannah GUILDER, Anna SCHOOLBY, Clety M.CULLUM, 
Rachel TREET, Martha ANDREWS, Elizabeth SMITH, Sally HANSON, Judith WHIPPLE, 
Patience BULLOCK, Susannah BROWN, Olive ALLEN, Welthy IRONS, Genne BROWN, 
Rebecca WINSOR, Hannah FRENCH, Bethiah IRONS, Ellen COOK, Elna PAGE, Polly HARRIS, 
Desire DAVIS, Joanna CLIFFORD, Lyde PRATT, ____ ADAMS, Lucy NEWLAND, Betsey KENDAL, 
Lorana FULLER, Mercy FULLER, Sally THORINGTON,  Phebe EADY--Ex, Polly BROWN, 
Elizabeth COOK (restored), Hannah FISHER  (restored), Rachel MUDGE, Therzy MUDGE, 
Sibell COONS--Ex, Martha INGRUM--Ex, Lyda ROBINSON, Ruth WEBB, Freelove WEBB, 
Sarah BOWEN, Susannah KENDAL, Rose LIPPET, Celinda NEWTON--Ex, Roby SALISBURY, 
Rebecca GREEN, Dinah BATES, Betsey HOLMAN, Rebecca BROWN, Ruth PHILLIPS, Mary COLE, 
Currance BRADLEY, Victoria KENDAL, Saviah ARNOLD, Arcy ROBINSON, Abby ROBINSON, 
Thedy ROBINSON, Sarah WEBB, Hannah CORNAL, Polly POTTER, Lucy CHENEY, Sarah PRICE, 
Marcy HAWKINS, Orinda HINMAN, Clarissa MILES, Betsey PRICE, Anny WELLS, Polly GREEN, 
Ruth IRONS, Lucinda BOWEN--Ex, Betsey IRONS, Elizabeth BOLTON, Betsey MARSH, 
Sarviah MARSH, Olive MILES, Mary SMITH, Sylva IRONS, Amy LADD, Lydia PRATT, 
Nancy GARDNER, Alice ELDRED, Cinthy TRUMBULL, Irena PERRY, Electa LUTHER, 
Susannah SMITH, Eunice RICHARDS, Lovisa THRALL, Anna PIERCE, Maryann BURCH, 
Mariah KING, Phila MARPHATT, Amey FIELD, Anna RUNYUN, _____ BUCK, Polly ALLEN, 
Diana COOK, Sarah CLARKE, Anna MOORE, Ruth COOKE, Sally SMYTH, Penelope PRICE, 
Mathilda CHENEY
These names are exactly as written on the records, no attempt to correct any 
spellings has been made.  Re-typed by Annette Campbell

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