The History of Otsego County, New York


D. Hamilton Hurd

Published by Everts & Fariss, Philadelphia

Church Histories



The METHODIST EPISCOPAL church at Schenevus was organized April 25, 1842, in the school-house at Schenevus, then called Jacksonboro', by Rev. A. E. DANIELS. The first trustees were Warren C. SMITH, G. E. S. DRAPER, Geo. W. CHASE, Silas and Jacob FOLLETT. The first minister was Rev. Mr. DANIELS. Services were held in the school-house until the church building was completed, which was erected in 1842; 32 by 52 feet in size. A  comfortable parsonage and barn was erected in 1867-68. Cost, $1800.
In 1874, under the pastorate of Rev. J. L. WELLS, the church was enlarged and beautified at a cost of $3000, and has a present seating capacity of four hundred. The valuation of church property is $4000.
The present officers of this church are as follows: Samuel HUBBARD, Richard WILSON, and Frank GLEASON, trustees; Nelson LANE, Almond REYNOLDS, Frank GLEASON, John SEWARD, Henry HOWLAND, Harvey HAYNOR, Augustus BUSH, Richard WILSON, and Dr. W. H. BOORN, stewards; Joseph MANNING and A. REYNOLDS, class-leaders.
Among the pastors who have served this church are the following: Revs. A. E. DANIELS, Martin MARVIN, Joseph SHANK, Luke C. QUEAL, R. S. LENT, E. H. ORWIN, S. H. HILL, H. V. TALBOTT, J. B. WEEKS, Geo. PARSONS, D. C. MEAD, H. V. VAN DEUSEN, Hubbard FLOX, J. V. NEWELL, Andrew COLGROVE, J. L. WELLS, Joseph HARTWELL, A. S. CLARK, present pastor. The present membership is one hundred and ten.
Rev. Mr. CLARK serves another church on what is known as Maryland Hill. Membership, fifteen; valuation of church, $1000.
* By Rev. S. J. DOUGLASS
The Schenvus Baptist church was organized in the village of Schenevus, in the year 1871, by Rev. Albert MARTIN, who was also the first pastor.
The first officers were A. C. DELONG, Rev. G. W. HOWE, and Wm. E. WRIGHT, trustees. The first members were Frederick SNYDER and wife, Rev. G. W. HOWE and wife, Levi HAINES and wife, James D. THOMPSON and wife, Milton WRIGHT and wife, Rev. A. MARTIN and wife,  Aaron SWARTHOUT and wife, Mary E. BROWNELL, Sarah KELLEY, Emily BICE, Mary CUNNINGHAM, Wm. E. WRIGHT, Moses BENNETT, Hannah WILCOX, Joanna HUBBARD, Clide A. HOTCHKIN, Emma HOWE, and  Susan CLARK.
The first church building was erected in 1868, and cost $4200. The size was 40 by 55 feet. Previous to the  erection of their edifice the Baptists of Schenevus worshiped in a school-house on the east end of Main street.
The corner-stone of the church edifice was laid by Geo. B. SNYDER, of Philadelphia, Pa., in which was placed copies of the minutes of the Worcester Baptist association, various coins of money, Schenevus Monitor, Examiner and Chronicle, and other papers, and a Bible, etc. The services on this  occasion were conducted by Rev. Mr. CORWIN. The  present trustees are W. H. BEDEAU, Warren BENNETT, and Henry WILCOX; Clerk, W. H. BEDEAU; Deacons, W. H. BEDEAU and Warren BENNETT.
The church at present is without a pastor. The following clergymen have served the church as ministers, viz.: Rev. A. MARTIN, three years; Rev. C. H. BABCOCK, nine months; Rev. A. K. BATCHELDER, two years; Rev. C. H. JAMES, one year and three months; Rev. S. J. DOUGLASS, nine months; and licentiate G. C. CHARLES, ten weeks. The present membership is fifty. They have an interesting Sunday-school.
The CHURCH OF CHRIST at Maryland was organized March 10, 1875, with thirteen members, as follows: Louis WILBER, Cynthia WILBER, C. T. BUSH, Anna BUSH, S O. BUTLER, Mary A. BUTLER, Wm. WIGHTMAN, Catharine WIGHTMAN, Sarah A. WIGHTMAN, C. TILLAPAUGH, Mahala TILLAPAUGH, Polly GURNEY, Electa CLARK. Deacons, C. T. BUSH, Lewis WILBER; Clerk, C. TILLAPAUGH; first pastor, H. BROWN; Trustees, Lewis WILBER, S. O. BUTLER, Wm. WIGHTMAN.
The church edifice was erected at a cost of $960. The present membership of the church is thirty-one. The present pastor is Rev. Wm. OLIN.
The METHODIST church at Elk Creek was organized in about the year 1830, and Rev. Lyman J. MARTIN was the first officiating pastor. The church building was erected in about the year 1857. The present valuation of church property is $2500. The present trustees are William BRADLEY, Walter CHASE, John PAGE, Samuel WEBSTER, and Philo BEERS; Stewards, F. W. PERRY, Daniel PALMER, D. A. PALMER, Dow M. WEBSTER; Sunday-school Superintendent, F. W. PERRY. The present pastor is Rev. Albert F. BROWN, who has served the church three years. Present membership, ninety- one.
The BAPTIST church at Chaseville.
The first church organized in the town was by the Baptist denomination, and their house of worship was erected in 1816, and was situated near Maryland Station. The first pastor was Rev. N. D. WRIGHT, who officiated in that capacity about twenty-five years.
The denomination erected a second church edifice at Roseville, now Chaseville, in 1834. It has a seating capacity of four hundred and fifty. The present pastor is Rev. Mr. DENTON. 
The METHODIST church at Crumhorn Valley was organized in 1840, with a membership of fifteen persons. In the  following year, 1841, a church edifice was erected, with a seating capacity of about three hundred. This was repaired in the year 1867, and the church property is now valued at $2000.
The METHODIST church on South Hill was organized in about the year 1840. The society worshiped without a  church edifice until 1850, when the present building was erected at a cost of $2000. Seating capacity, 200.
ZION'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN church of Maryland was organized in 1866 by Rev. George W. ENDERS, the first pastor, with a membership of fifteen. Their church edifice was erected in 1867, at a cost of $3400.

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