Otsego County History

D. Hamilton Hurd

Published in Philadelphia by 
Everts and Fariss

Each chapter in the above work has short sections dedicated to the histories of the several churches in the town. Those church histories are offered here exactly as they appeared in The History of Otsego County.

The transcriptions were done by Sandy Goodspeed.
If you find one that helps you in your family search, please be sure to drop 
Sandy a note of thanks at: Goodspsm@snyoneva.cc.oneonta.edu


 Town  Churches   Town  Churches


New Lisbonview
Butternutsview Oneontaview  
Cherry Valleyview Otegoview
Decaturview Otsegoview
Exeterview Pittsfieldnone
Edmestonview Plainfieldview
Hartwickview Richfield view
Laurensview Roseboomnone
Marylandview Springfieldview
Milfordview Unadillaview
Middlefieldnone Westfordview
Morrisview Worcesterview

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