Civil War Vets who enlisted in Otsego Co.

in NYS Regts and died during the Civil War

Compiled and contributed by Charles Shaw

Note: This list may or may not be complete and is compiled from available sources. List revised June 18, 2000


cia- captured in action
kia- killed in action
wia- wounded in action disdis- discharged for disability
dod- died of disease dow- died of wounds
nd- no date
nfr- no further record
Co. "U" unassigned company

( )- from personal records

(See table at the end for burial site abbreviations.)

Civil War Vets Reg't Enlisted Age Death date and place of death

Ackley, Henry (CH) removed G 2Art 1/3/64 Laurens 29-dow 6/20/64 NY Harbor
Adams, Geo. T. Sgt. D 152Inf 9/6/62 Springfield 31-cia 5/5/64 d. 1/10/65 Florence,SC
Adams, Lucius Musician H 152Inf 9/3/62 New Lisbon 21-dod 2/6/63 Ft. Marcy, Va.
Alger, Chester G. Cpl. I 121Inf 8/9/62 Hartwick 22-dod 12/16/62 Belle Plain, Va.
Alger, Elias (HP) G 152Inf 8/28/62 Oneonta 29-dod 7/19/63 Chesapeake Hosp. Va
Alger, Eugene Cpl. (ANN) F 121Inf 8/4/62 Otsego 19-dod 1/4/64 Annapolis, Md.
Alger, Freeman W. Musician F 121Inf 8/6/62 Otsego 20-kia 5/3/63 Salem Chapel, Va.
Arnold, Leroy H. A 1Art 9/2/64 Burlington 18-trans HQ nd nfr (d. 11/21/64)
Arnold, Samuel H. A 1Art 9/7/61 Edmeston 38- d. 12/16/61 Wash. DC
Arnold, Wm. W. (MA) A 1Art 9/24/61 Burlington 18-d. 12/16/61 Wash. DC
Avery, Albert H. A 114Inf 8/31/64 Morris 27-wia 10/19 dow 12/13/64 Winchester
Avery, Oscar H 152Inf 2/26/64 Maryland 18-kia 11/14/64 Ft. Stedman, Va.
Babbitt, Daniel W. F 121Inf 8/11/62 Burlington 23-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Babcock, Adelbert K 121Inf 8/9/62 New Lisbon 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Babcock, Samuel A.(WC) I 121Inf 8/6/62 Laurens 18-kia 8/21/64 Charleston, Va.
Baily, Jas. H. (John) F 121Inf 8/9/62 Otsego 18-dod 3/1/63 White Oak Church, Va.
Baker, Henry R. G 2Art 1/14/64 Otsego 30-kia 6/1/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Bancroft, Jay L. K 121Inf 8/9/62 Butternuts 28-kia 9/19/64 Winchester, Va.
Banker, Irving F. (AND) G 152Inf 3/29/64 Maryland 18-cia 6/22 d.10/26/64 Andersonville
Banker, Jesse M. I 51Inf 9/18/62 Maryland 24-kia 12/13/62 Fredericksburg, Va.
Banker, Wm. H. I 51Inf 10/6/61 Schenevus 24-kia 2/8/62 Roanoke Isl. NC
Barllard, John W. G 121Inf 8/13/62 Cherry Valley 32-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Barnes, Elliott E. K 121Inf 7/30/62 Oneonta 38-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Barnes, Melvin Sgt. H 152Inf 8/30/62 Milford 18-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.
Barrett, Daniel F 121Inf 8/9/62 Edmeston 21-dod 10/24/62 Bakersville, Md.
Barrett, Jas. H. (Jos.) E 121Inf 7/29/62 Roseboom 22-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Bartholomew, Andrew J. F 89Inf 10/22/61 Unadilla 27-wia 9/17 dow 11/25/62 Fred'k.M
Bates, Oliver R. Musician (LP) I 76Inf 12/6/61 Cooperstown 35-dod 1/22/63 Baltimore, Md.
Bates, Samuel (ALB) E 6Cav 10/7/61 Cherry Valley 30-dod 11/29/64 Albany, NY
Beach, Amos F. (CH) G 152Inf 9/6/62 Otsego 44-dis 8/17/63 Wash.DC
Bennett, Justice G. G 51Inf 8/25/64 Schenevus 18-dod 10/2/64 Willets Point, NY
Bennett, Richard I 121Inf 8/11/62 Laurens 23-kia 6/1/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Bettendorf, Martin K 121Inf 8/6/62 Burlington 27-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Biglow, Geo. W. K 51Inf 8/25/64 Schenevus 18-wia 9/30 dow 10/24/64 Ann. Md
Bishop, Robert M. (CH) I 152Inf 9/4/62 New Lisbon 44-died 8/10/63 NY City
Blanchard, Ezra A. E 121Inf 8/8/62 Hartwick 21-dod 12/27/63 White Oak Ch. Va.
Bliss, Peletiah (ARL) L 2Art 12/31/63 Exeter 19-dod 7/3/64 Wash. DC
Bogart, Henry L. K 89Inf 9/18/61 Unadilla 21-dod 11/3/62 Knoxville, Md.
Boorn, Wm. H. G 121Inf 7/25/62 Decatur 23-cia no date dod pow no date
Bow, Jas. E. K 121Inf 8/11/62 New Lisbon 30-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Brightman, Erastus B. (ARL) F 2Art 1/3/64 Laurens 24-wia 8/14 dow 9/28/64 Wash. DC
Brown, Hamilton 1Lt. D 3Cav 8/12/61 Schenevus 31-promoted 11/30/63 USCCav
Brown, Hamilton Maj. 2USCCav (died 1864)
Brown, Jas. W. Sgt. H 152Inf 8/30/62 Pittsfield 24-kia 5/18/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Brown, Ziba H. D 3Cav 7/28/61 Schenevus 23-dod 12/20/61 Camp Bates, Md.
Brownell, John E 5Art 12/28/63 Unadilla 44-dod 11/3/64 Harpers Ferry, Va.
Bruce, Danford (HAR) H 152Inf 8/30/62 Pittsfield 44-dod 3/14/63 Wash. DC
Bryant, Albert (ARL) G 152Inf 8/30/62 Butternuts 32-wia 6/17 Petersburg dow 8/29/64
Burlingham, John P. Cpl. E 121Inf 8/4/62 Hartwick 20-dod 10/26/62 Bakersville, Md.
Burnside, Frank (PG) A 16Art 1/2/64 Otsego 21-dod 10/7/64 at sea
Bush (Buck), John E. Cpl. F 121Inf 8/6/62 Maryland 19-wia 5/5 Wilderness, Va dow 5/6/64
Bush, Geo. H. I 152Inf 2/6/64 Roseboom 18-kia 11/18/64 Petersburg, Va.
Bushnell, David I 121Inf 8/7/62 Worcester 21-dod 10/8/62 Bakersville, Md.
Butler, Leonard L. E 2Art 12/27/63 Burlington 20-kia 6/16/64 Petersburg, Va.
Butts, Chas. A. Capt. H 121Inf 8/15/62 Burlington 25-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Caldwell, Robert E 121Inf 8/6/62 Otsego 25-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Camp, Chas. G. I 121Inf 7/29/62 Morris 21-dod nd Windmill Point, Md.
Camp, Nelson L. I 121Inf 7/29/62 Morris 25-dod 3/23/63 White Oak Church, Va.
Campans, John A 180Inf 3/21/64 Otsego 23-transfered 7/23/64 179Inf
Campans, John (DV) C 179Inf 7/24/64-mia 7/30/64 Petersburg nfr (d. 12/28/64)
Campbell, Amenzo Musician K 43Inf 8/12/61 Cooperstown 15-d. 1/27/62 Camp Griffin, Va.
Campbell, Henry A. (WC) M 6Cav 1/30/64 Middlefield 35-kia 1/18/65 Levettsville, Va.
Card, Abel Sgt. C 152Inf 8/27/62 Morris 35-cia 6/22 d. 11/24/64 Andersonville
Card, Reuben Cpl. I 121Inf 8/11/62 Pittsford 21-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Ceas, Geo. I 51Inf 10/4/61 Schenevus 26-wia 3/14 New Bern dow 3/16/62
Chadderdon, Philo O. D 6Cav 8/14/61 Cherry Valley 21-dow 6/23/64 Jones Bridge Va
Chamberlain, Henry I 51Inf 8/14/62 Maryland 25-cia 9/30 dod 12/3/64 SalisburyNC
Chamberlain, Lorenzo I 51Inf 10/2/61 Schenevus 25-dod 12/11/62 Falmouth, Va.
Chamberlain, Myron (ANT) I 51Inf 10/7/61 Schenevus 25-kia 9/17/62 Antietam, Md.
Chapin, Wm. H. (CGO) K 121Inf 8/9/62 New Lisbon 22-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Chappel, Elijah (AND) K 76Inf 10/9/61 Springfield 18-cia 5/5 dod 10/10/64 Andersonv.
Chase, Albert J. K 121Inf 8/14/62 Burlington 18-dod 1/19/63 White Oak Church
Chatfield, Oscar F Hosp.Stew.121Inf8/15/62 Unadilla 25-d. 5/15/63 Unadilla on furlough
Cheeney, Lorenzo W. H 121Inf 8/7/62 Richfield 21-dod 12/31/62 White Oak Church
Chisholm, Andrew K 121Inf 8/11/62 Burlington 22-d. 2/27/63 Windmill Point, Va.
Christman, Alfred Sgt. K 2Cav 8/27/61 Richfield Spngs 20-kia 6/29/64 Reams Sta. Va.
Christman, Jacob H. (CH) I 152Inf 8/26/62 Laurens 36-died 10/8/63 NY City
Chubb, Henry (ALB) B 179Inf 3/28/64 Butternuts 36-dod 9/4/64 Albany, NY
Cipperley, Willis K 121Inf 7/28/62 Oneonta 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Clark, John A. H 76Inf 11/7/61 Cooperstown 20-dod 8/7/62 Wash. DC
Cleveland, Nelson Musician E 90Inf 10/5/61 Otego 41-dod 9/6/62 Key West, Fla.
Clyde, Arthur E 90Inf 10/16/61 Unadilla 18-dod 9/28/62 Key West, Fla.
Coats, Parker L. G 152Inf 9/26/62 Otsego 22-dod 11/3/64 Schuyler Lake, NY
Cole, Russell L. (AND) H 152Inf 8/13/62 Pittsfield 26-cia 5/12/64 d.(7/28/64) And. Ga.
Colton, Chauncey 1Sgt. I 121Inf 8/6/62 Morris 32-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Coman, John (ANN) F 121Inf 8/7/62 Edmeston 30-wia5/10 dow 8/24/64 Ann. Md.
Compton, Chas. W. (Geo.) E 121Inf 8/12/62 Middlefield 21-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Cook, John I. I 51Inf 10/1/61 Middlefield 21-wia 8/30 dow 9/28/62 Fairfax V
Cook, Smith G. (Samuel) E 2Art 1/4/64 Pittsford 37-mia 6/13/64 d. no date rebel prison
Coon, Alonzo M. B 121Inf 8/9/62 Plainfield 18-d. exposure 12/22/62 White OakCh
Coonrod, Alfred G 121Inf 8/30/64 Roseboom 36-kia 4/6/65 Sailors Creek, Va.
Covey, Cyrus A 1Art 9/17/61 Edmeston 29-d. 5/31/62 Fair Oaks, Va.
Craft, Jas. G 144Inf 8/30/64 Otsego 18-wia nd dow 12/9/64 Beaufort, SC
Crandall, Henry (ARL) E 2Art 1/1/64 Laurens 24-wia 5/19 dow 6/6/64 Wash. DC
Crandall, Silas (ANN) C 4Art 1/14/64 Otsego 18-dod 2/10/65 Annapolis,Md.
Crocker, Smith H. (CPT) I 152Inf 9/6/62 Roseboom 18-died 10/25/64 City Point, Va.
Crocker, Stephen A. G 121Inf 8/7/62 Roseboom 20-dod no date or place pow
Crounce, Peter G 121Inf 8/9/62 Roseboom 18-dod 3/27/63
Cummings, Birdsall (AND) L 22Cav 3/2/64 Milford 18-dod no date Andersonville, Ga.
Cuppernall, Levi E 121Inf 8/7/62 Springfield 42-wia no date or place dow 5/13/63
Curley, John F 121Inf 8/11/62 Plainfield 18-drowned 5/31/63 Baltimore, Md.
Curtis, Chas. E. B 90Inf 9/3/64 Milford 34-cia 10/19 dod 2/9/65 Salisbury, SC
Cushing, Chas. H. Cpl. (RM) G 121Inf 8/1/62 Decatur 19-wia no date or place dow no date
Daniels, John 1Sgt. G 121Inf 8/15/62 Cherry Valley 27-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Darling, Jos. A. (FB) I 121Inf 7/31/62 Worcester 21-dod 2/10/63 White Oak Church
Davey, Albert J.1Sgt I 51Inf 9/28/61 Middlefield 23-cia nd dod 11/24/64 Salisbury
Davis, Geo. L. G 152Inf 9/4/62 Butternuts 19-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Delaney, John I 152Inf 9/6/62 Otsego 21-mia 6/22 d. 4/8/65 Ft. Monroe, Va.
Devendorf, Dorr G. B 121Inf 8/6/62 Plainfield 18-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Devoe, Chas. W. K 76Inf 9/29/61 Springfield 23-wia 8/28 dow 8/29/62 Gaines M.
Dewey, Lyman B. E 90Inf 9/28/61 Otego 26-died 6/10/62 Key West, Fla.
Dickenson, Madison Cpl. (AND) K 152Inf 9/4/62 Roseboom 27-cia 6/23 d. 9/29/64 Andersonville
Dingman, Edward (ALB) B 3Cav 2/19/64 Maryland 18-dod 3/28/64 Albany, NY
Dingman, Elijah (WC) I 121Inf 8/6/62 Milford 21-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Dolliver, Eugene K 121Inf 8/13/62 Otsego 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Doxtater, John D 152Inf 8/21/62 Springfield 23-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Drake, Geo. G 121Inf 1/4/64 Otsego 37-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Druce, Isaac W. Cpl. D 152Inf 8/28/62 Springfield 28-cia 6/23/64 d. 1/10/65 Florence
Duroe, Horatio N. 1Lt. K 121Inf 8/14/62 New Lisbon 21-kia 3/25/65 Ft. Fisher, Va.
Dutcher, Jas. H. H 76Inf 1/7/62 Cherry Valley 23-disdis 10/29/62
Dutcher, Jas. H. (ARL) M 2Art 12/16/63 Minden 25-wia 5/31 dow 5/8/64
Elliott, Wm. J. K 121Inf 8/11/62 Burlington 18-dod 12/20/62 White Oak Church
Emerson, Thos. B. K 121Inf 8/9/62 New Lisbon 18-kia 5/3/64 Salem Church, Va.
Emmons, Homer W. K 121Inf 8/2/62 Oneonta 18-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Fanning, Benj. I 121Inf 8/12/62 Worcester 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Farmer, Elvin D. K 121Inf 7/26/62 Oneonta 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Fenton, Chas. L 2Art 1/2/64 Burlington 30-dod 7/3/64 Phil. Pa.
Fenton, Nathaniel Cpl. H 152Inf 8/28/62 Pittsfield 32-kia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom, Va.
Fenton, Samuel I 121Inf 7/20/62 Laurens 27-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Ferguson, Andrew G 121Inf 7/26/62 Springfield 20-dod 10/23/63
Finch, Jonas (AND) L 22Cav 1/11/64 Unadilla 19-d. 9/14/64 Andersonville, Ga.
Fitch, Isaac H. Cpl. K 121Inf 8/11/62 New Lisbon 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Fitch, Samuel A. (PB) K 89Inf 9/18/61 Unadilla 30-kia 8/13/64 Petersburg, Va.
Flansburgh, Mathew E 121Inf 7/31/62 Hartwick 19-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Foot, Zephariah Cpl. I 121Inf 8/5/62 Morris 35-dod 2/9/63 White Oak Church, Va.
Fowler, Adelbert D. K 76Inf 11/1/61 Otego 22-dod 5/4/62 Wash. DC
Fox, Bradford J.D. H 76Inf 1/7/62 Cherry Valley 25-kia 5/12/64 Laurel Hill, Va.
Fox, Robinson F. Cpl. I 121Inf 8/5/62 Laurens 22-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Franklin, Benj. M. (CGO) K 121Inf 8/7/62 Butternuts 36-dod 1/1/63 White Oak Church
Franklin, Ira O. (AND) L 22Cav 1/14/64 Middlefield 32-d. 7/28/64 Andersonville, Ga.
Fritts, Erastus Cpl. K 121Inf 8/23/62 Oneonta 21-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Fuller, Jared C. Cpl. G 121Inf 8/8/62 Middlefield 20-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Gaffney, Michael (PHIL) A 114Inf 9/3/64 Burlington 27-wia 10/19 dow 11/9/64 Phil. Pa.
Gallup, Wm. T. (MA) H 152Inf 8/28/62 Pittsfield 27-dod 3/26/63 Wash. DC
Gardner, Jas. C. Cpl. I 121Inf 7/30/62 Laurens 19-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Gardner, Wm. H. Cpl. K 121Inf 8/9/62 Laurens 19-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylavania, Va.
Gardner, Wm. P. (CH) G 176Inf 11/11/62 New Lisbon 38-dod 11/15/63 NY C
Gartsee, Henry Sgt. (AND) L 22Cav 1/4/64 Otsego 29-d. 8/29/64 Andersonville, Ga.
Gates, John C. Sgt. E 121Inf 8/9/62 Middlefield 25-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Gifford, Orin K 121Inf 7/26/62 Oneonta 18-wia 5/3 Salem Church dow 5/18/63
Gilmore, Lorenzo C. Cpl. D 152Inf 8/23/62 Springfield 27-cia 6/23 d.11/4/64 Florence SC
Goodrich, Alexis (CHA) C 176Inf 11/8/62 New Lisbon 22-cia 6/23 d.7/27/63 N. Orleans
Goodwill, John H. Cpl. (HP) G 152Inf 8/30/62 Butternuts 18-dod 8/1/63 Ft. Monroe, Va.
Gould, Jacob K 121Inf 8/2/62 Otsego 42-wia 5/3 Salem Church dow 5/27/63
Gould, Orin K 121Inf 8/15/62 Otsego 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Graham, Homer H. E 121Inf 8/8/62 Middlefield 20-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Green, Solomon A. Sgt. G 152Inf 8/30/62 Otego 19-dod 3/10/63 Wash. DC
Green, Wm. E 2Art 12/21/63 Morris 18-mia 8/25 d. 11/15/64 Salisbury, NC
Greenleaf,Chas.H.2Lt. D 5Cav 9/19/61 Springfield 20-dow 8/25/64 Harpers Ferry
Greenwald, Marcus I 152Inf 9/19/62 Roseboom 24-cia nd d. 8/14/64 Richmond, Va.
Griggs, Wm. P. I 121Inf 8/11/62 Worcester 24-kia 2/6/65 Hatcher's Run, Va.
Hadsell, Chas. (AND) L 2Art 1/4/64 Exeter 38-dod 9/3/64 Andersonville, Ga.
Hadsell, Wm. H. (CR) I 152Inf 9/6/62 Roseboom 20-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Haines, Jas. (ARL) E 2Art 1/4/64 Laurens 35-dod 5/15/65 Wash. DC
Haitie, Albert C. Cpl. D 152Inf 8/18/62 Springfield 22-wia 5/6 Wilderness dow 5/12/64
Hall, Jas. F. I 121Inf 8/5/62 Laurens 22-dod 12/23/62 White Oak Church
Hanford, Chas. N. (KW) E 90Inf 12/9/61 Unadilla 19-dod 9/25/62 Key West, Fla.
Hardendorf, Cornelius K 152Inf 9/15/62 Cherry Valley 23-d. 1/4/64 Stevensburg, Va.
Hardendorf, Jacob D 6Cav 8/19/61 Cherry Valley 26-kia 8/16/64 Crooked Run,Va
Harrington, Wm. H 152Inf 9/2/62 Pittsfield 29-disdis 11/3/64 (died 1864)
Harris, Wm. G 121Inf 7/30/62 Cherry Valley 19-dod 11/30/63
Hastings, Geo. W. K 121Inf 8/9/62 Butternuts 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Hawkins, Arvine (CHP) I 2Art 1/4/64 Edmeston 19-wia 6/11/64 Cold Harbor, Va. nfr
Hawkins, Wm. O. (PHIL) G 2Art 1/4/64 Pittsfield 41-dod 7/12/64 Phil. Pa.
Hemingway, Samuel (CH) B 179Inf 3/28/64 Butternuts 19-died 7/17/64 NY Harbor
Hendrix, John W. E 90Inf 10/5/61 Otego 19-dod 9/4/64 Key West, Fla.
Herdman, Geo. G. (MA) G 121Inf 8/8/62 Cherry Valley 19-wia 11/7/63 dow 11/24/63
Herrel, Wm. G 121Inf 8/7/62 Springfield 27-dod 10/31/63
Hill, Henry I 152Inf 9/6/62 Otsego 31-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.
Hillsinger, Willis A 43Inf 8/24/61 Cooperstown 24-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va
Hinds, Moses N. Sgt. D 152Inf 9/6/62 Springfield 18-kia 5/28/64 Totopotomoy, Va.
Hinds, Orville M. Cpl. H 121Inf 8/13/62 Richfield 23-kia 5/3/63 Salem Heights, Va.
Hoag, Ransom P. K 121Inf 8/9/62 New Lisbon 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Hodge, Chas. E. G 121Inf 8/7/62 Cherry Valley 20-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Hogaboom, Levy J. I 121Inf 8/21/62 Oneonta 21-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Hopkins, John F 121Inf 8/7/62 Edmeston 34-dod 11/14/62 Knoxville, Md.
Houghtaling,Amadeus (FK) M 5Art 1/18/64 Milford 18-dow 7/30/64 Frederick,Md.
Houghton, Seward Sgt. I 51Inf 10/9/61 Schenevus 19-kia 7/9/64 Petersburg, Va.
House, Samuel C. I 121Inf 8/6/62 Pittsfield 19-dod 12/31/62 Hagerstown, Md.
Howe, Jos. B. G 121Inf 8/7/62 Cherry Valley 23-wia no date dow 5/7/63
Howland, TenEyck Capt. B 121Inf 8/6/62 Westford 19-kia 4/6/65 Sailors Creek, Va.
Hubbard, Andrew J. (MA) B 121Inf 8/1/62 Pittsfield 24-wia 5/3 dow 5/24/63 Wash. DC
Hubbard, Jas. H. (PB) H 152Inf 8/27/62 Laurens 28-kia 11/16/64 Petersburg, Va.
Hulett, Wm. H. (AND) L 22Cav 1/11/64 Unadilla 29-d. 6/27/64 Andersonville, Ga.
Hummel, Peter M. D 3Cav 3/18/62 Maryland 40-dod 6/4/62 New Bern, NC
Hummell, Munger F 121Inf 8/11/62 Maryland 21-dod 1/30/63 Windmill Point, Va.
Huntley, Lester C. B 152Inf 8/28/62 Richfield 30-kia 8/25/64 Reams Station, Va.
Hurlbut, Edgar A. G 2Art 1/4/64 Butternuts 20-dod 7/27/64 Wash. DC
Hyzer, Thos. H. (AX) K 121Inf 8/9/62 New Lisbon 29-deserted 4/29/65
Inglesby, Laurin E 121Inf 8/6/62 Hartwick 29-dod 2/6/63 Windmill Point, Va.
Irons, Cephas E 121Inf 8/8/62 Otsego 21-dod 8/11/63 Baltimore, Md.
James, Wm. H. (CH) L 2Art 1/26/64 Middlefield 19-dod 8/1/64 NY Harbor
Jenks, Jas. B. Sgt. (WC) K 121Inf 7/26/62 Oneonta 19-wia 10/19 dow 11/10/64
Jenks, Milton H 152Inf 9/5/62 Hartwick 19-dod 8/4/63 Convalescent Camp
Johnson, Robert B. B 51Inf 3/21/64 Hartwick 26-dod 10/19/64 Rochester, NY
Johnson, Wm. B. E 121Inf 8/6/62 Milford 21-dod 10/28/62 Bakersville, Md.
Joslyn, Washington L. E 121Inf 8/8/62 Hartwick 37-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Keach, Chas. (BF) I 152Inf 8/26/62 Pittsfield 34-cia 6/22/64 d. nd Andersonville
Keefe, Michael Cpl. (ANT) I 51Inf 9/20/61 Worcester 20-kia 9/17/62 Antietam, Md.
Kelley, S. Burdett 1Lt. A 121Inf 8/8/62 Otsego 20-died 3/65 Annapolis, Md.
Kellogg, Marvin (ARL) G 2Art 1/4/64 Pittsfield 30-dod 8/28/64 Wash. DC
Kellogg, Melville W. H 152Inf 3/31/64 Hartwick 18-wia 5/5 dow 5/7/64 Wilderness
Kelsey, Chauncey C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 44-kia 10/28/64 Boyden Plank Rd. Va.
Kelsey, Jas. T. C 152Inf 1/13/64 Morris 21-hospital 4/65 nfr (d. 5/64)
Kelty, Wm. K 121Inf 8/12/62 Plainfield 23-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Kidder, Geo. T. 1Sgt. C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 31-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Kiley, Wm. (AND) L 2Art 1/2/64 Otsego 19-cia 6/22 dod 10/4/64 Andersonville
Kinney, Alvin (CPT) C 152Inf 1/17/64 Milford 18-dod 6/28/64 City Point, Va.
Lamont, Asbell I 121Inf 7/29/62 Worcester 21-kia 11/7/63 Rappahannock Sta.
Lamphere, Orson H. I 51Inf 10/1/61 Westford 18-dod 11/22/61 Annapolis, Md.
Laniger,John D 5Cav 9/23/61 Springfield 19-kia 6/3/63 Hanover,Pa.
Lansing, John G 121Inf 8/18/62 Westford 23-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Latimer, Harrison I 121Inf 8/8/62 Milford 28-wia 5/3 Salem Church dow 5/11/63
Lawyer, Hiram Sgt. I 76Inf 12/11/61 Cherry Valley 26-kia 6/18/64 Petersburg, Va.
Lewis, David H. Cpl. C 152Inf 8/30/62 Morris 19-kia 6/3/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Lewis, Edwin W. I 121Inf 7/28/62 Morris 20-kia 4/6/65 Sailors Creek, Va.
Lewis, Fenimore B 51Inf 9/23/61 Cooperstown 37-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Lewis, Nelson (AND) D 3Cav 2/19/64 Maryland 18-cia 6/26/64 d. nd Andersonville
Love, Thos. K 89Inf 9/16/61 Unadilla 40-dod 11/14/62 Weverton, Md.
Lovejoy, Henry S. Mus. (CPR) I 152Inf 9/23/62 Roseboom 20-d. 12/31/63 Stevensburg, Va.
Lull, Galen H. (CGO) H 152Inf 8/29/62 Laurens 29-cia 6/22 d. nd Andersonville, Ga.**SEE BELOW**
Lunn, Wm. G 176Inf 11/8/62 New Lisbon 44-d. 10/6/63 Bonnet Carre, La.
Lynch,Thos. D 5Cav 9/23/61 Springfield 21-cia 9/12/63 d. 7/64 Andersonville
Manchester, Arthur L.1Sgt.(MA) E 152Inf 8/27/62 Morris 22-dod 4/1/63 Wash. DC
Marble, Edward S. K 121Inf 7/30/62 Otsego 20-discharged 12/18/62 (died 8/2/65)
Martin, Lester Cpl. E 121Inf 7/30/62 Springfield 25-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Mason, Jas. W. (MA) C 43Inf 8/6/61 Oneonta 19-d. 12/4/61 Georgetown, DC
Mathews, Richard H 121Inf 8/6/62 Richfield 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Heights, Va.
Matteson, Allen E 121Inf 7/25/62 Exeter 24-dod 1/4/64 Brandy Station, Va.
McCarthy,Patrick Cpl. D 5Cav 9/19/61 Springfield 19-dod 5/19/62 Strasburg, Va.
McDaniels, Alex. K 76Inf 12/14/61 Cooperstown 33-dod 6/25/62 Oaksville, NY
McKinley, Jas. H. I 152Inf 9/15/62 Roseboom 21-died 7/27/63 NY City
Mead, David 1Sgt. A 43Inf 8/16/61 Cooperstown 30-kia 5/4/64 Wilderness, Va.
Metcalf, Geo. T. K 43Inf 8/12/61 Cooperstown 23-dod 4/26/62 Camp Scott, Va.
Miller, Daniel (ARL) C 152Inf 8/28/62 Morris 37-wia 5/29 dow 6/25/64 Wash. DC
Miller, Jas. A. (AND) G 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 32-cia 6/22 d. 10/26/64 Andersonville
Mills, Lyman S. Cpl. K 89Inf 9/23/61 Unadilla 23-kia 9/17/62 Antietam, Md.
Miner, Geo. E. H 121Inf 8/2/62 Otsego 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va
Miner, Isaac C. Sgt. H 121Inf 8/2/62 Otsego 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Heights, Va.
Mitchell, Henry A 1Art 9/7/61 Edmeston 20-transfered 6/7/62 7Baty
Mitchell, Henry (CH) 7Baty 6/7/62-d. 6/24/62 NY Harbor
Moore, Geo. T. F 121Inf 8/9/62 Maryland 24-d. 10/30/62 Bakersville, Md.
Morton, John T. 1Lt. C 121Inf 8/7/62 Edmeston 19-kia 4/5/65 Sailors Creek, Va.
Munson, Abijah H. A 43Inf 8/12/61 Cooperstown 21-d. 8/4/62 Phil. Pa.
Nelson, Geo. G 121Inf 8/15/62 Cherry Valley 18-dod 12/25/62
Norton, Geo. Sgt. (HH) G 1Eng 11/11/61 Otsego Co. 35-dod 8/2/62 Hilton Head, SC
O'Brien, Hiram H 76Inf 11/9/61 Cherry Valley 18-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Oaks, Perry H 76Inf 10/15/61 Cherry Valley 22-kia 8/28/62 Gainesville, Va.
Ottman, Oliver G 121Inf 8/12/62 Roseboom 37-dod 1/31/63
Owens, Edward W. Cpl. (CH) B 14Art 12/27/63 Richfield 26-dod 8/13/64 NY Harbor
Packard, Able F. G 3Cav 8/7/62 Oneonta 32-dod 5/25/64
Page, Samuel E 121Inf 7/30/62 Roseboom 25-kia 5/3/63 Fredericksburg, Va.
Parcell, Aaron G 176Inf 11/8/62 New Lisbon 17-died no date New Orleans, La.
Parcell, Samuel G. (CPT) C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 34-dod 6/25/64 City Point, Va.
Park, Eugene G 121Inf 8/13/62 Roseboom 26-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Pashley, John M. H 152Inf 9/2/62 Otsego 18-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Pattengill, Chas. F. Sgt. I 121Inf 8/9/62 Morris 24-wia 5/10 Spotsylvania dow 5/11/64
Pearsall, Edward W. (ARL) E 2Art 1/3/64 Edmeston 18-wia 6/5 dow 6/30/64 Wash. DC
Pearson, Helon G 121Inf 7/29/62 Roseboom 23-dod 10/2/62
Peck, Benj. F. (HH) G 1Eng 11/4/61 Otsego Co. 20-dod 6/20/62 Hilton Head, SC
Peck, Luther D 152Inf 8/29/62 Springfield 20-kia 6/5/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Perry, Devillon K 121Inf 8/15/62 Otsego 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Persons, Irwin M. (CPR) K 152Inf 8/21/62 Worcester 18-dod 1/21/64 Stevensburg, Va.
Persons, Nathaniel D. L 2Art 12/24/63 Exeter 26-dod 3/14/64 Wash. DC
Petteplace, Francis E. (CGO) L 22Cav 1/19/64 Milford 20-d. 12/24/64 Annapolis, Md.
Pettie, Rufus B. I 51Inf 10/8/61 Cherry V.22-wia 3/14 dow 10/20/62 New Bern
Phenis, Barnard 1Lt. D 76Inf 10/11/61 Cherry Valley 29-dow 8/18/64 Weldon RR Va
Phillips,David B 24Cav 1/2/64 Springfield 21-kia 6/17/64
Pierce, Silas E. 1Lt. (FB) F 121Inf 8/12/62 Middlefield 18-wia 5/12 Spotsylv. dow 5/13/64
Pope, Wm. (CH) removed I 2Art 12/29/63 Edmeston 17-dow 6/24/64 NY Harbor
Post, Albert N. A 43Inf 8/12/61 Cooperstown 21-kia 7/3/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Potter, Wm. I 51Inf 10/1/61 Westford 22-dod 10/8/64 Wash. DC
Powell, Wm. E. K 76Inf 10/1/61 Springfield 34-kia 7/1/63 Gettysburg, Pa.
Powers, Cyrus A. I 51Inf 9/28/61 Middlefield 21-wia 3/14 dow 3/23/62 NewBern
Powers, Levi H. I 121Inf 8/23/62 Worcester 21-wia 5/3 Salem Ch. dow 5/6/63
Prindel, Fyler D. Cpl. I 51Inf 9/25/61 Schenevus 21-dod 5/19/62 New Bern, NC
Radley, John C 152Inf 8/29/62 Morris 24-cia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom d. nd pow
Radley, Stephen H 152Inf 9/6/62 Pittsford 21-kia 6/7/64 Cold Harbor, Va.
Reed, Jos. (ANT) I 2Art 1/8/64 Edmeston 24-dod 12/12/64 Annapolis, Md.
Reeves, Geo. (AND) C 152Inf 1/17/64 Milford 23-cia 6/22 d. 8/15/64 Andersonville
Rexford, Horatio N. (HH) G 1Eng 10/4/61 Otsego Co. 28-dod 5/25/62 Hilton Head, SC
Richards, Philander H 152Inf 8/30/62 Hartwick 42-kia 5/13/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Ripley, Francis A. Sgt. (AND) C 152Inf 8/20/62 Laurens 32-cia 6/22 d. 10/18/64 Andersonville
Rockefeller, Mathew Musician I 121Inf 8/11/62 Worcester 20-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Rockwell, Clark Musician K 121Inf 8/9/62 New Lisbon 20-d. 11/24/62 Hagerstown, Md.
Rogers,Henry (AND) E 2Art 12/22/63 Morris 23-w/cia 6/22/64 d. nd Andersonville
Root, Wallace J. Sgt. F 152Inf 9/9/62 Springfield 25-wia 5/13 dow 5/21/64 Fred'ksbg.
Rose, Freeman P. I 121Inf 8/11/62 Milford 18-dod 11/21/62 Wash. DC
Rowey, John G 152Inf 9/5/62 Butternuts 30-cia nd d. 10/24/64 Andersonville
Russell, John Cpl. H 76Inf 10/24/61 Cherry Valley 18-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Sanders,Reuben D 5Cav 9/23/61 Springfield 30-cia 10/19/63 dod 7/64
Savage, Titus D. F 121Inf 8/9/62 Otsego 19-wia 5/10 Spotsylvania dow 6/3/64
Schrambling, John I 76Inf 11/11/61 Cherry Valley 18-wia 5/5 dow 5/25/64 Phil.Pa
Scofield, Geo. Wagoner K 89Inf 9/17/61 Unadilla 23-dod 12/7/63 St. Augustine, Fla.
Scrambling, Jas. G 121Inf 8/11/64 Roseboom 22-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
Seaman, Wm. D. (ARL) K 10Cav 9/3/62 Unadilla 19-dod 10/15/64 Wash. DC
Seeber, Walter G 121Inf 8/8/62 Roseboom 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Seeber, Wm. (WC) G 121Inf 9/2/64 Pleasant Brook 40-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek
Sergeant, Stanley G. Cpl. C 152Inf 8/27/62 Morris 20-cia 8/14/64 Deep Bottom d. nd pow
Seward, Chas. H. L 7Art 1/4/64 OtsegoCo.39-wia 6/10dow 6/22/64 Maryland ny
Shepherd, Richard K 76Inf 11/25/61 Oneonta 34-kia 8/29/62 Bull Run, Va.
Sherman, Jas. G 121Inf 8/7/62 Cherry Valley 19-kia 4/6/65 Sailors Creek, Va.
Short, Fenimore G 114Inf 8/10/64 Roseboom 18-kia 9/19/64 Opequon, Va.
Sill, Erastus L. A 114Inf 8/31/64 Morris 19-dod 11/1/64 Martinsburg, Va.
Simmons, Jas. H. K 121Inf 8/9/62 New Lisbon 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Skinner, Geo. (PHIL) C 43Inf 8/6/61 Oneonta 28-dod 8/3/62 Phil. Pa.
Small,Wm. (MA) D 152Inf 9/6/62 Springfield 18-d. 12/25/63 Wash.DC
Smith (Smyth), John M. F 121Inf 7/30/62 Unadilla 24-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Smith,Daniel G. (AX) E 2Art 12/31/63 Laurens 18-dod 6/25/64 Alexandria, Va.
Smith, Everett H. A 43Inf 8/24/61 Cooperstown 21-kia 6/18/64 Petersburg, Va.
Smith, Geo. I 51Inf 11/15/61 Worcester 24-kia 5/18/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Snedecker, Wm. M 3Art 9/18/62 Richfield 25-d. no date Portsmouth, Va.
Snedeker, Samuel G. I 121Inf 8/8/62 Laurens 24-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Snow, Chas. H. K 121Inf 8/7/62 Butternuts 19-wia 5/3 Salem Ch. dow 6/25/63
Southworth, Reuben (PHIL) E 89Inf 1/8/64 Butternuts 21-d. 8/21/64 Phil. Pa.
Spicer, Edward R. B 121Inf 8/1/62 Plainfield 18-kia 12/12/62 Fredericksburg, Va.
Spicer, Oscar A. (ANT) B 121Inf 8/1/62 Plainfield 20-dod 12/12/62 Hagerstown, Md.
Spoor, Geo. J. (CH) K 121Inf 8/7/62 Oneonta 19-died 7/16/63
Stanton, Jay Cady H 76Inf 10/15/61 Cherry Valley 31-dow 8/28/62 Gainesville, Va
Stebins, Chas. A. Cpl. G 152Inf 9/6/62 Butternuts 22-wia 5/12 dow 5/13/64 Spotsylv.
Stedman, Richard H 152Inf 8/26/62 Pittsfield 35-kia 5/14/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Steele, John L 2Art 12/24/63 Richfield 29-dod 12/14/64 Richfield Springs
Steele, Wm. (CPT) H 2Art 1/25/64 New Lisbon 23-dow 11/9/64 City Point, Va.
Steere, Augustus Jr. (FB) H 152Inf 9/6/62 Laurens 22-d. sunstroke 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Stephens, Aaron F 121Inf 7/31/62 Edmeston 28-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Stevens, Adoniram J. E 121Inf 8/6/62 New Lisbon 18-kia 5/5/64 Wilderness, Va.
Stevens, Ethan D. C 152Inf 9/6/62 Morris 22-cia 6/22/64 Petersburg d. nd pow
Stevens, Sidney S. K 121Inf 8/13/62 New Lisbon 18-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Story, Robert Capt. B 76Inf 10/11/61 Cherry V. 35-wia 7/1 Gettysburg dow 8/6/63
Story,Wm. U 16Art 2/18/64 Milford 21-trans nd F 1MTDR(Mounted Rifles)dod 8/20/64
Strait, Jas. K. H 121Inf 3/18/64 Laurens 19-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylavania, Va.
Strange, Chas. H. (SAL) L 2Art 12/19/63 Richfield 30-dod 12/24/64 Salisbury, NC
Taylor, Geo. E. K 43Inf 8/12/61 Cooperstown 24-dod 5/14/62 on transport
Taylor,Robert saddler D 5Cav 9/26/61 Springfield 19-cia 7/6/64 dod nd Richmond,Va.
Taylor, Wm. Henry (WC) E 121Inf 7/25/62 Roseboom 19-kia 5/10/64 Spotsylavania, Va.
Tooley, John H. H 2MTDR 2/13/64 Middlefield 17-dow 6/18/64 City Point, Va.
Tracy, Julius H. I 121Inf 8/5/62 Morris 25-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Truman, Asaph C. (MA) G 152Inf 8/30/62 Otego 23-dod 6/17/63 Wash. DC
Tucker, Wm. H. 1Lt. (WC) G 121Inf 7/29/62 Roseboom 23-kia 10/19/64 Cedar Creek, Va.
VanCourt, Geo. H. (HAR) L 2Art 12/28/63 Exeter 18-dod 3/15/64 Wash. DC
Vandeusen, Smith L. (ARL) H 152Inf 9/26/62 New Lisbon 18-wia 5/12 dow 6/6/64 Wash. DC
VanHorne, John D 152Inf 9/1/62 Otsego 22-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
VanSchaick, Geo. E 90Inf 10/2/61 Unadilla 20-died 4/10/62 Key West, Fla.
Vorhees, John K 76Inf 10/12/61 Springfield 20-kia 8/28/62 Gainesville, Va.
Wade, Herbert (NB) D 3Cav 8/29/62 Maryland 22-dod 7/25/63 New Bern, NC
Wakefield, Borah (MA) K 43Inf 8/12/61 Cooperstown 18-dod 3/14/62 Wash. DC
Waldron, Francis M. K 2Cav 8/26/61 Richfield S.18-mia 8/2/63 d. 1/2/64 Richmond
Wales, Edward 1Sgt. G 121Inf 8/4/62 Cherry Valley 34-kia 5/12/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Walsh,James D 5Cav 9/9/61 Springfield 21-cia 64 d. 10/18/64 Andersonville
Ward, David D. K 121Inf 8/8/62 Otsego 20-dod 10/27/62 Bakersfield, Va.
Warren, Jas. S. F 121Inf 8/14/62 Plainfield 20-dod 2/18/63 White Oak Church
Warriner, Cyrus W. F 121Inf 8/6/62 Maryland 19-wia 5/3 Wilderness dow 7/29/64
Washburn,Adelbert A. (AX) G 146Inf 9/13/62 Plainfield 18-dod 10/24/62 Wash.DC
Waterhouse, Orrin K 76Inf 10/20/61 Cooperstown 18-d. 1/10/62 Fred'ksburg, Va.
Waterman, Silas I 121Inf 8/9/62 Worcester 27-kia 5/9/64 Spotsylvania, Va.
Webb, Fletcher I 121Inf 8/7/62 Butternuts 19-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Webb, Wm. N. K 89Inf 9/17/61 Unadilla 25-dod 12/9/62
Welch, Alfred B 152Inf 8/30/62 Richfield 19-wia 5/12 dow 5/19/64 Portsmouth
Welch, Geo. H. H 121Inf 8/2/62 Richfield 18-dod 2/20/63 White Oak Church
Weldon, Thos. F. 1Lt. C 76Inf 10/21/61 Rich. Springs 23-kia 8/21/64 Weldon RR, Va.
Wheeler,John R. (MA) I 76Inf 11/20/61 Cooperstown 17-dod 2/13/62 Wash. DC
Whipple, Isaac (CPR) E 121Inf 8/7/62 Springfield 30-dod 1/4/64 Brandy Station, Va.
Whitford, Horatio G. Sgt. K 121Inf 8/20/62 New Lisbon 26-kia 5/3/63 Salem Church, Va.
Whiting, John C. I 51Inf 10/6/61 Worcester 18-dod 9/8/62 Wash. DC
Wilber, Sanford G 2Art 1/4/64 Pittsfield 24-dod 10/20/64 Albany, NY
Wiles(Wilds), John D 152Inf 8/30/62 Springfield 31-kia 5/10/64 Laurel Hill, Va.
Williams, Edwin O. Cpl. (NB) D 3Cav 7/10/61 Unadilla 22-dod 10/13/62 New Bern, NC
Williams, Richard 1Lt. I 76Inf 10/20/61 Cooperstown 24-kia 8/29/62 Bull Run, Va.
Williams, Will G 1Eng 10/3/61 Otsego Co. 31-dod 6/12/64 Hilton Head, SC
Wilson, Jabez D. G 121Inf 8/2/62 Roseboom 18-kia 12/14/62 Fredericksburg, Va.
Winchell, Philemon (AUG) D 3Cav 7/15/61 Worcester 18-cia 7/21/63 d. 4/24/64 Marrieta
Winnys, Orlando I. Teamster E 90Inf 12/9/61 Unadilla 29-dod 8/23/62 Key West, Fla.
Winslow, Lester K 76Inf 8/28/61 Springfield 22-kia 8/28/62 Gainesville, Va.
Winters, Merritt (PHIL) G 2Art 1/4/64 Burlington 16-wia 6/5 dow 7/14/64 Phil. Pa.
Wolhurt, Elisha K 121Inf 8/8/62 Otsego 18-wia 5/3 Salem Church dow 5/4/63
Wood, Robert C. Cpl. E 121Inf 8/11/62 Otsego 18-dod 1/1/63
Woodcock, Samuel I 51Inf 10/6/61 Schenevus 19-dod 4/23/62 New Bern, NC
Wright, Ebenezer K 76Inf 12/20/61 Oneonta 45-dow 9/14/62 South Mt. Md.
Wright, Samuel T. K 121Inf 8/11/62 Oneonta 35-kia 5/6/64 Wilderness, Va.
Young, Milton A. (HH) I 144Inf 1/22/64 Morris 18-dod 11/9/64 Hilton Head, SC
Zoller, Jas. H. H 121Inf 8/2/62 Richfield 26-dod 1/3/63 White Oak Church, Va.

**Lull, Galen H. - According to additional Records it has been determined that he is buried at Andersonville, GA**

Burial Sites
ALB)- Albany, NY
(AND)- Andersonville, Ga.
(ANN)- Annaplois, Md.
(ANT)- Antietam, Md.
(ARL)- Arlington, Va.
(AX)- Alexandria, Va.
(AUG)-Augusta, Ga.
(BF) Beaufort,SC
(CGO)-Chenango County
(CH)- Cyprus Hill, Long Isl., NY
(CHA) Chalmette,La.
(CHP)- Chester, Pa.
(CPR)- Culpeper, Va.
(CPT)- City Point, Va.
(CR)- Cold Harbor, Va.
(DV)- Dansville, Va.
(FB)- Fredericksburg, Va.
(FR) Frederick, Md.
(HAR)-Harmony Cem. Wash. DC
(HH)- Hilton Head, SC
(HP)- Hampton, Va.
(KW)- Key West, Fla.
(LP)- Louden Park Cem. Balt. Md.
(MA)-Military Asylum Cem. Wash. DC
(NB)- New Bern, NC
(PB)- Petersburg, Va.
(PG)- Portsmouth Grove, RI
(PHIL)-Philadelphia, Pa.
(PL)- Point Lookout, Md.
(RM)-Richmond, Va.
(SAL)-Salisbury, NC
(WC)-Winchester, Va.


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