Submitted by Mary Ann
(Completed on December 24, 2001)

"El Monte From the Pioneer Days History and Biographical Sketches" Compiled and Written for The City of El Monte
by The Works Progress Administration Project N-5740
Supervisors: C.D. Maxon Fred J. Brown Lee Stoddard Charles G. Mudd

Alexander, John Henry
Allgeyer, Henry
Andrew, Charles G.
Andrew, Tilghman D.
Asher, Hugh L.
Baker, Isaac Funk
Barnes, William Penn
Barton, Chester R.
Barton, John
Bell, Charles M.
Bell, Thomas
Bell, William C.
Blackley, Charley
Bryant, Barney S.
Bunyard, Larkin S.
Burdick, Herbert Alfred
Burdick, Lester C.
Callan, Jacob Mitchell
Cave, Fredrick Payson
Choate, Roger L.
Cleminson, James
Cleminson, James D.
Cleminson, John
Cogswell, Prescott F.
Coleman, Joseph L.
Cuddeback, Grant P.
Cuddeback, Moses Clinton
De Garmo, Rollie F.
Dobyns, George W.
Dobson, William R.
Drake, Alfred C.
Durfee, James D.
Durfee, James R.
Elliott, Alexander
Elliott, William
Farmer, Lewis
Farrington, E.A.
Forst, Frank A.
Freer, Jackson
Freer, James Bascom
Freer, John H.
Freer, Lee
Freer, Martin Stucker
Freer, Thomas
Freer, William H.
Fryer, Henry F.
Fryer, R. C
Garey, Thomas Andres
Gibson, Fielding W.
Guess, Henry
Guess, John
Haddox, John T.
Hannon, J.C.
Hartle, Charles H.
Hayes, John
Heath, Samuel M.
Herbert, Fernando c.
Hicks, Robert
Hoyt, Albert H.
James, William

Jones, Edward B.
Kallmeyer, G. H.
Kerns, Albert Lee
Killian, J. Scott
Lambert, Thomas H.
Lewis, David
Lewis, Fannie
Macy, Dr. Obed
Maltman, Curtis C.M.
Martin, William C.
Martin, William Thomas
Maxson, Benjamin Franklin
Maxson, Benjamin F., Jr.
Mayes, Dr. T.A.
McGirk, John A.
McMichael, Thomas Reece
Metcalf, George
Mills Brothers
Mings, Braxton B.
Olmsted, Perry
Osmund, Michael
Peck, George H., Jr.
Peck, George, Sr.
Prouty, Joseph
Quinn, Machael F.
Quinn, Richard
Reed, Dr. Elgar A.
Reeves, William A.
Renfro, George B.
Repetto, Timoteo
Ritter, David I.
Sappington, Francis P.
Schmidt, Henry
Selbach, E.W.
Shirpser, Ephiraim J.
Shirpser, Solomon
Shobe, C.B.
Shugg, William
Slack, Albert
Slack, Arthur V.
Slack, William
Smith, Nicholas
Snoddy, John B.
Snoddy, William M.
Steele, Christopher C.
Stephenson, John C.
Temple, Walter P.
Thompson, Ira W.
Thurman, Alexander Lamb
Thurman, John
Thurman, R. Monroe
Thurman, Stephen D.
Tibbet, Jonathan
Tucker, John A.
Vise, Annie Francis
Wiggins, Archie N.
Wiggins, Thomas Mayes
Woods, Harry Johnstone

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Material remains property of submitter.