Public Schools in Operation in DC During 1868

(With Street Address and Name of Teacher)

Source is 1868 city directory.

School DistrictSchoolLocationTeacher
1stTrustees:J. O. Wilson, James P. Tustin, J. S. Brown
1stMale Grammarcor 14th & QS. J. Thompson
1stFemale GrammarH btw 13th & 14thAnnie E. Evans
1stMale Intermediate20th btw Penn. av & HAmelia Kirk
1stFemale Intermediate #1cor 14th & GHelen E. Williams
1stFemale Intermediate #2H btw 13th & 14thFannie E. Hoover
1stSecondary #1H btw 13th & 14thAugusta Evans
1stSecondary #2cor 14th & QEmma T. Redmond
1stSecondary #3cor Penn. av & 19thMary J. White
1stSecondary #420th btw Penn. av & HSeraphina Browne
1stSecondary #514th btw Ohio av & DMaria E. Rodier
1stSecondary #6cor 10th & EOctavia Israel
1stPrimary #119th & HKate A. McMahon
1stPrimary #219th & Penn. avEmily Robinson
1stPrimary #319th & Penn. avEtta C. Bates
1stPrimary #413th btw G & HOceana A. Walker
1stPrimary #5H btw 13th & 14thSusie E. Hawkins
1stPrimary #6cor 10th & EMary E. Stabler
1stPrimary #7cor 22nd & EMaria L. Allen
1stPrimary #813th, btw G & HBelle Marsh
2ndTrustees:William R. Woodward, William J. Rhees, R. C. Fox
2ndMale Grammar6th & New York avJ. W. Hunt
2ndFemale Grammar5th bet F & GM. A. McCallum
2ndMale Intermediate6th & New York avEmily Myers
2ndFemale Intermediate #15th btw F & GEmily V. Billing
2ndFemale Intermediate #2H btw 6th & 7thMartha V. Fletcher
2ndSecondary #16th & New York avH. May Morse
2ndSecondary #2H btw 6th & 7thJane Thomas
2ndSecondary #3cor 10th & EJulia A. Brown
2ndSecondary #4H btw 6th & 7thMary A. Uucker (Tucker?)
2ndSecondary #5Mass av, 5th & IMary E. Rowe
2ndSecondary #6Mass av, 5th & ISusie E. Tilley
2ndSecondary #7cor 10th & EAdele Tait
2ndPrimary #19th btw P & QMaria Y. Davis
2ndPrimary #2Mass av, 5th & IHattie E. Goodman
2ndPrimary #3Mass av, 5th & IElla M. Wade
2ndPrimary #49th btw P & QLouise Parker
2ndPrimary #5cor 10th & EEllen Lewis
2ndPrimary #6H btw 6th & 7thH. Jennie Free
2ndPrimary #7Mass av, 5th & IRosa E. Rosevelt
2ndPrimary #8H btw 6th & 7thEmma L. Wilson
2ndPrimary #96th btw L & MJennie Lind Adams
2ndPrimary #106th btw L & MSallie Dalton
3rdTrustees:Dr. F. S. Walsh, T. Edward Clarke, W. T. Johnson
3rdMale GrammarPenn. av btw 7th & 8th eastW. W. McCathran
3rdFemale GrammarPenn. av btw 7th & 8th eastMary A. Myrick
3rdMale IntermediatePenn. av btw 7th & 8th eastChase Roys
3rdFemale Intermediate #1Penn. av btw 7th & 8th eastAddie Thompson
3rdFemale Intermediate #2Penn. av btw 7th & 8th eastHannah P. Johnson
3rdSecondary #1Penn. av btw 7th & 8th eastLucy B. Davis
3rdSecondary #2Penn. av btw 7th & 8th eastLizzie A. Olive
3rdSecondary #3Penn. av btw 7th & 8th eastJosephine S. Bird
3rdSecondary #4Penn. av btw 7th & 8th eastSymphronia M. Lusby
3rdSecondary #5Penn. av btw 7th & 8th eastCatherine Morphy
3rdSecondary #6A south & 3rd eastLizzie Hinton
3rdSecondary #79th east & K southAmelia J. Rowland
3rdSecondary #8E btw 5th & 6thJane G. Moss
3rdPrimary #17th & G stEmily Roys
3rdPrimary #27th & G stVictoria L. Nourse
3rdPrimary #3cor 2nd & K stEliza G. Simpson
3rdPrimary #4cor 2nd & K stMary Awkard
3rdPrimary #53rd & A stMary A. Hill
3rdPrimary #67th east & C southMary E. Armistead
3rdPrimary #7North Capitol stAlice Martin
3rdPrimary #81st east btw B & CEliza J. Wheatley
3rdPrimary #99th east & K southAlberta Bright
4thTrustees:J. T. Cassell, Dr. R. C. Croggon, Major F. White
4thMale Grammar6th btw D & E southJohn E. Thompson
4thFemale Grammar6th btw D & E southM. A. Amidon
4thMale IntermediateD south btw 4-1/2 & 6thGeneva A. Reed
4thFemale IntermediateD south btw 4-1/2 & 6thSarah E. Eckloff
4thSecondary #1D south btw 4-1/2 & 6thAnnie M. Adams
4thSecondary #27th btw D & E southMary A. Lee
4thSecondary #34-1/2 west btw M & N southMary E. Martin
4thSecondary #4D south btw 4-1/2 & 6thAnn M. Bailey
4thSecondary #5D south btw 6th & 7thAlice E. Adams
4thSecondary #6D south btw 4-1/2 & 6thHattie J. Magee
4thSecondary #712th btw Maryland av & EMary E. Bowen
4thPrimary #1D south btw 4-1/2 & 6thJosephine A. Lee
4thPrimary #2D south btw 4-1/2 & 6thAnnie Vanhorn
4thPrimary #312th btw Maryland av & EEmma P. Morse
4thPrimary #4I st south btw 4-1/2 & 6thM. E. Stratton
4thPrimary #5D south btw 4-1/2 & 6thAlice Milburn
4thPrimary #66th btw Maryland av & CIsabel C. Peyton
4thPrimary #77th btw D & E southRachel A. Garrett
4thPrimary #810th btw D & E southMattie E. Gray
4thPrimary #96th btw Maryland av & CAnnie E. Fowler

Colored Schools of Washington & Georgetown (See Note)

Trustees: Sayles J. Bowen, A. G. Hall, Alfred Jones
Superintendent: A. E. Newton. Office, Barracks, cor 17th & I.
School DistrictSchoolLocationTeacher
DC Wards 1 & 2
1st#1 GrammarM nr 17thMiss Sara G. Browne
1st#2 IntermediateM nr 17thMiss Savira Wright
1st#3 IntermediateM nr 17thMiss Kate G. Crane
1st#4 Adult & Mixed GradeM nr 17thMiss Helen A. Simmons
1st#5 SecondaryM nr 17thMrs. M. C. Hart
1st#6 PrimaryM nr 17thMiss Mary Griswold
1st#7 PrimaryM nr 17thMiss H. E. Bacon
1st#8 PrimaryM nr 17thMiss A. S. Simmons
1st#9 Normal17th & NMiss M. R. Mann
1st#10 Grammar17th & I, BarracksMiss A. E. Washington
1st#11 Secondarycor 24th & F, BarracksMiss C. A. Jones
1st#12 Primarycor 24th & F, BarracksMiss L. A. Barbour
1st#13 Grammarcor 24th & F, BarracksMrs. C. W. Groves
1st#14 Intermediatecor 24th & F, Barracks(position vacant)
1st#15 Secondarycor 24th & F, BarracksMiss M. F. Kiger
1st#16 Primarycor 24th & F, BarracksMiss Genevieve I. Fleet
1st#17 Primary & SecondaryC btw 12th & 13thMiss Rebecca H. Elwell
1st#18 Grammar13th & R northMiss H. Macomber & Miss Blake
1st#19 Secondary13th & R northMiss M. L. Oliver
1st#20 Primary13th & R northMiss M. E. Gove
1st#21 Primary13th & R northMiss S. H. Pierce
1st#22 Grammar & Industrialcor 17th & IMrs. L. M. E. Ricks
DC Wards 3 and 4
2nd#1 GrammarO north btw 4th & 5thMiss E. V. Brown
2nd#2 IntermediateO north btw 4th & 5thMiss L. W. Stebbins
2nd#3 IntermediateO north btw 4th & 5thMiss E. H. Disbrow
2nd#4 SecondaryO north btw 4th & 5thMiss C. F. Washington
2nd#5 Secondary O north btw 4th & 5thMiss A. L. Foot
2nd#6 PrimaryO north btw 4th & 5thMiss R. A. Perry
2nd#7 PrimaryO north btw 4th & 5thMiss M. A. Dorster
2nd#8 PrimaryO north btw 4th & 5thMiss R. J. Cook
2nd#9 Mixedcor 5th & E, Judiciary Sq.Miss C. M. Vaughn
2nd#10 MixedKendall GreenMiss M. L. Hawes
2nd#11 PrimaryKendall GreenMiss Lizzie Cochrane
DC Wards 5 & 6
3rd#1 GrammarC south btw 2nd & 3rdMiss A. T. Smith
3rd#2 IntermediateC south btw 2nd & 3rdMiss Mary E. Peirce
3rd#3 SecondaryC south btw 2nd & 3rdMiss A. B. Procter
3rd#4 PrimaryC south btw 2nd & 3rdMiss Helen Gorden
3rd#5 IntermediateEast Capitol, BarracksMrs. E. W. Clark
3rd#6 PrimaryEast Capitol, BarracksMiss H. C. Barrett
3rd#7 Mixedcor 12th east & D northMiss Grace A. Dyson
DC Ward 7
4th#1 Grammar9th & E southMiss E. L. Crane
4th#2 Intermediate9th & E southMiss M. R. Nason
4th#3 Intermediate9th & E southDelia C. Haskett
4th#4 Secondary9th & E southLydia J. Stull
4th#5 Secondary9th & E southMrs. E. J. Brooks
4th#6 Primary9th & E southLaura V. Fisher
4th#7 Primary9th & E southM. R. Goines
4th#8 Primary9th & E southMrs. S. S. Bemis
4th#9 Primary & SecondaryDelaware av btw H & I southMiss G. Whittington
4th#10 Mixed AdultE btw 9th & 10thMiss Julia C. Chase
Georgetown Ward
5th#1 GrammarEast stMiss E. A. Chamberlain
5th#2 IntermediateEast stMiss A. C. Ford
5th#3 IntermediateEast stMiss D. A. Hardy
5th#4 SecondaryEast stMiss Caroline W. Moore
5th#5 SecondaryEast stMiss Julia B. Ford
5th#6 PrimaryEast stMiss Phoebe T. Chamberlain
5th#7 PrimaryEast stMiss Jennie Snowden
5th#8 PrimaryEast stMiss Eliza G. Randall


A Board of Trustees of Colored Schools for Washington and Georgetown was constituted by Congress in 1862 – their successors being appointed by the Secretary of the Interior. The municipal authorities of the two cities are required by law to pay over to these Trustees “such a proportionate part of all moneys received or expended for school or educational purposes in said cities, as the colored children between the ages of 6 and 17 years, in the respective cities bear to the whole number of children, white and colored, between the same ages.” The fund thus far received being inadequate for the purpose, the Trustees have invited and obtained the aid of Educational and Missionary Associations at the North, in providing schools for the colored population. Sixty free schools are now maintained, in which sixty-two teachers are employed, supported as follows:

By Trustees of the Colored Schools: 31 teachers; by New York Branch, American Freedmen’s Commission: 10 teachers; by Pennsylvania Branch, American Freedmen’s Commission: 9 teachers; by New England Friend’s Mission: 4 teachers; by Reformed Presbyterian Mission: 2 teachers; by other parties: 4 teachers. Total 62 teachers.

The total number of pupils belonging to the schools is about 3,000.

The Trustees have four large school buildings (two of them substantial brick structures) with eight rooms each, and one building with four rooms, making 36 school rooms in all. The remainder of the schools are held mainly in temporary buildings belonging to the Government.

The management of the schools is entrusted to a superintendent employed conjointly by the Trustees and the New York and Pennsylvania Commissions.