Please submit your cemetery transcriptions to aid other researchers!

We can use your help!

If you have transcribed or partially transcribed a cemetery and would care to share that information with other researchers, you can submit your information by email to me, Bryant Walker, at <genes.1 at bryantsweb.com>. I will then post your information on this site and give you credit for the work.

Tombstones in cemeteries normally include a name, birth date and death date. Also included may be some information about military service. Joint tombstones may indicate a spouse's name, birth date and death date.

The caretaker of the cemetery may have additional information about the people in the cemetery. Records maintained by caretakers may include, birth, death, marriage, illness, military, religion, last address, etc., about the people interred in the cemetery. Whatever information is available is valuable to genealogical researchers.

Use the menu on the left to view cemetery information on the cemeteries posted on this web site or our parallel Concordia Parish Archives web site. I also included other helpful free websites that may contain cemetery information not found here, but could be useful in your research.

Good hunting.