The first school house built in Emmons County was in Winona. A few of the early teachers there were W. B. Andrus, Pearl Braithwaite, Eva Campbell, Edna Connors, Sadie Doerschlag, Mary Farrell, Ordelia Parks, Alice Redoubt, Mrs. D. M. Waterbury, and Mrs. Ed D. Wescott. The first Teachers' Institute was held in Winona.

Territorial Records of the Superintendent of Schools,
Emmons County, Dakota Territory - 1884

Surnames on Document: Moodie, Gayton, Parks, McCrory, Gardner, Muckler, Smith, Weller, Green, Suverly, Kennedy, Swain, Pitts, Larson, Clark, Miller, Bates, Shoreman, McCrory, Carll, Clifford, Pattisson, Enny, Thoms, Narland, Buckly, Mullun (Mulmun), Hawk, Baughman, Anderson, Shoynut, Rouse, McEniry

Table of Teachers Employed - 1884-1888
Surnames on Document: Moodie, Yeater, Campbell, Smith, Weller, McFadden

Winona Schoolteacher: Mary Josephine Farrell (1870-1959)

Mary Josephine Farrell taught in Winona in 1897. The oldest of the three Farrell sisters who trained at Valley State Teacher's College, she began teaching at age 14. Her sisters, Lizzie Farrell (1874-1966) and Anna Farrell (1872-1957) taught in various Emmons County Schools.

The young women were the daughters of Elizabeth Nolan Farrell and Peter Farrel (page 123) of Williamsport, Emmons County, ND, along with five other children. He was the blacksmith there.

Mary Josephine boarded with various families during the school year. School teachers, in addition to teaching all grades, were responsible for cleaning the schoolhouse, chopping wood for the stove, and being on hand to "host" outside events, such as traveling shows and musicales. The Winona schoolhouse was used for church services and Sunday school on Sundays. In February, 1897, Mary Josephine helped prepare for the Spicer funeral which was held at the school.

Mary Josephine met Wilmer B. Andrus when she ran for the school superintendent's post. They married in 1898, and had four sons. She died in 1959 in Bismarck, ND.

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