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The U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865 indicates he was residing in Copley, Illinois and he enlisted as a Private on 27 September 1864 in Company A, 36th Infantry Regiment Illinois on 27 Sep 1864 and mustered out on 15 June 1865.
His birth date in the 1900 Census is Dec 1839 in Illinois. There are various unsourced dates for his death but probably in the 1920's.
In the 1900 Census, Albert, wife Pheba, and children Rufus, Clinton, and Ada are in Strasburg, Emmons County.
In the 1910 and 1920 Census, widower Albert is living with son Clint and his family in Linton, Emmons County.
A land grant was issued in Emmons County on 31 October 1892 for Township 131, Range 77, 160 acres in Section 28 (South Prairie area).
He is buried at Linton Cemetery, Emmons County. Burial, Tombstone Picture.


Marion is in Emmons County in the 1890 Veterans Federal Census.
In February 1890, he was involved in a homestead court contest regarding Section 12, Township 135, Range 76 (Williamsport area).
He enlisted 28 March 1864 as a Corporal in Company F, 37th Infantry Regiment Wisconsin and mustered out on 27 July 1865. He started drawing a pension in Dakota on 15 March 1899.
Marion died 21 May 1899. He is buried at Saint Marys Cemetery in Bismarck. Burial, Tombstone Picture.


Andrew was born 26 May 1838 in Ohio and died in Emmons 27 January 1920.
He enlisted as a Private in Company F, 5th Ohio Cavalry Regiment.
Andrew lived in Gayton in 1900, 1910, and 1920. He served as the first Justice of the Peace in Emmons County.
He is buried in Linton Cemetery in Linton.


Edwin was born about 1844.
Edwin enlisted on two different occassions. One of them does not have any dates in the record but he enlisted as a Private into the Company G, 6th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery and mustered out as a Corporal. The other record indicates he enlisted at age 18 from Henderson, New York on 30 August 1862 as a Private. He mustered into Company L, New York 10th Heavy Artillery Regiment on 27 December 1862 and mustered out on 19 July 1865. It indicates he transferred on 19 July 1865 but the unit is not mentioned.
In the 1890 Veterans Federal Census he is in Winona.
He is buried at Hot Springs National Cemetery in South Dakota.
Burial, Tombstone Picture.


George was born on 10 March 1849. Some records have his birth month as May and also his birth place as Ohio or New York.
In 1900 and 1910 George is living Strasburg. The 1910 census indicates he is a Civil War Veteran but this writer cannot pinpoint him to a specific Regiment.
George died on 29 November 1911 and is buried at Holy Trinity Krassna Cemetery in Strasburg.


Surname in records also spells surname Wiley and Willie.
William was born July 1839 in Pennsylvania and North Dakota death records indicate he died 10 May 1905 in Burleigh although his tombstone indicates 9 May.
He enlisted on 10 June 1861 as a Private into Company A, Ohio 26th Infantry Regiment and mustered out on 21 October 1865 at Victoria, Texas.
In the 1890 Veterans Federal Census he is living in Williamsport. In the 1900 Census he is in Burr Oak.
William had a land grant in Section 7, Township 135, Range 78.
He is buried at Fairview Cemetery, Bismarck.
Burial, Tombstone Picture.


Byron was born in 1833 in New York. As a Private he enlisted on 6 November 1861 in Company E, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry Regiment. He was promoted to Corporal. He mustered out on 14 February 1865. Byron started receiving his pension on 5 May 1890. The Williams' residence in Emmons County was brief with most of their time in South Dakota. Byron's wife Lois died in 1906 and is buried in Linton Cemetery and although the headstone has Byron's name with birth year and no death year, he is not buried in Linton but in Washington Soldiers Home Cemetery in Pierce County, Washington. He died there on 1 February 1915. Burial, Tombstone Picture.


He enlisted on 26 August 1861 as a Private into Company D, 83rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry 26th Infantry Regiment and mustered out on 20 September 1864. He was a prisoner of war and was wounded.
In the 1890 Veterans Federal Census he is living in Williamsport. In the 1885 Dakota Territory Census he is living in Emmons County.


Joseph was born 11 October 1835 in England and died 2 November 1922 in Emmons County.
He enlisted into Company B, Iowa 32nd Infantry Regiment on 11 September 1862. He was promoted to Full 8th Corporal on 1 December 1864 and to Full 7th Corporal on 1 May 1865, and to Full 4th Corporal on 1 August 1865. He mustered out on 24 August 1865 at Clinton, Iowa. From the U.S. National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938 - Battle Mountain Sanitarium, Hot Springs, Fall River County, South Dakota: he was admitted 8 July 1920 at age 85; widower; 5'10', light complexion, grey eyes, grey hair and discharged on 5 January 1921 to daughter Mrs Jane Dean of Clark County, South Dakota.
He is in the 1900 Federal Census with his wife Mary, and eleven children in Woodland, Clark County, South Dakota; in 1910 and 1920 in Burr Oak.
Joseph is buried at Glencoe Cemetery.
Burial, Biography, Tombstone Picture.


John Henry Worst, LL. D., was born December 23, 1850, in Ashland county, O., and was reared on a farm.
His parents removed from Ashland to Wayne county, O., when subject was nine years old. His mother died in 1861, and his father, who was a German Baptist clergyman for many years, died August, 1898.
John H. was educated in the rural schools; took courses of study at Smithville, O., Academy; Salem, Ind., College, and Ashland, O., University. He taught school every winter from 1866 until 1878, working on farm or attending school during summers.
He married Susan Wohlgamuth, October, 1872, and has three children: Olive Jeanette, Clayton Leroy and Lloyd Warner.
He lost health and spent summer of 1876 on the eastern shore of Maryland. Returning, he was editor of the Fairfield County, O., Republican for two years. He came to Emmons county, N. D., and took up homestead near Williamsport, in September, 1883. He moved his family to this homestead in the spring of 1884 and lived upon it for twelve years. He farmed at first, but later engaged in mixed farming and ranching. He was appointed county superintendent of schools when Emmons county was organized, in the fall of 1883, and held the office by election until elected to the State senate in 1889. He held the office of State senator until elected lieutenant governor in 1894.
He was appointed president of the North Dakota Agricultural College and director of the Experiment Station in 1895 and nas held the position continuously since. He has brought the college into a very prosperous condition and popularized it throughout the State. He has perhaps delivered more public addresses, on the stump, on 4th of July and Memorial day occasions, at Farmers' and Teachers' institutes, etc., than any man in the State. He is a Republican in politics, and has always taken an active interest in public affairs. He is an active Mason, having taken the York and Scottish Rite degrees, and is wise master of the Rose Croix. He is also past chancellor commander of the Knights of Pythias.
From A History of the Province of Louisiana Under France and Spain, and of the Territories and States of the United States Formed Therefrom, Edited by Weston Arthur Goodspeed, Volume VII, by The Western Historical Association, 1904.
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